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In Celebration of National Nurses Week 

NCP is Offering a Complimentary
Introductory Webinar
the first of a twelve part series 

Strengthening Unit-Based Accountability  
A Skills Building Webinar Series for  
Shared Governance Leaders

A Twelve-Part Webinar Series


Uniquely designed for Shared Governance Leaders who want to expand the knowledge and skills needed by clinical nurse leaders and nurse managers to demonstrate accountability for excellent patient outcomes at the point of care

  • A 12-Webinar series with first webinar FREE of charge to celebrate Nurses Week
  • Four skill-building modules that address the educational needs identified in the 2014 NCP Educational Needs Assessment Survey
    • Understanding, Analyzing, Acting on and Improving Unit Quality Data
    • Strengthening Unit Shared Governance & Clinical Nurse Leadership
    • Incorporating Professional Peer Review as a link to Achieve Unit Goals
    • Integrating Evidence-Based Practice & Innovation as Accountable Practitioners
  • A sequential series of webinars that build knowledge, present success strategies and offer examples from Magnet® Hospitals
  • Highlights of the ANCC 2014 Magnet® Sources of Evidence




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Nursing Consulting Partners provides healthcare organizations with expert assessments, guidance, and educational services to create superior healthcare and academic environments that consistently demonstrate high performance for quality and safety outcomes. These high-level practice environments include Magnet®, Pathway to Excellence®, Malcolm Balridge Awards, UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospitals, E-ICUs, and sustainable Philanthropy programs.