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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Seven members of the Texas811 management team took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
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Texas811 has gained 70 new members since the beginning of the year!
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August/September 2014 Newsletter
Mike's Message

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year, August 20th to be exact, since I was named President of Texas811. To Texas811 members, the Texas811 Board of Directors and all of the Progressive Partnering family, your support and guidance has been overwhelming. Thank you all!


We have been busy, and looking down the road it does not look like we will be slowing down anytime in the near future. Texas811 membership has taken off in 2014; we have added 70 members since the first of the year and have 51 new applicants in the membership process. The strength of Texas811's reputation for damage prevention, quality and service has only gotten stronger with time. Texas811's outreach and inclusion of water and municipality stakeholders is paying dividends in the damage prevention process. We have added 14 new water companies or municipalities since the first of the year and we're gaining interest every day.


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 No Response Tickets can now be processed through The Portal
Damage Prevention in the Eagle Ford
Damage prevention outreach has historically been sparse in the isolated ranch lands located within the Eagle Ford Shale region, a geological formation rich in oil and natural gas reserves estimated to be the largest in the lower 48 States. With miles of new pipeline being installed every day and increasing construction of new horizontal drilling rigs, the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) boom is taking a toll in the Eagle Ford as pipeline and fiber optic cable damages are becoming all too common. 



A Round for Ronald McDonald!
The Texas811 Annual Golf Tournament

Who? All golfers, pros and first timers! Teams and individuals are welcome. Everyone will be put on a 4 person team.
What? The Texas811 Annual Golf Tournament
When? October 10, 2014
          7:30am Registration
          9am For-Man Scramble Shotgun start.
          Lunch and awards to follow
Raffle tickets and Mulligans available at the event.

Where? Indian Creek Golf Club-Carrollton, Texas
Why? To promote damage prevention and support for a The Ronald McDonald House, and to have fun, of course!

To sponsor the tournament or for more information
Click Here!

To register online Click Here
A Busy Summer In Texas

Can you believe that summer is already almost over!? Believe it or not, the busy summer of 2014 is quickly coming to an end. But, business hasn't slowed down just yet! Texas811 continues to break almost every record in the book, all while meeting every goal that has been laid forth.

It's been a busy one this year! Just this summer alone we've seen a near 13% increase in volume. That's crazy! Not only has business been good, but Texas811 is still managing to pump out new technology and efficiencies that keep us ahead. Some of these efficiencies include our new Mobile App, the ability for online customers to process Emergency & No Response requests through the Texas811 Web Portal, and not to mention the ability for callers to update locate requests in the phone IVR without ever having to speak to a live agent.

Each of these efficiencies mentioned help to keep Texas811 on the bleeding edge. These alternate means of submitting locate requests also greatly help the center to meet staffing goals, budget, and technical standards. Texas811 is constantly looking to develop new tools and ideas that are customer and member driven, which is where our focus lies.

We look forward to the busy road ahead and hope to connect again soon!


Did you know? Overall call volume in Texas has dropped by nearly 20% in the last two years! This is primarily due to all the efficient ways to submit locate requests that Texas811 has created for its customers.


Jon Rollins

Workforce Management Specialist

Featured Employees


I have been with Texas811 for 16 short years. I started working here in December of 1998 when I was just 16 years old as a sophomore at South Garland High School. A little less than a year after I started it became a state law to call before you dig and that's when it all began!

I am a member of the Texas Sharpshooters Team and I work at home as a DPA. I have been at home for 5 years now. I am currently working on my Tier II status. Periodically I assist the SSG and Voice Out Departments when extra assistance is needed. Before working at home I was a member of our GIS Department and I also managed our website. Prior to the GIS Department I was in the Fax Department, which is now an obsolete department due in part of Texas811 going green! I have also assisted Tech Support, Administration, and many other departments with past projects. I guess you could say I am a Jack-of-All- Trades. Throughout my years at Texas811 I have been able to volunteer and be a part of many wonderful activities and programs such as our volleyball team, kick ball team, Habitat for Humanity, shopping for the Angel Tree, the Fun Group, the Autism Awareness 5k, our carnivals, many company parties, sports outings, damage prevention meetings, the Greenville St. Patty's Day Parade and float, and much much more.

I currently reside in McKinney, TX in Craig Ranch with my husband, Lindsey, my two children, Kennedy and Elvis, and our two cats, Luke and Owen. I am also attending Collin College working on my GIS Certificate and my AAS in GIS. I enjoy a nice hot cup of joe, white wine, weather in the 70's, good company and the great outdoors. I am a firm believer in Tiny Houses and sustainable living, and hope to someday live in one off the grid. As of right now I am looking forward to the success and future growth of Texas811 and another 16 years!  



My name is Ruth. I am DPA here at Texas811. April 1, 2013 was my lucky day- the day I was hired here. I am very blessed to work for such an amazing company that cares for their employees! Besides work I am part time student and I'm also very involved in my church. Work, school and church are definitely my priorities. I also love to travel! Every year I try to go on a trip and one of my goals in life is to travel to all 7 continents. I hope you got to learn a little about me! 

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter and the new layout. Thank you for being a part of Texas811!


You can contact Texas811 directly by using Fast Customer, GeoRemote, or the new Web Portal. Email: for more info.

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