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June 2014 Newsletter
Mike's Message

"We are grateful to have Texas811 supporting this effort!" - Sheila Martin, MSW


I think this quote is what it's all about for us. We at Texas811 strive to do our utmost to support and encourage the efforts being made by all the stakeholders in damage prevention.


Sheila is the Executive Director of the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation. The Foundation, headquartered in Crandall, Texas, was established following a terrible pipeline incident in 1996. Since its inception in response to tragedy, the Foundation has become one of the nation's leading advocates for pipeline safety and awareness.


From Sheila: "We received a box of bracelets yesterday. Thanks so much! We look forward to distributing them in Webb County with the kids program and are very excited to have them!


"For those of you that would like to know more about the program please take a moment to look at the program webpage and watch the brief video:"

Read on... 

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Damage Investigation: Learning from Our Mistakes
An ongoing goal of the Damage Prevention Councils of Texas (DPCs) has been to bridge the gap between excavators and facility operators through communication and cooperation. A recent accomplishment to that end is the partnership developed between the regional DPCs,
Texas811, the Texas Gas Association (TGA), and the Texas Water Utility Association (TWUA) to provide hands-on damage investigation training to all interested stakeholders. Originating with the TGA "On the Road" series which brings much needed training to smaller gas facility operators in remote areas of the state, the workshop has evolved into a multi-discipline, industry-wide initiative appealing to a broad range of stakeholder groups.


Save the Date!
The Texas811 Annual Golf Tournament is being resurrected! Be on the look out for details coming soon.

Who? All golfers, pros and first timers! Teams and individuals are welcome
What? The Texas811 Annual Golf Tournament
When? October 10, 2014
Where? Indian Creek Golf Course-Carrollton, Texas
Why? To promote damage prevention and support for a worthy cause (yet to be decided). To have fun, of course!


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Featured Employee


I have worked at Texas 811 for just over 3 years and it has been a great experience. I love it when I talk to our customers and can help them solve whatever issues they are having. I love helping all the new agents and teaching them some of the things that I have learned while working here. Growing up I was in boy scouts, and I learned a lot of fun skills and met some great people. Water skiing was one of my favorite trips that we took. I enjoy swimming and spending time with my friends and family. I have loved working here at Texas811 and look forward to my future with this company.

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter and the new layout. Thank you for being a part of Texas811!


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