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Food Wagon
Advertise with Texas811. Sponsor the new traveling food wagon by purchasing a space to have your logo added to the wagon. Everywhere the wagon goes your logo will be seen-traveling down the highway and at the event! Email for more information.

There are only a few spaces left!

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May 2014 Newsletter
Mike's Message
"An army marches on its stomach."


Attributed variously to Napoleon Bonaparte, Frederick the Great, and the Roman army's Claudius Galen, this quote certainly applies to our national damage prevention army. Texas811 now literally makes it easy to feed our damage prevention troops - and carry the damage prevention message, with the introduction of the Texas811 Food Wagon. Since its debut this spring, the Food Wagon is already in great demand.


The first event the Wagon appeared was the 1st Annual Texas811 Diggin' Up Awareness 5K and it was a big hit. It was also at the Texas Utility Locate Rodeo in San Antonio on the weekend of May 17th. The Wagon will be in Lubbock for the ATMOS Family Picnic, and in Grapevine on May 29th for the EGW Utility Equipment Expo.  


 Interactive Voice Response
If you haven't heard about it already, we at Texas811 have recently made some very cool enhancements to our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.  We are very excited to announce that any customer who calls Texas811 looking to have an Update & Remark done on a valid existing line locate request, will now have the ability to update their ticket with no hold time at all!  With this system in place, simple update requests being called in go from taking a matter of minutes, to just a matter of seconds.  To use this new feature when calling Texas811, simply listen for the words "Update & Remark" on the main menu and press the corresponding number on your phone to get started.  Please be sure to have your previous ticket number(s) ready.  After you're old confirmation number has been entered and confirmed, a new updated ticket number will be immediately provided back to you.  That's it!  We hope that everyone enjoys this new and easy to use enhancement to the Texas811 IVR system.  And please note, a similar process is also being utilized online by users of the Texas811 Web Portal.  If you're not already signed up for this great service, please visit our website to get started.


New Tailgate Graphics
The new Texas811 truck and food wagon design is now available for tailgates!
The tailgate wrap comes in several styles and can be customized to your company. A company logo can be added in the bottom left or right corners.
There are 6 styles available. The graphic on the right shows the different pipelines that can be shown: electric, fiber, gas, sewer, and water. There is also the option of no pipeline.
The cost can range from $130-$300 total including installation. The price varies from city to city. We will do our best to work with you and make the installation process as quick and easy as possible. We can even make the appointment for you in almost any city.
For any questions or to purchase, email Lauren Losawyer

Save the Date!
The Texas811 Annual Golf Tournament is being resurrected! Be on the look out for details coming soon.

Who? All golfers, pros and first timers! Teams and individuals are welcome
What? The Texas811 Annual Golf Tournament
When? October 10, 2014
Where? Indian Creek Golf Course-Carrollton, Texas
Why? To promote damage prevention and support for a worthy cause (yet to be decided). To have fun, of course!


To suggest a charity click here

Featured Employee


I have been a DPA with the company for almost a year. I strive to be the best in all areas and go above and beyond to assist the callers and give 110%. My bubbly personality separates me from the rest I treat every caller like I would like to be treated. I am thankful for the staff here at Texas 811; they are always on hand to assist with any questions or concerns I may have. I am very outgoing and love to laugh. I love my job here and it shows in my work ethic. I enjoy being with my 3 kids ages 17, 16, and 13, doing hair, watching the Food Network channel and Lifetime channel. I am very grateful for this opportunity to improve my skills daily and look forward to many more years with Texas 811.  

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter and the new layout. Thank you for being a part of Texas811!


You can contact Texas811 directly by using Fast Customer, GeoRemote, or the new Web Portal. Email: [email protected] for more info.

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