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DCRC Spring Newsletter


We hope this Spring brings fresh ideas and a renewed commitment to resilience! 



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Dear DCRC Friends, 

We hope you are having a wonderful, resilience-filled spring.  Below are some important updates for this quarter!


What's New at DCRC? - We have a baby annoucement!  Also, learn more about our DECA-C spanish translation, our new e-commerce site and we have support for you with data analaysis.


Spotlight on What's New - Conscious Discipline & DCRC partner to bring together the best of assessment and strategy solutions.  Two of your favorite resources in one place!


Research Corner - Master Thesis Supports Use of the DECA to Inform Implementation of the Conscious Discipline Program.


An article from one of our own - Have we gone too far with resilience, or not far enough?  This is the intriguing topic of two editorials that appeared in the journal, Social Work Research.


Professional Development Calendar - Check out the workshops and professional development experiences DCRC is offering in upcoming months.


Spotlight on Professional Development - Promoting Adult Resilience AND supports for those in leadership positions who are developing resilient staff.


Contributor Corner - Project Ki'L in Anchorage School District shows us that Promoting Cultural Identity can Build Social-Emotional Skills


Tips For Building Protective Factors In Families With Children Who Have Chronic Illness.  Wonderful and easy to use suggestions that can help children and families coping with illness.




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