Quarterly Newsletter / Fall 2014

DCRC Fall Newsletter


We hope this Fall brings needed reflection and gratitude!  Be sure to always take care of you OWN Resilience. 






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Hello DCRC Friends,

We hope you are having a wonderful, resilience-filled fall.  Below are some important updates for this quarter!


What's New at DCRC?  Your Journey Together Interest Group; Infant Toddler For Now and Forever, 2nd Edition; Data Analysis Technical Assistance; eDECA Now Features Strategies for Program and Home Settings, and more!


Simply Reflect:  A free resource that can help you reflect and improve social emotional quality!


How's it Working in Child Welfare? Your Journey Together Success Stories from Delaware.


Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time:  Tips for Building Your Bounce.


Try Journaling!  Being More Reflective Through Journaling


Get Technical Assistance from DCRC:  Technical Assistance Services to Enhance Program's Social and Emotional Practices Head Start


Parents can Build Their Bounce in New Orleans: Building Your Bounce: Effective Resilience-Building Strategies with Nefertiti Bruce Poyner at the National Head Start Association's 31st Head Start Parent Conference in New Orleans, LA.


Training Coming Soon:2015 DCRC National Professional Development Events.




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