Sunday - August 23 2015


in Arizona 

Yes, my dear beloved HEN Family... it is time to write this newsletter...

I have been making notes, for weeks, of things I want to be sure to say... and now, our Earth drama is playing out, and I must write this newsletter.

Many of you were on the call - or listened to the replay of Zorra's Healing Call of  July 26
(my birthday) when Archangel Michael arrived at 2:22:22 and delivered the message, through Zorra, to me: "You are soon coming home," followed by, "You are soon to be reunited." What a birthday present! And I immediately started getting my affairs in order - titled the house and car into my brother's name, making lists... because, remember, when we ascend, there will be no "dead body" - no probate - no death certificate.  We are just "gone." So we do not want to leave a pile of confusion behind.  These  things should be done before we go.

Then, on a call a couple of weeks later, Zorra told me, "You were right in changing titles, etc. That was the right thing to do." - He also said, "The message I gave you from Archangel Michael... the first part was for you ... the second part was for everyone." -- So NOW we get it!  I am coming home because "You are soon to be reunited." In this second statement, the "You" is for you guys. I can go home, because the Galactics - star families - twins and divine complements will soon be amongst us. My life contract will be complete. HEN will be replaced by the teachings of the Galactics - we have been told that everyone will have their own personal mentor. This will personalize and expedite mass ascension.

On July 20, Sananda gave a poweful message - telling us to "prepare;" --  this message was the first to tell us about this "crescendo of cosmic Wave energy" soon to be upon us.  And now, this gigantic crescendo of cosmic energy is upon us. Every day is higher than the last. It began August 15 and will culminate on September 28.  Yes, we call it the Wave - however, most waves swell up, and then drop down... THIS Wave will swell UP... and stay there! Leaving Earth permanently at a far higher level of consciousness. Sananda calls this The Shift of the Ages. This has been forecast for thousands of years. And our work is to go with the flow! -- To hold our energies High and welcome the increase, daily.  And, those who cannot or will not embrace this high LoveLight energy will not be able to sustain themselves - they will remove themselves to another environment that better matches their lower energies. 

So we are in for some remarkable changes, from day to day. --  Peter Olson, in his Many of One website, www.manyofonenew.com tells us that changes of this sort only come after billions of years. So we do not take this lightly.

Folks, if you have missed the many postings about this, please go to www.EarthAscends.com and click on both the MESSAGES and FEDERATION tabs. Begin with Sananda's message of July 20... 
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And now we come to Blossom's latest post:  August 20th. --  I hope, by now, most of you have read Blossom's query with the Federation of Light - an inquiry about the many pillars of light being photographed all around the globe.  It is a bit hard to follow the words of the Galactics, because much has been deliberately omitted. However, it made perfect sense to me, because... previous to Blossom's post, I had sent one of the first postings of these pillars of light to Zaraya, asking Zorra for comments. The answer that came back:

Zorra said that the beams of light are lights that are depositing ambassadors and mentor groups! Yeah!!!  
Love,  Billie/Zorra and jane   
So this makes perfect sense: conditions are not yet safe for landings to deliver our mentors, so... they are being beamed down!

And another quote from Blossom's post:

So, we are to expect many more of them?

Many more.

And the Ambassadors? I am sure we will see them quite soon on CNN.  ;-)   Remember the large number of arrests Sheldan just told us of, starting about next Friday, August 28th?  That should relieve the stranglehold on mainstream media.

And now for the final question:
"Why was the Saturday call with Zorra canceled?

I received a call from Zaraya the day before yesterday. 

Zaraya's Message:
"There will be no call Saturday because Zorra will be in a meeting with Sananda, Prime Creator, and all the mentors."

Wow! - In fact, I have received a message from one of our members who has already received a message  saying, "I am ____, one of your mentors."

So here we are, folks! SO MUCH is planned for the period from now until September 28th. Even the Pope will be here on the 23rd - he will be addressing the UN on, I think, the 25th? - Well... I wonder who else will be addressing all the countries at the UN??

So let's just sit down out here, on the wall, or on a rock... or we can talk as we stroll through Nature.

Yes... time for my "Motherly talk" again. 

I have been jotting down notes for many days, as I sit in meditation... my thoughts often turning to you.  Let's see.

First of all, since we are now aware that we are seriously into a huge raise in consciousness in preparation for our Ascension: "Are we ready??"

Being "ready" is not as difficult as it may seem. Sananda and Ashtar tell us not to worry about human mistakes and frailties. They are to be expected; we learn by our mistakes. And regular use of the Violet Flame can erase stuck energies from human mistakes.

It is Intent and Motive that is "9/10's of the Law." -- What is in our Hearts? This is where we are judged. So let's be easy on ourselves and honor that great Being, our Selves, that brought us all the way up to this point!

What CAN get in our way is: Attachments. How willing are we to let go of these things, or people, that are SO important to us?  Money - Children - Ego - Expectations - even fears. Or unfulfilled Earthly desires...
can we just let them go? Let us just practice BEing. Out in Nature. In our HeartMind. Gratitude. Loving ALL that is here with us in this world: no judgment; no reservations. Allowing others to have the experiences they have chosen. 

How clean is our body? Have we adhered to Zorra's eating guidelines? Have we stopped eating anything that has a face? Including egg yolk? - Has our clean diet resulted in more waste elimination?  Throughout the day? We don't want to carry a lot of waste with us on our Ascension.

If we get overwhelmed and don't know where to turn? -- There is only ONE place that we know we can go to in safety: Our own Inner Self - our own Higher Presence. GO WITHIN! - Oh, we find this in almost every message from Sananda and Ashtar, and of course, from Zorra. There is NOTHING in the outer world that can ease and protect us; this is the area of confusion, doubt and fear. GO WITHIN! There you are SAFE! -- "I AM that I Am." Turn ONLY to what you KNOW is True:  I AM. My Twin - my Other Half.  Nature. Gaia. LOVE. Each of these tell us: All Is Well! 

There is so much information on the April 24 2014 recorded session with Voltra, Cosmic Psychotherapist, Sananda, and my Higher Self, Lady Nada. Voltra tells us how to use the Acceleration Chair on his ship, Jupiter 1. And I can tell, the next day, when I have used this! - We learn about the crystal Light Chambers, the Rejuvenation Chamber, about how the Twin Flame connections come about.

And so, my Dear Ones ... the end of the journey is in sight. Exciting times lay ahead. And the trip will be easy and exciting when we release all considerations - expectations - and just let it flow - in Love. There are no details to "learn." It is the BEING that counts. As Zorra has told us so many times, "Love is always the answer."

We are about to be set free. Let us not be so used to our "prison" that we fear our freedom. All that lies before us is Good. It will be different, but it will be Good.And as our veils begin to lift, we will eagerly anticipate reunion with our star families and our Beloved Twin Flames. We have so much Joy ahead!

And yes, even now our mentors are arriving ... we will recognize and welcome them! And, now that we know it is the mentors and ambassadors arriving through these beams of light, when we re-read Blossom's message, it takes on a whole new meaning.

And so I take my leave. Enjoy these lessons of Trust and Love, and be at Peace. What a wonderful future has come!  
Lord Sananda

 July 19~ Ancient Awakenings
"For this is a momentous occasion and one you are moving fast into. Momentous not only for those here on this planet, but momentous for those in the solar system, those in the galaxy, and those even in the very universe.

The times are upon you now. Do all that you can to prepare. All is coming to a culmination...  what has been spoken of before as 'moving toward a crescendo' ...
you are about to experience that very crescendo..."

August 16 ~ Ancient Awakenings 
This is a momentous time that has been spoken of throughout the ages. It has been predicted throughout the ages. And I say to you now, that nothing can stop this. Nothing can withstand this. -- It is destined and cannot be changed. 


Feel Our Love,

    Anne (Mom)       Jesus/Sananda