, October 12 , 2012


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Hi Everyone, 


You have been on my mind... I have so many things I would like to share with you, but first....





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It is TIME...
To Raise Our Vibrations!

And oh, what a challenge this can be!
Where do I start?  So much has been rolling around in my head!  I guess, because I almost feel like a "moving target" sometimes, myself! 


To start with, as I was inputting some of the new names you sent for the INSTANT CONTACT page, I input the third name ... published ...  then checked the Internet to make sure it published.  It did.  Then, I scrolled down, and ..... !!!!!

The whole US list ENDED WITH ...
NEW JERSEY!   No! --  No, No, No!  --  But, yes ... there was nothing even there to RESTORE!!   

Did this lower my vibrations? 

And yes, I have written to the hosting company, as this is the second time!!  Then, considering all options, I decided that the least complicated will be to manually type in all that we've lost.  I have an old list from when I redid this once before, and I will begin with that. So... those of you living is states from New Jersey on down,   watch, and when I have done all I can, I will put a notice at the top of the list:

RESTORED:  October 12th (or what ever date) 
And if you are not in there, send me your info!      

Country (please, this first) 
Your Name 

So???   How do I get my vibes up? 
"Deal with it!"  The sooner, the better!  

You know, early, in HEN's (Hollow Earth Network) beginning, Zorra made a believer of me in how easily our computer technology can be manipulated.  I had my own email list then, in my computer, and I would send to the group, blind copied, so that no one could see your email address.  BUT!  They all showed!!

Wow!  I was the "bad guy!"  Leaders withdrew their group names, people tried to tell me how to blind-copy (I have been doing it for many years). After the FOURTH TIME, I was telling Billie ... and he said it was Zorra who was doing this!  He wanted us all to be able to send info to the whole group!

And then, after I explained how we all protect our privacy up here... it didn't happen any more!   

So now, when "things happen" I pay attention. 
"Maybe I should word this differently? 
Maybe I shouldn't send this???" 

Or... maybe I am getting some "interference" trying to prevent me from my work! --  It helps.

And here's another one... How would you like to get a $100 sewer bill?  They can't meter it, so it is based on water usage.  I have a large lot, and deep into the vegetation is an old water line that obviously has leaks.  But, the gardner is afraid of snakes ... and yes, we have them.  So ... high water bill = high sewer bill based on water usage.  Compute that! 


And again: Deal with it!  Things just happen...
But none of them is worth letting our vibrations drop!

I dealt with several things today... things that I knew
needed doing, but ... I was procrastinating.  And so ... they just "hung there" like a big old cloud over my head.  Today, I dealt with them, and oh did it feel good!!  And yes ... it raised my vibrations!

Procrastination can set a lower level of vibration that we can get stuck in.  So guys ... what to do?  
Deal with it! 


Now, here is something I feel I must tell you about. 

Some of you are quite knowledgeable about humanities' origin ... the Anannuki ... our 12 DNA strands reduced to 2 DNA ... and exploitation of our Earth's surface population as a limited "slave" race.  And because of this, the Anannuki have been considered our oppresors and enemies. 

I read this some time ago, but as I remember it, the Anannuki's home planet is Nibiru and its orbit passes Earth every 36,000 years.  There has always been fear about the return of the Anannuki. There have even been questions about Elenin actually being Nibiru.

I could go on and on.  But ... LOOK what we have all done with our little two strands of DNA!  The whole Universe is celebrating with us!  We are Ascending!!

And guess who is here???  Yes, 36,000 years later, the Anannuki and their large planet will soon pass by.  So we are told, in a very compelling message channeled by Meline LaFont.  
In her introduction to this message, Meline tells of her own reluctance over a long time to receive their message.  Yet, their intentions seemed pure.  You will read of the protections she invoked and the good intent she felt.  And change is likely over 36,000 years.

After all, if WE could uplift ourselves into readiness for Ascension ... could not this other race confront their earlier misdeeds and wish to make amends?

All in all, they only ask that we be aware of the importance of raising our vibrations and consciousness.  You will understand why, when you read this important message.  Again, they only ask that we raise our vibrations and keep them there! 

So enjoy, and pass on what I have chosen to post for you.  Forgiveness is also important, on our part.  I believe this message deserves our attention.  I believe they bring a very important message for us.

And with that, I will hurry and close so you get this as soon as possible.  And, by the way, people are still writing me about things "Greg said" on his old, abandoned blog site.  Folks!  Stay away from that site now.  As we heard from Sananda on the October 6th call, Greg is there with Sananda now.  He is not here any more!  Others have taken over the site, signing Greg's name to obvious mis-information pieces. This site will pull your vibrations DOWN!  Don't ploy into their hands!

Just hop right over to TODAY'S INSPIRATION and see what wonderful new uplifting contributions you have all sent me!

My love always,


PS     Don't forget to check in on our home page, about half way down for BREAKING NEWS.  Some days it just keeps coming!  And I am getting rumors from various sources .... it's all good!