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September 2013

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Randa Rahid
Randa Wahid
Associate Director, Business Development
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Mike Loftus
Mike Loftus
Executive Director, Business Development

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Clinician ECG with human
Rapid Patient Recruitment 
Thorough Execution of 
Phase I-III Clinical Development Programs
Clinical Research is Expanding

It is an understatement to say that orphan drugs have captured the attention of biopharmaceutical companies 
Mark Powers
Mark Powers
Chief Enrollment Officer

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and investors.

Research uncovered numbers that highlight compelling reasons for interest in orphan drug development: 
  • estimated the 2012 global market at nearly $86 billion
  • By 2017, the total market value is expected to hit $112 billion
  • listed 49 Phase I,II and III "open" studies funded by public, private and academic organizations

It is clear that the sector is opening up.  


Professional journals and trade publications are filled with interviews with Sponsors, investors and researchers expressing their enthusiasm about market opportunities.


Integrium is also enthusiastic - and knowledgeable - about this area of research. 


For example, Randa Wahid devotes space in this month's newsletter to patient recruitment for orphan studies. Understanding the nuances will help keep your study on schedule and on budget.


Mike Loftus' column on the BIO Investor Forum is also worth your time because he pulls back the curtain on a low profile but highly valuable conference.


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Keys to Creating a Successful Patient Recruitment Program for Orphan Drug Studies


Creating sound strategies for patient recruitment requires patient participation. 
Sponsors place high value on CROs that have strong relationships with specific populations.
At Integrium we take pride in having enduring relationships with sites, Investigators and the advocacy groups representing under-served patients.
These relationships create positive and ethical "win/win" dynamics for the Sponsor, CRO, Investigators, and most importantly, under-served patients.
We investigate all centers of expertise in the United States and around the world to determine the volume of patients needed and how to best help sites review their database and recruit patients.
These patients are given access to information, resources, and treatments that might not otherwise be available to them. We reach out to them through numerous advertising efforts to isolate patients who are not identified. 
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Annual BIO Investor Forum

The breadth of the clinical research industry is reflected in the number of conferences held throughout the year in the Americas, EU, Asia, Africa and India.


Integrium staff regularly attend major conferences, such as DIA, but the one meeting we've really grown to appreciate is the Annual BIO Investor Forum.


BIO Investor gives us the opportunity to bridge the gap that separates investors and sponsors. 


It allows us to solve problems by connecting investors with biotechs and to then add value by helping them design and conduct efficient, cost-effective clinical trials.


Our team welcomes the opportunity to connect you with biotechs or sponsors and discuss any aspect of your clinical research program.


12th Annual BIO Investor Forum

October 8-9, 2013 The Palace Hotel
San Francisco, CA
Social Media Hint: You can find conference tweets on Twitter by searching: #BIF13.