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August 2013

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Rapid Patient Recruitment 
Thorough Execution of 
Phase I-III Clinical Development Programs
Three Great Reasons
Mark Powers
Chief Enrollment Officer

Welcome and thanks for reading the inaugural edition of Integrium's  monthly newsletter.

It's clear that the clinical industry has a huge appetite for information. 
For proof, look no further than your email inbox for invitations to attend or contribute to seminars, conferences, webinars, blogs or journals.

Despite this apparent wealth of information, many professionals struggle to stay current on changes in the industry.
That's where our newsletter comes in.
1. Receive Timely, Relevant Insights
Many organizations fall short when it comes to consistently distributing key information among their employees.
As a clinical research organization (CRO), we often meet with research and development staff worried that they don't have the information they need to keep current with the incredible pace of change.
Our goal is to provide timely, relevant insights that will make an immediate difference for you and your team.
2. Sharpen Your Competitive Edge 
Sponsor organizations are locked in intense competition that requires them to minimize financial risk while engaging in the high-stakes business of clinical research.
And, as a full-service CRO, Integrium competes in one of the most crowded, competitive segments of the clinical research industry.

Although each side of the industry has distinct objectives, we share the need to maintain the competitive edge that helps us do things better, faster and more accurately. 

3. Maximize Opportunities

We invest in resources (intellect, technologies, infrastructure) to be successful.

But having the resources is only a first step.

Successful companies know how to identify opportunities that are aligned with their strengths. To maximize the right opportunities, to make well-informed decisions, you need information that meets your needs.
That's why we're investing the resources to publish a monthly newsletter. 
We want you to see Integrium as a dependable source of the information that you need to be successful.
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Our Secrets to Patient Recruitment
Randa Rahid
Associate Director of Patient Recruitment

The clinical research industry has wrestled with the challenges of patient recruitment since the first clinical trials were conducted.

Know Your Options

Sponsors, CROs and other vendors continue to look for the best patient recruitment solutions.


We've learned that there is no single solution. Rather, we are consistently successful by building study-specific solutions around proven guidelines.


Know Your Sites


We maximize the significance of patient recruitment by building close relationships between ourselves and sites. 
Strong relationships assure active engagement in a recruitment campaign before the onset of a study. 


Create Site-Specific Campaigns


We work closely with sites to understand their specific strengths and weaknesses. 
For example, we assess viability of the patient population(s) of interest; estimate site accessibility; and drill down to identify any site by site issues. 
By going through the process of identifying specific challenges, the principal investigators, clinical study coordinators, and the entire team involved in the study are highly motivated and driven to enroll patients.
Measure Success 
Site recruitment success is measured through projected timelines and budgets, assuring fast access to expert support on the clinical trial, proactive management of obstacles, and developing strong IRB relationships. 
Keep Learning
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Sustainable Value
Mike Loftus
Executive Director, Business Development
Integrium's ability to continue gaining market share is attributable to the approach we employ to understand and respond to the needs of the market. 
The decisions we make must support our over-arching goal of providing sustainable value for our clients. 
Example: Republic of South Africa
In addition to having offices in the United States, we also have offices and staff in South Africa. 
It's true that many CROs have offices in South Africa; however, our competitive assessment suggests that the majority of US and European-based CROs function at sub-optimal levels. 
Their clinical and functional capacities are under-utilized. They are often considered a cost center, rather than a profit center.
From the Beginning
In contrast, Integrium's Founders hail from South Africa, so we've been there from the beginning.
Our history gives us distinct advantages that easily convert to value for our clients.
For example, we enjoy strong relationships in the healthcare and regulatory sectors in South Africa. As a result, we have a deep understanding of how to ethically and judiciously access the country's "naive" patient populations.
Relationships and Insights
All major sponsors want to work with naive populations; they also want to avoid the problems created by CROs that lack the relationships and cultural insights we bring to the conversation..
Additionally, the currency exchange rate is very favorable. 
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