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Spring, 2014                                                                                  



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Fraud for Fun & Profit
Allocation of the Value of a Business
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January, 2014
15th - How to Read and Understand Financial Statements & Tax Returns
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22nd - As panelist re 2013 Family Law Issues Middlesex County Bar Association
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February, 2014
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April, 2014
5th - Matrimonial Math ICLE
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September 30, 2014
Forensic Accounting - NJSCPA (Edison, NJ)
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Fraud for Fun & Profit 



One of the most outrageous commercial litigation cases we have handled (outrageous from the point of view of the outright blatant fraud committed) involved proving on behalf of our client that a particular (and substantial) customer had fraudulently conveyed its assets to another company it created so as to deliberately evade paying its largest creditor (our client). At the risk of some brief editorializing, it is unfortunate that our system doesn't make more of an example of these thieves (and indeed, what is involved here is theft) by putting them in jail and thereby impressing upon the business community that these types of actions are not merely civil, but criminal wrongs.


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Allocation of the Value of a Business in Divorce  


Probably as a truism, a business run and owned by one spouse is rarely divided equally, even in a long marriage. Reasons for unequal allocation, other than something to the effect "That's just the way it is" include the tax burden, if any, that goes along with the one that keeps the property; maybe an implicit belief in the double dip; maybe a built in bias/prejudice in favor of the business owner.


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   Focus on Fun


Accountants & Humor

A Sociological Fable


In a tax bill that was passed a few years ago, there were two special provisions that were of great interest to a select few individuals. The new tax law provided for a special dispensation for Trapist Monks who sell fruitcake by mail. In addition, so as to spread the wealth, that same bill provided a tax break for Native Alaskan reindeer herders who sell powdered reindeer horns as an aphrodisiac. It kind of makes you want to become either a Monk or Native Alaskan. In addition, it is good to know that the source rules for income derived by US persons from activities conducted in space, in Antarctica or on the high seas, have been modified. Income of this sort will be considered to have its source in the country of residence of the taxpayer.



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The BARSON GROUP  is proud to announce the publication of


"Divorce: The Accountant as Financial Expert" 

 by Kalman A. Barson, CPA/ABV, CFE, CFF 




***We are delighted to announce that the book is in its second printing!***


This is Kal's 6th text focusing on divorce related accounting services, including investigative accounting, business valuations, funds flow tracing and related issues.  While its primary audience is fellow CPAs, as well as attorneys practicing family law and judges sitting in the family section of the court, it is written in such a fashion so that it would be readily understood by the general lay public.  All royalties have been assigned to three charities devoted to helping women and children.


Kal's book can be purchased directly through the AICPA -    



Our Mini-Books: 


What to Look for & What to Challenge; Reading & Understanding Tax Returns, Financial Issues in Divorce Practice; Business Valuation - The Basics - complimentary copies for the asking.  Contact us if you haven't received your copy.