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Volume 12 - Issue 3                                                            

Fall, 2013                                                                                  



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A Primer on Alimony
One Person's Garbage is Another Person's History
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A Primer on Alimony



In family law/divorce practice, one of the most often expressed words is "alimony", and along with that, often "support" - whether that be spousal or child support.  On one level, alimony is rather simple - it is deductible by the one paying it, and taxable to the one receiving it.  On the other hand, it's not that simple - because the response to the preceding is "sometimes" (even if that sometimes is "usually").  Also, like so many other things in the tax world, as well as in the legal world, there are fine points, nuances, exceptions, and all other sorts of disruptive concepts, altering what would otherwise be the calm veneer of the tax issues revolving around alimony.  The purpose of this article is to briefly address some key tax issues.


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One Person's Garbage is Another Person's History
One of the more frustrating elements of the work that we, as forensic and valuation expert accountants, do or have to contend with, is the issue of discovery.  Based on numerous discussions with attorneys, it's also obvious that discovery is among the most frustrating issues with which they have to deal.  And, need we add, that type of frustration easily translates into wasted time and thus wasted money.  This article is not intended to address the issues or concerns over compelling discovery, and what is or isn't appropriate from a legal vantage point - but rather, to address, from the vantage point of a financial expert, some of the issues involved in record production discovery, particularly "older" records, as it affects the work that we need to do.
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 Focus on Fun


Accountants & Humor

A Sociological Fable


Exempt status was denied to an association formed to relocate homeless persons because its activities were designed to rid the area of those persons, rather than to benefit the homeless. More than an insubstantial part of the association's activities benefited the private interests of its creators.



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The BARSON GROUP  is proud to announce the publication of


"Divorce: The Accountant as Financial Expert" 

 by Kalman A. Barson, CPA/ABV, CFE, CFF 




***We are delighted to announce that the book is in its second printing!***


This is Kal's 6th text focusing on divorce related accounting services, including investigative accounting, business valuations, funds flow tracing and related issues.  While its primary audience is fellow CPAs, as well as attorneys practicing family law and judges sitting in the family section of the court, it is written in such a fashion so that it would be readily understood by the general lay public.  All royalties have been assigned to three charities devoted to helping women and children.


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