PTIS Receives 2015 Best of Englewood Award
Englewood Award Program Honors the Achievement
ENGLEWOOD August 12, 2015 -- Physical Therapy & Injury Specialist has been selected for the 2015 Best of Englewood Award in the Physical Therapists category by the Englewood Award Program.

Vitamin D and Your Health
It's been estimated that 70 percent of children and adults in the U.S. are vitamin D deficient. The cause of this deficiency is not always clear but it is widely reported that a combination ....rto continue reading click here.

PT Guide to Knee Pain
Knee pain can be caused by disease or injury. The most common disease affecting the knee is osteoarthritis. Knee injuries can occur as the result of a direct blow or sudden movement that strains the knee beyond its normal range of movement. Knee pain caused by an injury is most often associated with knee cartilage tears, ..... To read more,click here.

Little Gherkin Injured During Soccer Game

At age 9, Little Gherkin was in very good health-eating right, limiting sugar, and exercising daily at soccer practice. One day while playing a soccer game, he was trying to steal the ball from his opponent when he fell and twisted his knee. The pain was excruciating.    Click here to continue reading about Little Gherkin.



Staff Birthdays This Month
Wendy Hildreth - September 16
Brenda de St. Simon - September 28


Participants needed for research study about hip pain in young adults. If you are age 20-40 and have had pain in your groin, lateral hip or buttocks in past three weeks (of any duration), you are eligible to participate.

TIME COMMITMENT: Two 45-minute sessions on consecutive days.
DAY 1: You will receive a detailed evaluation of the hip and screen of the low back and pelvis, followed by a hip manipulation.
DAY 2: Re-examination of the hip, low back and pelvis.
RESULTS: Discussed with participants.

Prior surgery on back, hip or leg; pregnancy; or signs of nerve root compression.

Contact Gail Molloy at for more specifics and to schedule


Johanna has completed Level 2 of Tai Chi training and now our class is even more robust!
Every Monday at 11:00 am at Pearl clinic
Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm at Meridian clinic 

Individual TRX instruction available
If you would feel more comfortable with a one-on-one session, just let us know. We can do that!

FMS evaluations available
The FMS (Functional Movement Screen) looks at fundamental movements, motor control within movements, and a competence of basic movement patterns. Its job is to determine movement deficiency and uncover asymmetry. Read more 
Back of Knee Stretch

This is one of my favorite stretches. It stretches behind the knee, hamstring, calves, and some back muscles.

  • Stand, placing the front (ball of foot) of your right foot on a step or curb.
  • Keeping your knees and back straight, bend over to touch your toes. (If you can't touch your toes bend as far as comfortable). 
  • Hold for 20 seconds
  • Repeat with other foot



    "A good laugh and a long sleep 

    are the two best cures for anything."

    Irish Proverb

    Fun Facts about Knees

    • Your knee is a very complex joint comprising cartilage, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and it is here that three bones come together - namely the fibula and tibia (lower leg), and the femur (thigh). Your knee consists of two separate joints.
    • Approximately 19 million visits are made to doctors' offices each year for knee problems.
    • When you walk, your knee takes force the equivalent to 3x your body weight with every step. 
    • Exercise helps joints, including the knees, work better. Keep limber and start with stretching. Low-impact exercise, such as swimming or cycling, will strengthen your joints and increase their range of motion. A physical therapist can show you exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your knees or hips. Stronger muscles can reduce the stress on your joints during everyday activities, too.
    • The body's longest muscle is the sartorius. It is a strap-like, narrow muscle which runs all the way from the hip to the knee.



    No Bake Power Bites

    This no bake energy bites recipe is super simple to make, made with healthier ingredients, and they taste like no bake cookies! 


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