September 2014

ERGONOMICS 101: Integrating Good Habits into Good Health


Ergonomics, the European word synonymous with human factors, was invented in the early 1950s by a group of scientists and engineers interested in the relationship between people and machine. The word is derived from the Greek "ergon" -- work, and "nomos" - natural laws of.

PTIS has extensive experience in dealing with the injuries and pain related to poor office ergonomics. We can evaluate your office situation, recommend beneficial changes, and treat your current pain so you can move forward in good health and posture.



Repetitive Strain Injury

The explosion of computer technology over the past two decades has resulted in computer related Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Prolonged and repetitive work or play at the computer workstation can create neck, shoulder, arm, and hand discomfort and be the cause of work related injuries. Improper posture and improper ergonomics at the computer workstation can exaggerate the problems. Implementing simple ergonomic guidelines can help the computer user avoid injuries.

 15 Key Ergonomic Principles

  1. Improve the working environment and protect worker health at the computer workstation
  2. Use a good chair with a dynamic back, inclined slightly backward
  3. Center the monitor in front, slightly below eye level


To read the rest of the Key Ergonomic Principles.... click HERE.


Physical Therapy can help you with the painful results of improper ergonomics 
and help you work pain-free in the future.

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Weekly Classes For Your Health

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Staff Birthdays This Month
        Juliana Remer - September 4
Wendy Hildreth - September 16
Brenda de St. Simon - September 28
Welcome Juliana Remer, PT, DPT 
Please join us in welcoming Juliana Remer as our new PT. She is an experienced physical therapist and is certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN). Juliana started on August 18th.

Goodbye Sheri Morrow O'Brien 
Sheri is moving on. Join us in wishing her well. Sheri's last day was August 29th.

Ergonomic Exercises for the Office

Working in an office every day can take a serious toll on your muscle and skeletal health. To avoid getting sore and worn out, we recommend taking a stretch break every 20 to 30 minutes. Here are 5 exercises that you can do at the office to get you started


1. SHOULDER ROLLS, forward-backward

  • Begin with shoulders relaxed
  • Pinch shoulders upwards towards ears; hold 10 seconds
  • Press shoulders downward as far as possible, hold 10 seconds

2. CHIN TUCKS, backward

  • Sit or stand with good posture
  • Tuck chin backward without tilting head up
  • Use hand on chin for extra stretch as needed; hold for 10 seconds


  • Sit or stand with good posture
  • Keep face forward, tip ear toward shoulder, hold for 10 seconds
  • Switch sides


  • Place both hands firmly against hips
  • Bend backward until you feel a stretch, hold for 10 seconds

5. FINGER STRETCHES, open-close fingers

  • Open hand and fingers fully
  • Close hand and fingers fully
  • Repeat with arms in various positions

Once you master these, seek out new desk exercises to try, make up your own, or ask your physical therapist.


If you get close enough to the screen, a 15 inch monitor looks just like a 20 inch monitor.
  • Sit so your head and neck are upright and in-line with your torso (if you have a neck, that is). 
  • Face your computer screen directly. Avoid twisting your neck as you yell and scream at your monitor.
  • Keep your elbows comfortably close to your body. Try not to bang your keyboard after your days work has been deleted.


When Should An Ergonomic Assessment Be Scheduled?


You can benefit from an ergonomic assessment if you answer "YES" to any of the following:

  • Are experiencing any pain or discomfort while working at your workstation, while performing other daily job functions, or while driving?
  • Have you been treated for dysfunction related to your job?
  • Are you looking to improve the way you feel throughout the workday?
  • Do you ever experience aching in the neck or back during the day or by the end of the day?
  • Do you have a limited range of motion?
  • Do you experience soreness in the shoulders, elbows, or wrists?
  • Do you have tingling or numbness in the forearms or wrists?

To find out what an Ergonomic Assessment entails and about the Assessment Report, CLICK HERE... 


If you need an Ergonomic Assessment at HOME or WORK,
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 "87% of people have back problems. 
The other 13% have no computer."
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Thank you for your interest in health and wellness. We believe Staying Active is important for WORK.SPORT.LIFE.

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