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July 2013

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Six Telltale Signs You Need PT
Top 10 Summer FITNESS Activities for Families
What to Eat to Beat the Summer Heat
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July is here along with the heat. This month's newsletter focuses on helping you "Beat the Heat". We hope you enjoy our July issue of STAYING ACTIVE. 
Six Telltale Signs You Need Physical Therapy
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How do you know when the injury is serious and requires a visit to a physical therapist? Here are six telltale signs that you might need physical therapy. 


1. Pain lingers after three or four days of resting and icing

At the onset of any ache or pain, the best plan of attack is to take a few days off from the sport that brought on the injury and spend 20 minutes several times a day icing the affected area. The best thing with any injury is to give yourself a few days off,and then get back into your sport to see if your symptoms have gone away or if they're still occurring. If you have taken several days of rest and the pain continues to come back, it is time to see a physical therapist.


2. Reoccurring dull pain

Pain often subsides with rest and icing. But with more serious injuries, symptoms will repeatedly come back and linger until the underlying injury has been addressed.


3. One traumatic event

Some injuries, such as muscle tears and broken bones, are easy to spot, as they are brought on by one traumatic event. If you roll your ankle and it swells up or you slipped and fell, you're going to want to get checked.


4. Medicine doesn't control the pain

Many athletes are used to aches and pains. However, if over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain-relief drugs aren't offering any reprieve, get it checked out.


5. Pain is acute and sharp

Dull, lingering pain is most likely treatable with rest and ice, though if the pain is sharp and centralized, this can be an indication of a more serious injury, such as a muscle pull or stress fracture.


6. Noticeable or visible changes

You know your body best. If you notice your body acting differently and continue your normal routine, you may cause one injury to get worse or cause a new injury if you don't see a physical therapist.

Top 10 Summer FITNESS Activities for Families


Click HERE for the Top 10 list 
and get your family moving!



What to Eat to Beat the Summer Heat 



Although winter storms and chills once had you thinking you'd never want anything but stews and comfort foods, this month's toasty weather will probably have you reaching for the frozen treats. And it's just going to get warmer. Rather than simply cranking up the AC or fleeing the country for cooler climates, here are some tips on what - and how - to eat to stay cool.



Water Things Down

There's a reason watermelon is a welcome sight at any BBQ or summer cookout. Its high water content keeps you hydrated. When you are sufficiently hydrated, your body more effectively releases heat. Cucumbers, celery, iceberg lettuce, and tomatoes are also good candidates. For optimum benefits, cook the fruits or vegetables as little as possible (cooking will dry them out). 


Add Some Spice

Spicy foods may not be the first on your list of foods to eat on a hot summer day, but they are actually quite capable of cooling. The spices induce sweat, which is your body's natural way of lowering its internal temperature. So unless you want to start panting like a dog, get to sweating like a human with the help of some seriously spicy food. 


Get Green

If a big, leafy, green salad is all you can manage to eat on a sluggish summer day, that's just fine. Greens are nature's blood thinners, and they can help you release body heat and cool down. 


Make Room for the Mint

Alcohol is a warming food, which dilates blood vessels and leads to dehydration, thereby raising your internal temperature. If you must have a summer cocktail, make it a mojito. Menthol, one of mint's main components, triggers sensors in the body that cause you to feel cool. Mint also has some spicy qualities, which get that all-important sweat flowing. It is also known to have calming properties, so you can stay cool in more ways than one.


Grab Some Garlic

Garlic is as pungent inside the body as it is outside. It has anti-platelet effects, which reduce blood clotting. Alhough it may not be the best thing for someone to eat before heading into surgery, it can help those looking to decrease their body heat. By increasing blood circulation, garlic allows the body to sweat, which, when evaporated, helps the body cool down. 



"The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!"


Marvin Phillips 




Welcome Our New Staff

Welcome Kristen Lundberg and Timothy Grigsby


Tai Chi Classes Coming in August
Try out Tai Chi. It is a gentle and slow moving exercise that promotes health and mental relaxation. Find out more  here.

Balance Classes 
Balance Classes are starting soon. Find out more here.

TRX Classes Starting in August
Give TRX a try and see how it can help your health. Find out more here.

School Supply Drive for Bishop Elementary School
We are collecting school supplies for Bishop Elementary. It is the same school we donated to the last 2 years and they were more than thrilled that we are doing it again.  Donations are being accepted now through August 3rd.  


Heather Lee is riding in the Courage Classic again this year

The Courage Classic is a three day 150+ mile bike ride through Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Frisco, Leadville and Vail. It is a fundraiser for Children's Hospital of Denver. Heather's riding team is called Summits for Samantha. Summits for Samantha was formed four years ago in honor of her friend's daughter, Samantha. Samantha had mitochondrial disorder/dysfunction/disease. Tragedy struck when Samantha passed away suddenly just after her 4th birthday, and a week before the 2010 Courage Classic. 


Only the President and Governors of the State can order flags on government buildings to be flown at half staff.


When a flag is no longer serviceable or repairable, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner.


It is acceptable to wash or dry clean an American flag when it is soiled or otherwise dirty.


You do not have to destroy a flag that has touched the ground. If it becomes dirty, the flag should be cleaned.


The Flag Code does not prohibit any individual from having the flag draped across a coffin. The deceased does not have to be a veteran to have the flag draped on their coffin.

Thank you for your interest in health and wellness. We believe Staying Active is important for WORK.SPORT.LIFE. 

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Happy July!


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