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June 2013

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National Get Outdoors Day
Get Outdoors for Your Health
Profile of the Month - Brenda de St Simon, Practice Manager
Grown Up Lemonade
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Can you believe it is already June? We finally have some nice weather and nice weather means it's time to get outdoors. We thought we would focus this month's newsletter on "Get Outdoors for Health". We hope you enjoy our June issue of STAYING ACTIVE. 
National Get Outdoors Day


National Get Outdoors Day is a new annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun.


Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Event Description:

National Get Outdoors Day Colorado is a fun, free event with a zillion things for everyone to do! Visit our four interactive Villages where you can fish, bike, garden, climb, paint, build, paddle, learn, dance, jump, eat, and play! This event is for people or all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Select activities are accessible for adaptive recreation.

Participating partners will offer opportunities for families to experience traditional and non-traditional types of outdoor activities. 

Prime goals of the day are reaching first-time visitors to public lands and reconnecting our youth to the great outdoors. Our goal at PTIS is to promote physical activity outdoors (or in) so that you live a healthier, longer life.
For more info: Click Here
Get Outdoors for Your Health

outdoor park

Click HERE for a list 
of outdoor activities to 
help you get healthy!


Profile of the Month - Brenda de St. Simon, Practice Mgr
brenda ragnar


1. Tell us about yourself. I am the youngest of five. I was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After many years working/traveling in other places/countries, I returned to Colorado to settle down. I now have three kids, a dog and a fish. 


2. What are your favorite outdoor activities? I love the outdoors. I grew up camping every summer and I continue the tradition by dragging my family to the woods 3-4 times a year. I started running 3 years ago (to keep up with my kids) and now I run 1-3 half marathons a year and a mountain based relay race. I have climbed two 14ers and have my eye on the remaining 52. I also hike and bike whenever I can.


3. What do you do to stay healthy? I do what I can with whatever time I can find. Much of my exercise comes from doing things with my kids like swimming, biking and hiking. If I could choose, I would do Pilates twice a week, cardio twice a week and get a massage once a week (I can dream can't I?).

4. How has physical therapy helped you stay active outdoors? I've had numerous injuries over the years from a dislocated elbow (don't ask how) to hereditary shoulder, neck, and back stiffness to leg/foot issues from running. Every time I've hurt myself, physical therapy has put me back on track. Now, instead of hurting myself to the point of needing rehab, I can feel my body needing some attention and I get physical therapy before the pain sets in. I would not be able to do all the activities I do without great physical therapy.   


Grown Up Lemonade 

Cucumber Lemonade




We love lemonade but we are always ready to try some "adult" variations. This is a light and easy cocktail for relaxing while you are in the Great Outdoors.


 Grown Up Lemonade Recipe







""CAMPING: Nature's way of promoting the motel industry."  


Dave Barry 



Balance Classes 

Balance Classes are starting soon. Find out more here.
Sign up today by calling 303-757-1554

TRX Anyone?
We are expanding our TRX program by certifying additional trainers at each location. Give TRX a try and see how it can help your health. Find out more here.


There is a lot more to June than deciding what gift to get your father or where to go for your summer vacation (although you shouldn't forget Father's Day!). For those of you who like trivia, here are some historic events in June:


Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity on June 15, 1752.


Continental Congress adopted the United States flag known as the Stars and Stripes on June 14, 1777.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recognized by Congress on June 22, 1942.


The Korean War began on June 25, 1950.

Thank you for your interest in health and wellness. We believe Staying Active is important for WORK.SPORT.LIFE. 

If you like this newsletter, please send to friends and family and have them subscribe. If there is a topic you would like us to include in a future issues, please let us know.


Happy June!


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