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March 2013

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Happy March to you! We hope you enjoy this issue of STAYING ACTIVE. This month's issue looks at ways to be LUCKY in health. 
Be LUCKY in Health 
Research has identified four main characteristics that make some people luckier than others in their lives. Apply these same principles to your health and you'll improve your luck today.
Make the Most of Random Opportunities

Picture the events of your life on a spectrum, with chance at one end and control at the other, and most things playing out somewhere in between. The goal is to nudge yourself incrementally toward control. And the most obvious way to do that is to seize every random opportunity, big or small. To apply this principle to influence your "luck in health" take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the dog an extra block, or take the opportunity to sign up for a health event (e.g., 5K walk, 10K run, etc.).

Act on Lucky Hunches

If you are feeling good and you are ready to head out for your regular exercise routine, just do it.  If you are not feeling "right", it may mean your body needs a rest or that there is some other reason that you should skip your routine for the day. You should never disregard a gut feeling or suspicion. Your lucky hunches are there to protect you and your health.


Expect Good Fortune
Positive thinking tends to lead to positive results. On the surface, it sounds like common sense ("Just smile!") but that's the beauty of it. By putting yourself in a positive mind frame, positivity comes back to you. For example, you walk by someone in the grocery store and smile. The smile puts the other person at ease and they smile back. And now-without a word spoken-both of you will have a better day. On the other hand, poor expectations and a furrowed brow might have ruined your day and the other person's from the outset.
Turn Bad Luck into Good

We all should be grateful for our bad luck, at least some of it, anyway. Bad luck often motivates or even forces us to make positive changes in our lives. Maybe you "tweaked" your back moving furniture but through your physical therapy you were inspired to start a regular exercise regimen. Now you are more fit than you have been in your life. Admittedly, sometimes it's just a matter of holding on through bad fortune and waiting for the good.  


Just remember, you have the control to create your own "luck in health".   


A Physical Therapist can always help too.  Make an appointment today. 


Exercise of the Month - Supermans

How to: 
Lay flat on your stomach with your arms out in front of you resting on the ground. Your legs should also be lying flat on the ground. With your head in a neutral position, lift both arms and legs simultaneously, as if you were flying. As you lift up your lower back should contract.

Repetitions: Hold each movement for at least two to five seconds per repetition and depending on your fitness level do between 15 and 20 repetitions and work yourself up to three sets. 

Health benefits: This move strengthens the lower back muscles which is part of your core. Do this exercise if you have a weaker lower back. 



There are four places in the United States named Shamrock (West Virginia, Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma) and nine Dublin's (Dublin, California and Dublin, Ohio are most populous)






May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, 
may good luck pursue you each morning and night.
Join Us in Saying Welcome to Bobby Bemis
Bobby Bemis joined PTIS on February 18 and will be treating patients at the Pearl Street clinic.
Renovations to the Pearl Street Clinic
Renovations are finally completing at the Pearl Street clinic. Thank you for your patient during the mess.
dublin eggnog  


3 cups dairy eggnog

2 cups double-strength coffee

4 - 6 ounces Irish whiskey

Sugar (optional)

Whipped cream

Ground nutmeg



1.Heat eggnog and coffee in a small saucepan. Do not boil. Remove from heat. Stir in whiskey. Pour into 6 Irish coffee cups or mugs. Top each with whipped cream and nutmeg. Makes 6 servings

Thank you for your interest in health and wellness. We believe Staying Active is important for WORK.SPORT.LIFE. 

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