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February 2013

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Happy February to you! We hope you enjoy this issue of STAYING ACTIVE. This month's issue pays tribute to an important body in your life. 
Love Some Body - Strive for a Healthy Weight 

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Your body has been with you through the good times and the bad, through sickness and health, until death do you part. Show your body some love by putting it a priority this month. One step you can take is setting a goal to reach and maintain a healthy weight. 


If you maintain your weight, you are "in balance." You are eating close to the same number of calories that your body is using and your weight remains stable.


If you are gaining weight, you are eating more calories than your body is using. These extra calories will be stored as fat, and you will gain weight. If you are losing weight, you are eating fewer calories than you are using. Your body is using its fat storage cells for energy, so your weight is decreasing.


A simple way to know if you are at a healthy weight is to know your body mass index (BMI). BMI = mass (lbs)/height (in) * 703. 

  • Underweight = BMI less than 18.5
  • Normal weight = BMI of 18.5-25
  • Overweight = BMI of 25-30
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Being a healthy, normal weight is good for you and will help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions. At PTIS, we see many injuries that could have been avoided or relieved of pain with a lower BMI. 


The basic advice is to eat wisely and be as physically active as possible. For health benefits, adults should do at least 2 1/2 hours a week of moderate-intensity or 1 1/4 hours a week of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity or an equal combination of both. 


If you need to lose weight, losing even a little will help. Losing as little as 5-10% of your current body weight can lower your risks for many injuries and diseases. A reasonable and safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. It might take 6 months to reach your ultimate goal, but making gradual lifestyle changes can help you maintain a healthier weight for life.


If you are normal weight, congratulations! Keep up the "love of your body" and maintain your lifestyle.


A Physical Therapist can help you find the right level of physical activity for your current weight and help you reach your healthy weight.  Make an appointment today. 


Exercise of the Month

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Arguably, the best workout for anything (weight loss included) is going to be the one that you'll do! So while calorie burn is important, find a way to make fitness fun too. Trade the treadmill for a personal trainer or shift from weight machines to a TRX suspension trainer to prevent boredom while sticking to your workout schedule.



Research has shown that husbands who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don't.

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Join Us in Saying Goodbye to Kari Ell
  Kari and baby
Kari Ell will be leaving our practice as of February 21. She and her family are moving to Utah so her husband can start his "dream job" of making bows (as in Cupid's bows and arrows). Kari and all the skills and fun she brings to PTIS will be missed (so will her great pies).
 Good Luck Kari!
Renovations to the Pearl Street Clinic
Look for renovations in the Pearl Street clinic during February. We are doing some interior upgrades that we hope you will like.
Recipe for Your Sweetheart
Here is a heart healthy recipe and special treat for your sweetheart! 
  • 1 bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips
  • the biggest and reddest strawberries you can find (preferably organic).
In a double boiler melt chocolate chips. If you don't have a double boiler, you can use a glass bowl big enough to melt the chocolate chips over a pot of boiling water. Heat water in a pan large enough to set the glass bowl in without water spilling in the bowl. Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Set glass bowl with chocolate chips in hot pan of water and melt. You an use half a bag if you are making a smaller amount as this makes a lot. dip strawberries in, leaving about 1/3 of the strawberry and stem showing. Set on wax paper on a cookie sheet. Cool in refrigerator to set. Enjoy!


Courtesy of Tanya Goyette RD ~ Dynamic Nutrition on Facebook
Thank you for your interest in health and wellness. We believe Staying Active is important for WORK.SPORT.LIFE. 

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