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October 2015 - Happy Halloween
Anniversary Edition: Ever Active Schools is 15! 
Shaping the Future 2016
Shaping the Future 2016 registration NOW OPEN!

Join us January 28th - 30th 2016 for our annual conference that draws delegates from the education, active living, recreation, health and research sectors to discuss and learn about comprehensive school health.

Healthy Active School Symposia: 
Edmonton & Area Event video!

Locations are filling up quickly for 2015-16 HASS!
Are you looking for unique professional learning opportunities for you and your students that support student leadership and 21 century competencies? Join us to support building wellness in the school communities.
We're looking forward to the
2015-16 HASS!
We'll be touring the province and visiting
13 locations across Alberta.  Register here and contact Chris for more information.

A special thanks goes out to Mr Gord Belbar and his students from Eastern High School who did the filming, editing and interviews for the above video!
AMA Youth Run Club 2015-16 

Be one of the first 250 schools to register for the AMA Youth Run Club this school year and be entered to win a Running Room prize package!

The AMA Youth Run Club is a free, fun and flexible program providing supports and incentives to schools. Join today and get your students up and physically active!

Register for AMA Youth Run Club today!
For more information, please contact Hayley.
Ever Active Schools is 15 years old!

 Ever Active Schools was announced in May of 2001 by former Minister, Lyle Oldberg, at the Health and Physical Education Council Conference in Edmonton.  Ever Active Schools was (and still is!) designed to contribute to the healthy development of children and youth by fostering social and physical environments that support healthy, active living. 
In that initial year, the initiative was looking at working with 40 schools.  15 years later Ever Active Schools has a working relationship with over 1000 schools in Alberta and has many platforms that have engaged all 61 school jurisdictions.  
To celebrate the 15th anniversary, Ever Active Schools will be hosting many events around the province, launching new resources and celebrating the many partners that have collectively supported healthy, active school communities in Alberta.  Look for more details on our website.  
Ever Active Schools is an upstream approach in supporting the health and learning of our Alberta children and youth.  Special thank you to the Government of Alberta Ministries of Health, Education and Culture & Tourism for their ongoing support, and to the Health and Physical Education Council for their close partnership. We look forward to another 15 years, and to a happy and healthy school year to come!
-Brian Torrance, Director, Ever Active Schools
New EAS Staff!
Please help us welcome our new staff to our Edmonton Office! We have hired a new Administrative Assistant, School Health Facilitator and Communications Coordinator.

Check out the new staff bios here.
We are excited to complete our team and move forward with new voices, contributing to a healthy active Alberta!
Active After School Alberta

Active After School Alberta is a provincial website, part of the Canadian Active After School Partnership, highlighting healthy after school activities, planning, training, resources, snacks ideas and much more! Currently, the site is being developed and populated with even more helpful resources to help your students and kids stay active once the school day is over. Check back often to see what else has been added!

Fresh Air Fridays:
One School's fresh Take on Outdoor Physical Literacy
 The idea sparked with early-dismissal Fridays: How can we maximize a shortened day and make up for not enough active time in the gym?
Fresh Air Fridays was conceived and the aim of this project is for students to engage a natural environment and build scientific inquiry skills to support inquiry-based learning, says Cathy Polski, Principal at Dr. EW Coffin School in Calgary. 
"What better place to learn than in your own backyard?" Cathy inquired, referring to a well known place for the students and teachers called Whispering Woods - a lush nature park adjacent to the school. 
Cathy explains that not only does this brand new project - started September 4th - receive support from staff and parents, but the students greatly enjoy their time outside, regardless of the weather. They are able to explore, go for hikes, sketch and make scientific observations using their five senses, while spending up to three hours outside every Friday afternoon.
Cathy hopes this active way of learning outdoors will carry on through the winter and for the future.
For information on Dr. EW Coffin school, click here.
International Walk to School Week!
Join the movement and millions of walkers around the world as we walk to school October 5-9-10, 2015! Register your school online and receive ideas and participant information. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Canada held its first national Walk a Child to School Day in 1998 with participants from five provinces. In 2000 the first International Walk to School day officially began and today schools from all thirteen provinces and territories join millions of students all over the world as they walk to school.

Participating countries include Canada, United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, India, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Click here  and here for more information!
Farm to School Fundraiser
Are you looking for an alternative to selling sweets for school fundraisers?
Make a healthy choice and fundraise by selling top quality Canadian-grown vegetables!

Farm to School is a healthy choice fundraiser that offers great profit margins for Alberta schools and daycare centres.
Enrollment is open!
Fundraiser runs from Sept - Dec.
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 Join Ever Active Schools to discuss topics that support healthy schools across Alberta. Share your knowledge on a variety of topics that strengthen your school community while connecting with fellow colleagues, subject matter experts and researchers. Use the hashtag #EASchat to join the conversation on Twitter.
Contact Chris with topic ideas & suggestions before the first Wednesday of each month. We can't wait to get your input!

Grant Opportunities due this month!
The Above and Beyond Grant provides support to coaches and officials to pursue educational or developmental opportunities.  Specifically, the grant is intended for a coach or an official that is in a unique situation (apprenticing, geographically isolated, disadvantaged) and who is experiencing extraordinary circumstances. 
Due October 15th, 2015.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation provides funding  for environmental projects including tree planting, energy conservation, schoolyard or urban naturalization projects, community gardening programs, habitat restoration, endangered species/wildlife protection, and environmental research.
Due October 15th, 2015

helps Albertan girls and women become experienced leaders in sport and recreation. Grant monies
can be used for training, course fees, professional development, professional certification, clinics, and other training related
Due October 31st, 2015