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ParticipACTION Teen Challenge
ParticipACTION Teen Challenge is a program created for one reason: to help youth challenge themselves and their friends to get moving. 


Grants are distributed to any event/challenge/activity that gets teens between the ages of 13-19 physically active. Click for more info.

Healthy School Communities Wellness Fund
The Wellness Fund is offering a new grant funding opportunity for projects that support healthy school communities. Five grants are available. Click here for details.
Nutrition Innovation Awards
Interested in winning $1,000 for your school? Alberta Milk and our partners, Breakfast for Learning Alberta, Dietitians of Canada and Ever Active Schools, are happy to announce that up to seven awards of $1,000 each will be given to schools (Kindergarten to Grade 12) in recognition of their creative healthy eating initiatives.

QDPE Award

PHE Canada's Quality (Daily) Physical Education Award identifies, recognizes and encourages excellence in school physical education programs. Apply by March 3.

Blog Posts
Want to learn more about the Healthy Active School Symposia or want to read a recap of the event in your area? We've just posted four new blogs

If you missed out on the HPEC Promoting School Wellness Award at Shaping the Future, find out who the winners were in our blog post
Physical Literacy Resources
Are you a physical education teacher looking for support in developing physically literate students? Find videos, presentations and supporting documents here.
AHS Webinar

There has been a lot of interest and effort across the province to improve the food environments within recreation facilities. 


You are invited to a provincial webinar that will provide strategies and solutions to promote healthy eating environments in recreation facilities. 


Click here for more information.

CSH Resource

Alberta Health Services' Healthy Children and Youth team is pleased to announce the re-launch of The Comprehensive School Health Approach website.  This site provides evidence-informed tools and resources that can be used to support healthy school communities in Alberta.

Heathy Eating Resources
Alberta Health Services is pleased to announce the launch of two new tools:
Earth Matters: An Environmental Education Conference
Thirty-seven workshops will highlight the remarkable talents, teaching, programs, and accomplishments of environmental educators from across Alberta.

Attend the conference in the Rocky Mountains on April 26-27. Find out more here.
February Newsletter
Comprehensive School Health Through the Eyes of Students
Comprehensive School Health Cross-curricular Art Project: Mrs. Schow's Class
Comprehensive School Health Cross-curricular Art Project: Mrs. Schow's Class, Cardston Elementary School

We asked Grade 4 - 9 students across Alberta to create posters that represent their understanding of Comprehensive School Health. Students connected to the importance of being active, eating healthy and building healthy relationships. 
"It was a great conceptual starting point for students," says participating educator Mary Ann Dobson from Highlands School, EPSB. "Having to think about what makes them healthy and happy as individuals and create a visual to represent this was a good critical challenge. My students embraced the project and I am very proud of their work." 

Check out the awesome student artwork, teachers' lesson plans and videos on our website for ideas for your own classroom!
Teachers' Convention 2014

Ever Active Schools is excited to be presenting at the upcoming Teachers' Convention. Our coordinators will be at events across the province and will be presenting on three topics: Physical Literacy - Connecting with the PE Curriculum, Wellness Starts With You and DPA Greatest Hits. Click here to see what time we'll be presenting at the convention in your area.

StF 2014, Come and Gone
Shaping the Future is always an extremely busy time, and now that it's over, we can reflect on the conference and begin thinking about next year. 

Shaping the Future 2014 highlights:

  • The conference sold out
  • There was representation from 54 of 62 Alberta school districts
  • The conference was attended by a cross section of leaders from education, health, active living, research and non profits 
  • EAS developed a conference app
  • EAS hosted full-day pre-conference to support the after school time period 
  • 15 poster presentations showed the latest comprehensive school health research and projects
  • EAS performed a flash mob
  • The conference presented and modelled a positive social environment and moved forward the work of supporting healthy school communities. 

A big thank you to our keynote speakers Brenda Herchmer, Riley Christensen, Phil McRae and Doug Gleddie who were such a big hit at the conference. They inspired, educated and engaged the audience and even caused a few tears.  

We are so appreciative of the feedback we've received so far: 

"Reflecting off an amazing weekend high, I can not thank you enough for the wonderful experience!"
"I am writing to send you a very sincere thank you for another fantastic and inspiring conference. I have told many people over the years that Ever Active Schools has changed my life with the strong messages of positivity and hope for the future."
"What an incredible conference! I enjoyed it more than any I have attended in my career! Thank you for making it happen."
Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope to see you next year! You can find and save presentations and documents from concurrent and keynote sessions here.
Running Game 
The AMA Youth Run Club is happy to provide another running game to help get your students active!

Wizard and Elves
Instruct students to stand facing a partner two meters apart on one of two lines on the floor - the class will be standing in two long lines. Identify one line of students to be wizards, and the other to be elves. Designate a safe zone five meters away from a wall and behind each line of students. Call out a name; i.e., wizards or elves. The students whose 'names' are called try to tag their partner, who turns around and tries to reach the safe zone before being tagged. Instruct students to quickly return to the starting lines and listen for the next name to be called. Students could keep track of points (one point for reaching the safe zone without being tagged) if desired.

*This game is from EAS Recipe Card Lesson Plans which can be found here.
Physical Literacy and You (PLAY)
Submitted by Alberta Recreation and Parks Association


Communities across Canada have expressed a growing interest in supporting Physical Literacy development across people's lifespan. In response to this interest, ARPA has created Physical Literacy and You (PLAY) Alberta to support, engage and connect Alberta communities in their efforts to use Physical Literacy as a resource for health and community development. 

Read more about getting involved, the benefits of connecting with a local PLAY group and resources to get you started here.
Kids ski or ride 450 days for $30
Grade 4 and 5 students have the opportunity to ski or ride on participating ski hills in Canada for $30 this winter with the Canadian Ski Council's SnowPass program. 

There are over 150 participating ski areas across Canada, with 19 in Alberta. This means students can ski up to 450 days for only $30. 

Thank you for your continued dedication to the health and wellness of our children and youth.


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