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The Matthew Davidson Band had an amazing experience last Saturday opening for Austin Mahone in Baton Rouge, LA. The crowd was incredibly welcoming! We loved meeting and greeting our new fans after the show! Thanks to everyone who came over to talk to us and take a photo or get an autographed EP. We appreciate all of you! 
Matthew Davidson, Austin Mahone, Riley Grisham, Kyle McClanahan 
If you're short on time and can't read the entire newsletter, we hope you will at least watch the one-minute video below. It's one of the best minutes in the four-year journey of the band, and we are very grateful for it. Thanks to Austin Mahone and his team and Blue Bayou for this opportunity! And thanks to this great audience for...well, you just have to see it!
Greeting Fans After the Show
Greeting Fans After the Show
And then after the band finally made it to the merch area, this happened....
After the show - greeting fans at the Merch area
After the show - greeting fans at the Merch area
Next on the schedule - The Matthew Davidson Band will be performing at Nicky's in Bossier City on Thursday, July 17 from 6-9 pm. This is an all-ages show. Hope you can join us on the patio! Wish all of the girls that were at Blue Bayou could be there! 

Please check out the band's schedule in the newsletter below and see if they will be playing near you. We hope you will forward this newsletter to your friends. Thank you for your support! 


Matthew is a member of The Brotherhood of the Guitar, which is sponsored by:

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Opening for Austin Mahone at Blue Bayou



Bistro Byronz - Friday, July 25, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
About Matthew Davidson -  

"You wouldn''t expect someone who just got his driving permit to possess such skill, but the 16-year-old Davidson certainly has it in spades.Shreveport's been garnering national attention for its wealth

of talented musicians, and Davidson seems poised to follow suit. ~

Justin Massoud, K94.5


"I covered the music scene in Shreveport from 1976 to 1991 and encountered a wide range of talented players. Matthew could easily hold his own with any of them. Talent like his is a divine gift, and I hope he takes his potential to the limit - and beyond." ~ John Andrew Prime, writer for The Shreveport Times, 2013
"We were impressed  with the band's performance, poise, and stage presence. And of course, Matthew's proficiency on the guitar! We'll be hearing more from him, I'm sure."  ~Stephen Lundgren, Stage Manager, 2013 Louisiana Seafood Festival 
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Opening for Austin Mahone at Blue Bayou

Matthew's Music
Matthew's 2nd EP "Cross My Heart" is now on iTunes and AmazonYou can order a physical copy online at this link: We hope you will check it out! Thanks for your support!

"It's not just that the 16-year-old Matthew Davidson writes his own music, a considerably rare thing among blues prodigies. And it's not just that he deftly combines these rootsy leanings with towering pop hooks. It's not just his boyish good looks, either. It's all of that, as Davidson crafts a sophomore project that is as intriguing as it is offbeat. In the end, Cross My Heart is both a blues record that often moves far afield from the blues, and a pop record with real soul. And it works, principally because of the endless approachability that Davidson brings to things." ~Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews, May 14, 2014


"If there's anything to be said of Matthew Davidson's music, it's that you never truly know what to expect. His ability to capture the essence of his roots in jazz and blues but stay relevant are always what intrigues me about Davidson's appeal."~Derick Jones, The Shreveport Times, April 23, 2014 


"From the Beatles and Rolling Stones to Muddy Waters and U2, smart teen Matthew Davidson gets it. His new 5-song release, "Cross My Heart," is danceable and effervescent. It's the kind of pop that will make you drive better and make you look good cutting a rug in your living room. Beginning as a kid with a hot hand for blues guitar, Davidson is transitioning to vocalist, songwriter and entertainer. Surrounded by rockin' tunes and effective harmonies, Davidson's package kicks." ~Robert Trudeau, Heliopolis, April 16, 2014 

"At: Guitar Center" - Sept. 2013
The Sept. issue of "At:Guitar Center" can be viewed online HERE. Matthew is featured under the heading "Tomorrow's Guitar Heroes" on page 24!

Upcoming Schedule

Thurs. July 17 - Nicky's on Viking Drive, Bossier City, LA - 6:30 - 9:30pm


Fri., July 25 - Matthew & Greg at Bistro Byronz - Shreveport, LA - 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Sat., Aug. 16 - Matthew & Greg at Bistro Byronz - Shreveport, LA - 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Sun., Aug 17 - Superior Grill - Shreveport, LA -6:30 -10:00 pm


Fri. Aug. 22 - James Burton's Birthday Celebration - Red River District under the Texas Street Bridge - Shreveport, LA -  6:45-7:15 pm


Fri., Sept. 12 - T-Bone Walker Blues Festival - Longview, TX -  7:15 - 8:15 pm


Sat., Sept. 20 - Ark-La-Miss Fair - Monroe Civic Center - Monroe, LA -6:30 - 10:30 pm


Sat., Sept. 27 - Private Event - Dallas, TX


Sun., Sept 28 - South Street Art Festival - 1:00 -2:00 pm - Arlington, TX


Sat., Oct. 11 - Red River Revel - 12:15 - 1:00 pm


Fri., Oct. 24 - "Boo at the Zoo" - Audubon Zoo - New Orleans, LA - 5:30 pm


Sat., Dec. 20 - Matthew & Greg at Bistro Byronz - Shreveport, LA  - 7:00 - 9:00 pm