Join other home schoolers from across the city of Austin, Texas as they make a difference in their communities and city government, defend home schooling, and earn high school credit at the same time.


What will your student earn and learn?

By volunteering with a conservative candidate for Austin City Council your student will:

  1. Earn up to 1 high school credit of "Civics and Good Citizenship" that can be placed on his/her home school transcript.

  2. Help elect a City Council member who will champion conservative ideals and policies.

  3. Gain one-in-a-kind life experiences and skills that can't be gained anywhere else.

  4. Learn from seasoned campaign operatives that know the ins and outs of the political process.

  5. Make an actual difference in the City of Austin.

Parents and adults are encouraged to participate as well. Civic engagement is for all ages!


What will your student be doing?

Every scenario will be different, but likely activities will include:

  • Knocking on doors and visiting with voters

  • Assisting with campaign events

  • Distributing door-hangers

  • Making phone calls

  • Placing yard signs

Our three commitment tiers are below:


Time Commitment
 (hours are relatively flexible)

High School Credit in "Civics and Good Citizenship"


3 hours/wk + 3 Saturday or Sunday events



5 hours/wk + 5 Saturday or Sunday events



Full-time campaign intern through Nov. 4th

1.0 + internship experience

Students will work on a campaign in one of the Austin City Council districts outlined in the map below. Students don't have to live within Austin city limits to participate or earn credit. In fact we encourage all students to participate including those from Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville, and Round Rock.


Crucial Austin City Council Districts: 


What's so special about this election?

From now until election day on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, Austin will be host to several highly competitive elections for Austin City Council. Almost 78 candidates have filed for only 10 positions, which means that conservative candidates need all the help they can get.


Traditionally Austin has had a very liberal City Council, but because of the geographic redistricting all 10 City Council seats are up for grabs. This means that conservatives have a chance at winning several of the seats at once.


What does the Austin City Council do?

Pretty outrageous things if you ask us. Just recently the Council passed a city-wide ordinance to force Austin into becoming a zero-emissions city by 2030. They are also forcing many private companies to declare their bathrooms "gender neutral" and remove "Men's Room" or "Ladies Room" signs. Unfortunately this is the norm and not the exception. Over the last several years the Austin Council has raised taxes on its citizens and placed ridiculous restrictions on honest business owners.


This kind of social engineering is meddlesome to business owners, burdensome to taxpayers, and totally unacceptable. As a general rule of thumb, we believe that if there were more people like Ted Cruz in office, Texas would be a better place to live. Austin needs a change and now is the time.


Who is Local Voice Solutions?

Local Voice Solutions identifies and supports conservative candidates in both local and statewide elections. Home schooling is an incredibly important right that we as Texans have and we adamantly believe in a fit parent's fundamental right to home school their children, free from government oversight or regulation. In fact this year alone we've worked with the following candidates that either currently or have previously home schooled their children:

  • Ken Paxton, candidate for Texas Attorney General (home school parent)

  • Steve Toth, candidate in Senate District 4 (home school parent)

  • Don Huffines, candidate in Senate District 16 (home school parent)

  • Ted Seago, candidate in House District 16 (home school parent)

  • Molly White, candidate in House District 55 (home school parent)

  • Stephanie Klick, candidate in House District 91 (home school parent)

  • And many, many more...

Our staff is highly motivated and enthusiastic to work alongside conservative candidates and several have been participants at  Patriot Academy.


Get Involved

If you would like to get involved please contact Michael Searle.


Phone: 541-326-2269

Dean Wright
888-676-7221 x:701
The Austin Texas Tea Party 


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