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Special Issue on Economic Impacts


More than 850 partners in communities, schools, worksites, healthcare, government, and many other settings have pledged to support Washington's Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan.


Making the healthy choice the easy choice can have economic benefits for work places, communities and regions. Partners report on recent developments in their regions that show the wide-ranging impacts of initiatives that promote healthy eating and active living.


Food Hub Will Increase Access to Local Food

A project underway in Snohomish County will give regional residents access to locally produced food and strengthen family farms at the same time. A 58,000 square foot farmers market will occupy the ground floor of a $50 million development called Pagoda Village that also includes restaurants, 220 apartments, and a hotel. The market will be part of a national movement to establish hubs that centralize food system steps like selling and processing for efficiency and cost savings. more
Pagoda Village

Improving Food Access Strengthens Regional Economies

In Clark County, partners enhanced SNAP benefits (previously known as food stamps) and made farmers markets more sustainable. The Fresh Match program doubles the dollars for families using SNAP. Consumers swiping their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards at the farmers market get $1 for every $1 they spend, up to $5 per market visit. more

Babies at Work Provide a Healthy Perspective

A decade ago, Sustainable Connections in Bellingham established a policy allowing employees to bring their children to work. The policy allows parents to have a more flexible schedule, and new parents can delay the expense of daycare. Policies that support new families also help businesses keep valuable employees and saves the costs associated with hiring and training new staff. more

Recess Before Lunch Shows Far-Reaching Impact

At Hilton Elementary School in Yakima County, children run and laugh on the playground right before their lunch period. Schools are adopting the policy of Recess Before Lunch, or RBL, in Washington and other states. According to Hilton Principal Doug Burge, "We just finished doing it for the fifth year. It has been very positive for our school. I don't believe we would ever go back to students taking their lunch recess after eating." more

Military Leaders Call for Investment in Bike and Walking Paths

Military leaders have joined the call for investing in the walkability and bikeability of American neighborhoods. Mission: Readiness is an organization of 300 retired military leaders. A recent report called Still Too Fat to Fight outlines their concerns about the impact of childhood obesity on national security. Because conventional transportation and community planning projects force residents to rely on school busses and automobiles to get to school and work, more than half of children and adults do not get the recommended amount of physical activity. more

Surgeon General Sees Benefits of Walking

Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin will issue a call to action on walking this summer.  To prepare for this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Department of Health and Human Services requested input on barriers to walking for all ages and abilities. The goal of overcoming barriers to moderate physical activity like walking will have both short term and long term economic benefits. more
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June 2013
Food Hub Increases Access to Healthy Food
SNAP Benefits Strengthen Regional Economies
Babies at Work Provide a Healthy Perspective
Recess Before Lunch Shows Impact
Military Leaders Call for Bike and Walking Paths
Surgeon General Sees Benefits of Walking
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