LRH Health E-News - August/September 2015
Union Banks Makes a $15,000 Donation to 
LRH Charitable Foundation

The Littleton Regional Healthcare Charitable Foundation accepted a generous donation of $15,000 from the officers, directors and employees of Union Bank recently.  The funds will support the Foundation's capital campaign, "Delivering Our Future".  The campaign began last October to raise money for a major expansion and renovations to the current birthing center at Littleton Regional Healthcare.

Details about the gift can be seen by clicking <<here>>. 

LRH Receives an Excellence in Patient Care Award
From left:  Mary Davis, Studer Group Coach; Quint Studer, Founder of Studer Group; Linda Gilmore, RN, BSN, CHC, CPHRM, Chief Nursing Officer; BG Porter, President of Studer Group.

Littleton Regional Healthcarehas been chosen to receive an Excellence in Patient Care award given by outcomes firm Studer Group®, a Huron Healthcare solution. The organization will receive the award at Studer Group's 13th annual What's Right in Health Care® conference for their achievement in employee engagement scores.
The Excellence in Patient Care awards are given to select organizations that are coached by Studer Group based on various categories. To be eligible for an award, an organization must demonstrate outstanding performance in patient care. Littleton Regional Healthcare was selected for achieving and sustaining high employee engagement scores in recent years.
Studer Group's What's Right in Health Care® conference will take place August 4-6, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois. For more than a decade, What's Right in Health Care® has offered solutions to some of the most hard-hitting topics and concerns in healthcare today. Attendees customize their conference experience by choosing from more than 35 breakout sessions hosted by top-performing organizations who are achieving and sustaining results. For more information visit
According to Warren West, CEO, "the entire staff at LRH should be proud to be recognized by the Studer  Group as the recipient of this Excellence in Patient Care award.  The staff is committed to making the patient care experience at LRH the best, and they continue to work extremely hard to make this a priority in every area of service at LRH.   As a healthcare organization, LRH is fortunate to have such dedicated and caring staff on board who enjoy what they do every day, as is demonstrated in this special recognition."

Littleton Regional Healthcare Surgical Services Nurse Achieves CNOR Certification

Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce that Christina Morancie, RN, has recently earned the credential of CNOR® after successfully completing a rigorous national exam.  The CNOR® credential is developed and administered by the Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI) and is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the American Board for Specialty Nursing Certification.  Achieving certification acknowledges Christina's commitment to the highest standards of patient care as well as validates the specialized perioperative skills, experience and knowledge she has attained.
For details, please click <<here>>.
Here's what our patients are saying about us!  


Quite often we get letters from patients who take a few moments to thank the staff at LRH for the outstanding care they received during their stay.  We want to share one with you today:



 Support the Sauter Birthing Suite Today

Your gift can make a difference in the lives of families from all over Northern New Hampshire and VT, who will turn to Littleton Regional Healthcare for their prenatal care, for the birth of their new baby, and for pediatric care as their newborn grows.  Through each stage, our physicians and nurses will teach and support them so that they will be ready to deliver a healthy, happy baby.

When our campus on St. Johnsbury Road was built in 2001, the birthing center was designed to handle 200 births each year. We are now welcoming 350 newborns annually.  That is why we are going to expand and renovate our birthing suite.  We want to offer rooms where new parents and their families can enjoy the birth of their children and grandchildren.  This exciting project will make a stay in the birthing suite much more comfortable for laboring moms, their babies, and their family and friends.  We look forward to serving many families for years to come by offering a safe, peaceful, and comfortable Birthing Suite.  
The total cost to renovate and expand the Sauter Birthing Suite is $548,000. We have raised more than $200,000.  We have a long way to go to raise enough to pay for the entire project. Please support our campaign, "Delivering Our Future" now.  Healthy babies are the future of the communities served by LRH.

Please make a donation on-line today, <<Click here>> or mail your donation to: 

Gail P. Clark, Director
Marketing & Community Relations
Littleton Regional Healthcare
600 St. Johnsbury Road
LIttleton, NH 03561
603.444.9304 gift is too small!  Your gift today will make a positive impact on our fundraising efforts.  We cannot continue to provide funds to support the programs and services at LRH without your help!  Call (603) 444-9304 to find out how your gift will help.




World Health Day

World Heart Day falls in September. 
This month's recommended reading is The Whole Heart Solution: halt heart disease now with the best alternative and traditional medicine.  The author, Joel Kahn, MD, practices preventive cardiology.  

This book will teach you how to greatly lower your risk of a heart attack using simple but powerful "fixes" to lifestyle.  The author translates difficult information into an easy-to-understand plan to help you prevent and reverse heart disease.   

This is just one of the many books available at the Gale Medical Library at LRH.  Anne Conner, Director of Library Services at LRH is always looking for new reference material for patients and their families.  Visit to learn more about what resources are available at the LRH Gale Medical Library.  
September Wellness/Fitness Tip 

With kids back in school, aerobic exercise can be difficult to fit in to your routine.  While you can always stick to traditional gym memberships and fitness classes, one way to mix up the routine is to try a playground workout.  You can use the playground for a high intensity interval workout that may be fun for both you and your kids!
To perform a high intensity workout, begin by jogging around the jungle gym for 3-5 minutes after which you should begin running through all of the obstacles within the jungle gym for 2 minutes at a high intensity.  You can decide to take a rest for 1 minute or continue lapping through the jungle gym at a slower pace for 2 minutes at a low intensity.  Continue alternating with 2 minutes at a high intensity, followed by a one minute rest or 2 minutes of low intensity until you reach 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise.
This easy exercise can be performed at any playground either after school with your kids, or just before you pick them up.

Compliments of Hannah Peavey, BS, Athletic Trainer
Featured Recipe of the Month: 
Pumpkin Macaroni & Cheese

Pumpkin has long been a staple of fall.  If your pumpkin latte consumption is borderline ridiculous, trade it in for a healthier fix.  This pumpkin mac and cheese is rich in carotenoids, particularly alpha-and beta-carotene, and just one serving provides 100% of your daily value of vitamin A.  Each serving also packs 17g of protein and 4g of fiber, yet it actually has fewer calories per serving that the 12 oz. (yes the regular size) of your favorite seasonal coffee beverage.

 For full recipe click here

"Reprinted with permission from the American Institute for Cancer Research,"

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