LRH Health E-News - June/July 2015


An Important Day for North Country Hospitals 


Sitting at the table are CEOs (L-R) Peter Gosselin, UCVH; Warren West, LRH; Scott Howe, Weeks; Russell Keene, AVH.  Standing behind the chairs are Board Chairs (L-R) David Atkinson, Weeks Medical Center; Greg Placy, UCVH; Mark Kelley, AVH; Stevan Trooboff, LRH. 


Over the last two years, Littleton Regional Healthcare, Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Weeks Medical Center, and Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in the New Hampshire North Country have been planning an affiliation to help them deal with the challenges they face as small, rural, community hospitals in a health care environment that is in the midst of significant change.


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LRH Receives Excellence in Patient Care Award

LRH Receives Excellence in Patient Care Award

Littleton Regional Healthcarehas been chosen to receive an Excellence in Patient Care award given by outcomes firm Studer Group®, a Huron Healthcare solution. LRH will receive the award at Studer Group's 13th Annual What's Right in Health Care® Conference for their achievement in employee engagement scores.


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LRH Farmers' Market


Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce that they will host the weekly LRH Farmers' Market each Wednesday from 3 - 6 pm through October or until supplies last.  The market is located outside the H. Taylor Caswell Physicians' Conference Center located at the LRH campus at 600 St. Johnsbury Road in Littleton, NH.


The Market offers affordable, locally grown fresh produce, fruits, juices, baked goods, eggs, fresh coffee, herbal soaps, flowers, and more.


"Farmers' markets are a wonderful community asset and a great place to find healthy, locally grown food items, said Warren West, CEO at Littleton Regional Healthcare.  We hope that by hosting this event we encourage members of the community to eat healthier."


For more information about the LRH Farmers' Market, please call (603) 444-9304 or email




LRH Auxiliary Provides $17,250 in Scholarships
Students chosen for an Auxilliary Scholarship enjoy a celebratory evening at LRH.
Littleton Regional Hospital's Auxiliary awarded $17,250 toward fifteen scholarships to three LRH employees and twelve high school seniors from Littleton High School, Lisbon High School, Profile High School, and White Mountains Regional High School. All of the individuals receiving a scholarship are working to further their education in the healthcare field.   For details click <<here>>

July Wellness/Fitness Tip 

Swimming is a wonderful aerobic exercise that provides all of the same benefits of more typical exercise programs such as running or biking.  Swimming offers a sense of safety for individuals at risk for falls, making it a great option for an older population.  In addition, swimming is excellent for individuals who suffer from chronic joint pain as it does not involve forceful impact with the ground.


It has been established that swimming reduces body fat in overweight women and improves activities of daily living out of the water.  While there is always the inherent risk of drowning associated with swimming, safe options for swimming are available.  If you are swimming indoors, look for a shallow pool or a facility that has lifeguards.  Additionally, when swimming outdoors, choose beaches that have lifeguards or try swimming with a friend.


For additional swimming safety tips visit


Compliments of Hannah Peavey, BS, Athletic Trainer



Featured Recipe of the Month: 
Strawberry Chia Smoothie


"Reprinted with permission from the American Institute for Cancer Research, "


Superfood Smoothie


Smoothies aren't just a summer fad.  This breakfast blend of fruit, milk and seeds is full of protein, calcium and fiber to get your day started right.  Strawberries contain ellagic acid, which may act as an antioxidant and decrease inflammation.  Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, rich in omega-3s, and are a good protein source.  A sweet quick-fix with the same amount of fiber as a bowl of oatmeal for less than 250 calories.


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"Congratulations!  You are pregnant."  So many thoughts run through the couple's heads... "This is wonderful!"  "Won't the family be thrilled for us."  "How can we be sure to have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery?"


For many new families in the North Country, they will turn to Littleton Regional Healthcare for their prenatal care, for the birth of the new baby and for pediatric care as the newborn grows.  Through each stage, our physicians and nurses will teach you and support you so that you will be ready to deliver a healthy, happy baby.


When our Birthing Suite was first built, it was designe to handle 200 births each year.  This year we are on track to exceed 350 births.  That is why we must renovate to create more rooms for laboring moms and babies.


If you had a baby at LRH, or know a friend, family member or co-worker who has, then you will appreciate the importance of LRH's commitment to offering a safe, peaceful, and comfortable Birthing Suite for every family who needs us.


Please support our campaign "Delivering Our Future" now.  Healthy babies are the promise of the future of the communities served by LRH.


To make a donation on-line  <<Click here>> or mail your donation to:

Susan M. Durgy, MBA, CRFE

Director of Development

Littleton Regional Healthcare

600 St. Johnsbury Road

LIttleton, NH 03561


Littleton Regional Healthcare
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