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LRH News

LRH Staff Present at National INSIGHT Conference

Scarlett Denman, BS,

RHIT, RAC, Director of Health Information Management & Joanne McCourt, BSc, CPHQ, CLSSS, Manager of Quality Improvement Data & Reporting


Scarlett Denman, BS, RHIT, RAC, Director of Health Information Management and Joanne McCourt, BSc, CPHQ, CLSSS, Manager of Quality Improvement Data and Reporting were invited to present at INSIGHT, a national users group for customers who currently use the McKesson electronic health information management systems. The conference was held in Indianapolis, IN and was attended by at least 1,000 healthcare users from hospitals and practices all over the United States.


After over a year of preparing, building, and training, LRH is ready to attest for Meaningful Use Stage II. Denman and McCourt shared valuable information to lead participants through critical planning, training and implementation steps to meet the requirements of Stage II Attestation and appropriate planning to prepare for a possible audit by the CMS. They discussed the Hospital and Physician Practice patient portals that are now available to patients at LRH. LRH's Hospital patient portal provides patients on-line access to documents related to their Hospital visit including emergency room records, procedures, inpatient stay records, discharge instructions and medications, allergies and laboratory results. The LRH Physician Practice Portal offers access to documents related to a visit with your physician and includes summaries and upcoming appointment information, a list of medication and allergies, laboratory results, patient education, and it allows the patient to correspond with their provider. This was a significant step in attestation that required a lot of education for LRH staff, patients and their families.   LRH is seen by INSIGHT as one of the leaders in Stage II Attestation, as only seven other hospitals in United States have attested.


In order for hospitals and physician practices to attest to Meaningful Use Stage I & II they must meet several core and menu measures as outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. For additional information about what Meaningful Use Stage I & II means, and how it impacts patient care, visit

Welcome Dr. Barbara Wilson

Barbara Wilson, MD, Psychiatrist Joins LRH


Barbara Wilson, MD, Psychiatrist

Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Wilson, MD, Psychiatrist, to North Country Primary Care at LRH.  


Dr. Wilson received her B.A. in Anthropology and M.A. in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University. She completed pre-med requirements at Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado, and her M.D. from University of Colorado School of Medicine.  


Prior to her appointment at LRH, Dr. Wilson served as Clinical Instructor, and Chief Resident of Psychiatry at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH.

Dr. Wilson holds memberships in the American Psychiatry Association; Association of Emergency Psychiatry; and Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.


With her skills, Dr. Wilson will bring to LRH specialized care for juvenile and adult psychiatric patients.  Warren West, CEO at LRH states, "Dr. Wilson is an excellent addition to our medical staff. This recruitment will allow LRH to offer one of the greatest healthcare needs facing communities throughout New Hampshire."


For additional information about programs and services at LRH visit or to contact LRH Primary Care, please call (603) 444-7070.



Grateful Patients!

littleton healthcare 

At LRH we take great pride in caring for patients and their families. We'd like  to share some of the comments we receive, and we think you will agree that LRH is a very special hospital!


Dear Dr. Knight - Thank you for your patience and kindness in care given last Monday for my husband's earrache following dental surgery.  He is fine now.  Special thanks to Donna the registered nurse and admissions registrar.


The Anvile Family


I want to acknowledge David Saikin in the Laboratory at LRH.  Mr. Dave the most wonderful as I call him has made my husband's weekly visits tolerable with his kindness and attention, and just plain well...just plain wonderfulness!  A HUGE thank you to the pleasant registrars and everyone in your lab .  Also want to thank whoever maintains the gardens, where I sit when I wait for my husband.  They are beautiful.


Thank you!  Thank you!

Ms. Clark


I wanted to give Littleton Regional Healthcare and their devoted staff a special thank you for the extraordinary care I received during my surgery.  I came to LRH a little anxious but was soon put to ease by a special registered nurse, Kevin Peter, who was at my side most of the morning.  Because of his sense of humor, my mind was in a positive place.  Thank you, Kevin.


D. Duquette



Your Medication Information


Do you wonder why we are always asking you about what medications you take?  Studies from the Institute of Medicine show that it's easy to make mistakes with medications.  Your safety is very important to your healthcare team at Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH)  Helping you make a complete medication list is one way we can help keep you safe.  If we know about all the medications you take, we can do our best to ensure that your meds do not harm you. 




For additional inforamation on LRH's Medication Reconcilliation program click here

FREE Prostate Screening Event

Littleton Regional Healthcare - PROSTATE SCREENING EVENT 2014*



 It's quick, it's easy.  It's FREE!


Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men, with more than 180,000 new cases expected every year.  A screening can detect tumors early and allow time for treatment.  So, take the time and make your appointment today by alling (603) 444-0385.  PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED


* For men ages 40 - 75 who have  not had a PSA test in the past year, and who have not been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or are not receiving ongoing urology care.  



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd - 4 - 7 pm

Littleton Urological Associates

Dr. Russell Sarver, Urologist

Dr. Richard Ceasar, Urologist

580 St. Johnsbury Road

Littleton, NH  03561

(603) 444-0385



LRH Health Tips  

August Fitness Tip - Breathing



This month's fitness tip is all about breathing. Breathing is a crucial detail that too often is overlooked during a workout. When the human body is exercising, it goes into a period of high oxygen demand. In order to maintain the body's increased activity level, the depth and frequency of your breath must increase.


Unfortunately people have a tendency to hold their breath as they believe it gives them an extra push at the end of their workout. This is a fitness myth.


During an aerobic exercise, be conscious to breathe throughout the duration of your routine. Consistent breathing benefits the body allowing one to maintain their aerobic activity. Breathing during a strength routine, is equally as important as during an aerobic exercise bout. During a strength routine, the American College of Sports medicine recommends breathing out during the concentric phase of a repetition and breathing in during the eccentric phase. The concentric phase is considered the working phase when you lift a weight.


The eccentric phase occurs when you release a contracted muscle when you are putting weight down.

The take home message for this fitness tip is to breathe appropriately during your workouts and to avoid holding your breath as the body requires more oxygen when you're working hard.


Compliments of Hannah Peavey, BS, Athletic Trainer









Healthy Recipe - Compliments of Ann Kulze, MD

Green Goddess Wrap

This easy to prepare "gourmet" wrap is one of my all time favorite lunches. It hosts a luscious array of flavors, colors, textures, and nutritional pop that is sure to please your taste buds along with the rest of your body. And because it features six separate superstar foods, it is likely to improve your health by mid-afternoon.


Visit for the entire recipe and nutritional information.


Bon Appetit!



LRH Education

A Message from LRH Education Department


The fact is . . . even when a community like  Littleton is blessed with excellent Cardiac Care services like those provided by Dr. Pollak and Dr. Mukerjee, a patient can still die from a heart attack when friends, co-workers and family members do not know what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest.  The goal of CPR is to keep a person alive long enough to get to a cardiac care provider.  Learning CPR and AED skills can improve your ability to take action in an emergency. Patients have the best chance for full recovery from a cardiac arrest when cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation (AED) are administered promptly and effectively. The Education and Staff Development Department at Littleton Regional Healthcare is now offering American Heart Association (AHA) classes for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use. The online Heartsaver® CPR AED course uses interactive lessons and videos to teach students what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest and choking. Students will learn how to react in a cardiovascular emergency and activate the emergency response system. This program is for individuals with limited or no medical training who want or need an AHA course completion card. You will learn:

  • Adult CPR and AED use
  • Adult choking
  • Child CPR and AED use (optional)
  • Infant CPR (optional)
  • Child choking (optional)
  • Infant choking (optional)

Students who complete the online interactive course participate in a person-to-person class for hands-on practice of CPR skills and AED use with equipment and manikins in the LRH Education Department classroom.  CPR instruction includes high-quality compressions, airway management, breathing, how to use a mask and defibrillator. The courses are offered to non-clinical employees and volunteers at LRH as well as members of the community. To find out more information about how to register for this and other courses offered by the Education and Staff Development Department, visit our web pages at or email


 Your Gift Makes a Difference
Littleton Regional Healthcare Charitable Foundation Nursing Scholarships Awarded
In addition to award recipients, attending the presentation of the awards were Gail Clark, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Cathie Flores, Director of Nursing Education and Staff Development, Jody Brusseau, Case Management Manager, Linda Gilmore, Chief Nursing Officer, Kim Force, Assistant Nursing Manager for Medical Surgical and Obstetrics Units, Meg Amadon, Director of Infection Prevention, Susan Durgy, Director of LRH Charitable Foundation and Katherine LeHoskey, Nursing Manager of Surgical Services.

Five scholarships were awarded to LRH nurses pursuing Bachelor Degrees from funds established through the Littleton Regional Healthcare Charitable Foundation (LRHCF). Three were given The Dorothy M. Boisvert Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship fund established by Gail Clark, LRH Director of Marketing and Community Relations, in memory of her mother. The three award recipients included: Corinna McElroy, RN-ADN, who is starting her BSN classes through Drexel University in September; Tracy McNamara, RN-ADN, and Christina Morancie, RN-ADN, who are pursuing their BSN through the University of Maine, Fort Kent. Two additional scholarships were awarded to Kelly Colgrove, ADN, who has nearly completed her BSN through the University of Phoenix and Michelle Meader, RN-ADN, who is starting a BS in Maternal Child Health/Lactation Counseling.


Gail Clark expressed that she and her sisters are so pleased to see young professionals advancing their careers thorough education with help provided in memory of their mother, Dorothy M. Boisvert, who spent her life caring for the elderly.


Each of the award recipients applied for the scholarships, noting their commitment to the field of nursing and to LRH. All feel that their Bachelor degree will improve their ability to bring critical thinking, advanced knowledge and skills to benefit their patients. While working and attending school, the scholarship winners demonstrate tremendous determination to achieve their educational and professional goals.


For additional information on ways to support the LRH Charitable Foundation, please contact Susan Durgy at (603) 259-7785 or visit  The LRH Charitable Foundation supports health and wellness programs and services and investment in advanced technology at LRH in order to continue to meet the growing needs of our communities.



600 St. Johnsbury Road - Littleton, NH 03561 - (603) 444-9000 -