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Littleton Regional Healthcare recently launched the eCWportal® -  LRH Physician Practices Patient Portal.


Now patients visiting LRH physician practices will have access to the following: 

  •  Appointments - Keep track of your and your family's appointments
  • Visit Summaries - Summary of your provider visit
  • View current and past medications

As we continue to provide additional patient portal opportunities, patients will eventually have access to:

  • Messages -Send and receive messages from your healthcare team
  • Lab Results - See your reports with information from your provider
  • Reminders - Receive health reminders (ex: flu shots, colonoscopies, mammograms)
  • Demographic Information - Update your contact and billing information
  • Request prescription refills and referrals
  • View your personal health record

Participating patients are given secure User IDs and passwords enabling them to access the Portal to view various aspects of their medical record, all from the comfort of your home and at your convenience!   There is even an iPhone "App" called Healow.


To gain access to our secure server on Patient Portal and become web-enabled, simply complete a registration form (1 per patient) providing us with a personal (non-work) e-mail address. Once the form is received and reviewed, an email will be sent to you with your login credentials (within 10 business days). If you had signed up previously and forgot your information, please complete a new registration form. The portal help desk is located in the Medical Office Building, Suite 16.


No medical information is ever sent directly to your personal e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail prompting you to login into the Littleton Regional Healthcare secure Patient Portal. Once in the Portal you will be able to navigate through the featured categories of your healthcare.


If you need assistance with the portal, please contact the LRH Physician Practice Portal Help Desk at 259-7799 or email us at Please remember to complete one (1) form per patient. Please note; there are separate forms for adult and pediatric registrations.


Visit LRH Physician Practice Portal and register today!


 Local Treasure - Dr. William Lakey Retires


After 24 years of taking care of children from all over Northern New Hampshire, Dr. William Lakey is retiring, and many at Littleton Regional Healthcare feel like they're losing a local treasure.  LRH hosted a retirement celebration dressed in tie dye apparel in honor of Dr. Lakey who is a fan of tie dye attire. Not a day passed at LRH without seeing Dr. Lakey in a colorful shirt, tie dyed of course.



Dr. Lakey grew up in Michigan and is the oldest of three siblings. His studies included many areas such as studies in mathematics and music at Kalamazoo College and Degree in Forestry which he obtained at Michigan State University. He then went on to study nursing and became a licensed practical nurse at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was his experience as a licensed practical nurse and the encouragement of his father-in-law who was a pediatrician that led him to go to medical school. Dr. Lakey received his Pre-Medical Degree at Kalamazoo College, and his Medical Degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He went on and completed one year of a family practice residency at Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Residency in Augusta, ME before realizing that pediatrics was the field he was most interested in. He completed a three year pediatric residency at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, including a prestigious appointment of serving as Chief Resident during his third year.


Upon completing his studies in medicine and other areas, Dr. Lakey began his pediatrics career at Kid's Creek Children's Clinic in Traverse City, MI. From there Dr. Lakey and his wife Holly and three young daughters moved to New Hampshire making their new home in Littleton.  


Dr. Lakey began his career at LRH on November 13, 1989 working as a solo pediatrician for eight years before Dr. Tim Williams joined him.


Linda Culver, RN who has worked alongside Dr. Lakey for 23 years, described Dr. Lakey as one of the most unique pediatricians she has had the pleasure to work with, and one who is devoted to his parents and children.   "He was always available. If a parent had a sick child, he always said, don't worry, tell them to come in," Culver said. "He was also known to come in on Saturday or Sunday if one of his patients was not well, and of course, parents deeply appreciated being able to see Dr. Lakey."


Koren Superchi, RN at LRH and mother of two children who have been patients of Dr. Lakey's since birth, spoke for many Littleton parents when she said, "Dr. Lakey will be missed by so many children and parents. He had a soothing nature and always enjoyed his patients. There has never been a time when my kids did not want to go see Dr. Lakey. They loved his tie dye shirts, crazy ties and gentle nature. We wish him well on a wonderful retirement."


Following his retirement, Dr. Lakey plans include a list of things to do that he has put together but has not had the time to accomplish. Reading, playing the piano, studying neuroscience, and travel are among his plans.  





A Special Thanks to Dori Horne

Littleton Regional Healthcare's Helmet Program Promotes Bicycling Safety

Dori Horne

Dori Horne, Zach Horne, Darcy Horne


Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce its new Bike Helmet Program. Everyone, regardless of age or cycling experience, should wear a bike helmet.


This program was developed to help promote bike safety awareness and to offer education and protection to young children and teens up to the age of 18 who come into the LRH Emergency Department with head injuries sustained in bicycle accidents. Littleton Regional Healthcare will provide each of these patients with a bicycle helmet and bicycle safety education. Parents and caregivers will be given helpful tips on how to ensure the proper fit of their child's helmet and how to encourage their child to wear the helmet.


Dori Horne is a recent graduate of Littleton High School's LNA program and was instrumental in putting this program together. She has been working at LRH this summer as a licensed nursing assistant. When asked about the program Dori said, "I was really excited to help with this project and take on more responsibility in my role as an intern. Working with Mrs. Gilmore and her staff has taught me endless skills I will use to carry out this project, as well as skills I can bring with me through my college years and career." Dori will be attending Quinnipiac University this fall, where she has been accepted into their nursing program.


"We're thankful to Dori for the excellent work she's put into this project, enabling us to offer this program designed to promote bicycle safety. Littleton Regional Healthcare is committed to patient safety and education and welcomes this opportunity to serve our community," states Linda Gilmore, RN, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer.


Physician Column
Dr Traci Wagner

Dr. Traci Wagner, Pediatrician

North Country Pediatrics

Pediatric Visits-Preventive Medicine and Promoting Wellness


In the early years, most associate a visit to the pediatrician with shots. Pediatrics, more than any other field of medicine, is about preventing disease and promoting wellness. We have the opportunity to prevent chronic diseases before they take hold. Immunizations which prevent many life threatening infections, are a part of that. But the promotion of healthy eating and exercise has become equally important. Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent the majority of chronic diseases that plague Americans.


At the checkups in the first few years the focus is on educating the family on preventing disease, keeping children safe, introducing healthy foods and monitoring growth and development. Later the focus is directed more to the child or adolescent with the emphasis on education to make good choices to keep them safe and well. These visits become less frequent as children age but are all the more important to discuss their health concerns and keep them on track.


But it takes more than a visit once a year to keep on the path to wellness. Maintaining health is a daily endeavor. Schools, places of worship, and the community at large can be great resources. Collaborations between them and health care providers or institutions are vital. Most providers are eager to promote wellness in their community.   By working together we can make a difference.


Sometimes it is difficult to promote a wellness plan which encompasses everyone's individual needs and beliefs. Keeping the message simple may help. The 5,2,1,0 campaign does just that. It focuses on the things we know everyone could and should be doing. We should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day (preferably MORE), watch less than 2 hours of any screen, be physically active at least one hour a day and drink zero sugary drinks.


I recently received an invitation attached to my mailbox. It was typed with my name written in cursive on one corner and a flower drawn on the other. It was an invite to a yoga class to be given by a 9 year old. I was to bring a matt and running shoes. RSVP was requested.


On the morning of the first class I was directed to the patio where a small table was set with a pitcher and glasses and a bowl of strawberries and raspberries, I would later learn were freshly picked from her garden. The class started punctually. It opened with a warm up run around the garden followed by a lovely, well thought-out and coordinated set of stretches and moves. It ended with a silent messaging where our articulate instructor guided us to pick a person to thank and send out good thoughts.


I was thrilled to be invited and share in the class. It was a gorgeous morning outside. I got a great stretch. I supported the initiative of an amazing 9 year old. It built community. This is what wellness is all about.


Provided by: Dr. Traci Wagner, Pediatrician

Littleton Regional Healthcare

North Country Pediatrics

580 St. Johnsbury Road

Littleton, NH 03561


Fall Fitness Classes at LRH


Yo-Fit Yoga Classes

Carrie Myers Smith will host a Yo-Fit ™ Yoga class beginning on Monday, September 30th and Wednesday, October 2nd at 5:30 pm. $36 for six-weeks.   Classes will be held at Littleton Regional Healthcare, 600 St. Johnsbury Road, Littleton - Medical Office Building - take elevator to the 2nd Floor.


Yo-Fit™ Yoga! Join us in this Hatha-type yoga class for a great workout, stretch, and relaxation. Class is modified for all fitness levels. Please bring your own mat. Not sure you'll like the class? Take the first class for free. You pay only if you decide to stay for the remaining five sessions. Class will be on-going as long as there is an interest. 


Pre-registration is required so please call Carrie at (603) 991-9558!


Let Your Yoga Dance® Classes

Traci Wagner will offer a Let Your Yoga Dance® a fun, creative class that fuses dance and yoga-inspired movement. It is for everyone and everybody requiring no previous dance or yoga experience. It allows joyful movement of self-expression to world music. It offers a total conditioning of the body, heart and soul, leaving you invigorated and rejuvenated.   Mats and water bottle are recommended, so please bring your own. 


Classes will be held on Tuesday evening starting on September 10, 2013 at 5:30 pm at Littleton Regional Healthcare, 600 St. Johnsbury Road, Littleton - Medical Office Building - take elevator to the 2nd Floor.


To pre-register, call Traci Wagner at (603) 631-0141 or The cost to participate is a $5 donation per class. Proceeds will benefit the non-profit of the evening.


Guts & Butts Boot Camp Style Classes

Register now to workout with Carrie Myers Smith! Guts & Butts Boot Camp Style classes start Thursday, November 7th at 5:30 pm at Littleton Regional Healthcare, 600 St. Johnsbury Road, Littleton - Medical Office Building - take elevator to 2nd Floor!


Just six weeks for $36! Participants will need a medicine ball, mat, and exercise tubing. Please bring a pair of gardening gloves (nothing fancy) to protect hands for exercises done on the ground! Carey will be taking the class outside on nice days. Anyone who does not have all the equipment should not worry as there are extras to lend out.


Pre registration is required so please call Carrie at (603) 991-9558!


RSVP Bone Builders

RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) Bone Builders is a strength training and balance exercise program designed to address the issue of osteoporosis. It is delivered by RSVP trained and certified volunteer instructors.


Classes meet twice a week at LRH on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30 am at LRH, 600 St. Johnsbury Road, Littleton - Medical Office Building - take elevator to 2nd Floor!


Classes are ongoing, so you can join anytime. The classes are FREE of charge and weights are provided.


Questions? Please call LRH Marketing and Community Relations at (603) 444-9304 or RSVP toll free at 1-877-711-7787.




LRH Events - Save the Date



LRH Education

NH Emergency Medical Services Conference


The 21st Annual New Hampshire's Emergency Medical Services Conference will be held on October 18 - 20, 2013 at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel and Conference Center in Bartlett, New Hampshire.


The conference, sponsored by Littleton Regional Healthcare, provides training to emergency medical service providers from New Hampshire and surrounding New England states. All of the courses offered at the conference meet the requirements of emergency medical service provider mandatory annual training.


For additional information regarding the Littleton Regional Healthcare - New Hampshire Emergency Medical Services Conference or to be added to the mailing list, please call (603) 444-9205.


On-line registration is available here.

LRH Auxiliary Corner

Upcoming LRH Auxiliary Events - Mark Your Calendars

  • Stop by the Moose Ledge Gift Shop to get your raffle tickets for a chance to win a BEAUTIFUL hand-made quilt and throw pillow.  Tickets are just $3 for one, or two for $5!  Drawing will be in September, just in time for crisp fall weather!
  • LRH Auxiliary - Books Are Fun - Book Fair - Tuesday, September 3rd - 11 am - 6:30 pm, and  Wednesday, September 4th - 7 am - 1 pm.   Located in the Atrium outside the LRH Cafeteria. 

Stop by for a chance to do some early holiday shopping.  Lots of great books for everyone, plus a nice assortment of gift items.


Questions?  Please call Charron Sundman, Director of Volunteer Services at (603) 444-9207.


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LRH Staff Recognition
A Green Thumb at LRH

Juergen Spagolla, Director of Culinary Services at LRH and Warren West, CEO present Pat Curtis, the Hospital's Green Thumb and spectacular gardener with a brass plaque.

Patients and visitors to Littleton Regional Healthcare's medical office building can enjoy a beautiful perennial garden just outside the building. The brass plaque located in the middle of the garden reads "Curtis Crossing", in recognition of long time LRH employee and volunteer who maintains the garden, Pat Curtis.


 Pat has been with LRH for 40 years. When she is not working, she spends her free time caring for the perennial garden outside and for all the plants inside the Hospital. When the original hospital campus was built in 2001, Curtis took on a circular garden outside the cafeteria, which contained a beautiful variety of perennials and annuals. When the construction for the new medical office building began, the garden that she cared for had to be removed. So when construction of the new medical office building was complete in 2011, Pat started a new perennial garden all over again.


Plants in the garden include a variety of beautiful perennials and annuals. There is even an area dedicated to a rock garden. Plants in the garden have come from plants grown by Pat's mother and grandmother that she has separated and planted. Some of the plants have come from the garden of the Director of the Medical Library, Anne Conner. It was Conner's idea to recognize the hard work of Pat by placing a brass plaque in the garden.


Warren West, CEO states, "Last year Pat volunteered more than 100 hours maintaining the perennial garden and caring for the indoor plants. Not many days go by that Pat can't be seen doing something in the gardens. We appreciate all she does and want to recognize her dedication as an employee and volunteer."

The Campaign for Hope
The Campaign for Hope

A New Oncology / Hematology Center at LRH



Wishing on a shooting star elicits memories of childhood, hoping for a special birthday gift, a victorious game or maybe a snow day to avoid a spelling test. As we get older, our hopes and wishes are more far-reaching - for a long and happy life, for our children to be safe and secure, for loved-ones to be healthy.


However, we know that we don't always get what we wish,


When a serious illness impacts someone we care about, we naturally want the best care to be available here close to home. Our wish at Littleton Regional Healthcare is to create a magnificent, peaceful space for our Oncology / Hematology patients to receive life-sustaining and life-saving care. You can help make that wish come true!


Our new, completely remodeled department will provide comfortable surroundings for patients and their families, treatment facilities and equipment that will help them beat their disease and provide adequate space for staff to be the efficient, effective, compassionate caregivers they are. Natural light, a home-like feeling, space to have privacy if desired, and space to sit with one another or with family support. All of these will create an environment for healing, coping and coming together in support of exceptional care. 


The new suite will cost nearly $450,000, drastically increasing the department's total square footage. Our Campaign for Hope goal is to raise $75,000 to complete this project with all the medical equipment, furniture, art work, patient care items that will make this a truly special place. Won't you help? You can make a wish come true with your gift to the LRH Charitable Foundation. Your donation

will help pay for the purchase of:  


  • Ten large, comfortable recliner lounge chairs for patients to relax in during hours of medical treatments
  • Infusion machines and poles to hang medication
  • IPads for watching movies and reading while having infusions A private room for patients who need to lay down while receiving hours of treatment
  • Artwork to make the space homey and relaxing
  • Comfortable furniture for family and friends who accompany patients
  • Two patient nutrition stations where snacks and drinks can be stored and prepared for use during long hours of treatment.

Gifts of any size are welcome. Named gift opportunities are available. Please feel free to call Susan Durgy, MBA, CFRE, Director of Development, at 603-259-7785 to discuss how you can help.



Make your gift today in support of our Campaign for Hope and make this wish come true! 



600 St. Johnsbury Road

Littleton, NH  03561

(603) 259-7785

600 St. Johnsbury Road - Littleton, NH 03561 - (603) 444-9000 -