Talkin' Tennis                                                                                January 2013

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Important Dates
Jan 13 - USTA Captains' Meeting (weekend teams)  
Jan 15 - USTA Captain's Meeting (day teams)
Feb 13 - Team registration deadline
Apr 21 - Last day to add player 

Dear Friends,

We hope you are having a good start to the new year.  As we are about to begin the new 2013 USTA League Season, we will strive as always to keep you as informed as possible on all things tennis in Memphis. 


With all the changes happening in 2013 and with all the leagues that occupy a majority of our year, getting important information to you as a player or captain is one of our primary goals.  This is done through our website, our monthly newsletters, Facebook, and Twitter.  So please take the time to frequently visit our website and follow us on social media so that you will not miss important announcements and information. 

 USTA SouthernUSTA Adult League Captain's Meetings


Adult 18+ and 40+ Men & Women 

Feb 13th - 2:00 pm - WellWorx Sportsplex


Adult 55+ Men & Women 

Feb 13th - 4:00 pm - WellWorx Sportsplex 


  All Weekday teams 

Feb 15th- 11:00 am - WellWorx Sportsplex   



**Please plan on attending the captains' meetings, as important information will be given and this is the time and place where the MTA membership directories will be passed out for captains to pick up for their players.




Can't Seem to Find a Court?   


WellWorx Sporting Club has announced that their indoor/outdoor tennis courts are NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

DISCOUNTED RESERVATIONS: with the purchase of a players card

For More Information ..... Call......507-4900




All League Players


The updated 2013 MTA membership directories are available and will be distributed at the Captain's Meetings (above).  Please encourage your Spring USTA Captains to attend, as they will be responsible for picking up directories for their players.



  • Please bring a list (a count) of players for whom you will need a directory
  • 40+ ADULT captains -do not include the players in your count who are also playing on playing on a 18+ team (playing down).  
  • 55+ captains - do not include the players in your count who are also playing on a 40+ team (playing down).
  • If a player is playing their current level as well as playing "up" a level (ex. a 3.0 also playing 3.5), the captain of the player's true level (lower level) team will pick up the book for that player 


If you are NOT playing on an Adult USTA team (any age division), please contact us via email at to arrange to get your directory. Otherwise, please contact your captain to obtain your directory.


(Please forward this newsletter to your USTA friends who may not be on our mailing list yet.)


Captains - Looking for Players? 

This time of year there a lot of people who may be new to Memphis or bumped to a new level that are looking to join a USTA team.  If you are looking to fill your rosters, be sure to visit the TEAM LINK page on our website and give some of these players a call.

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Cathy Russell
Editor, Talkin' Tennis