January Newsletter 2016

I'm I creature of habit and for the most part, I hate change. For some, the change of a number can mean good riddance to a not so pleasant past, or a leap forward, to bigger and better things, yet to come. Number changes to me mean the house population has depleted to a mere two....hello empty nesters. It also means that the number of grays is increasing faster than my hairdresser can apply color and the body just doesn't cooperate like it used to...no more marathon knitting or reading sessions. Numbers equal things, they come in and they go out....my apologies this week to the Wrentham Waste Management Company, at this stage I would rather be seeing them go out then come in. Numbers mean it's been "how long ago was it that we painted this room", "have we really had this for how long", "why does the dishwasher, dryer and washing machine have to kick the bucket all at once" and "when did my girls faces turn gray, their eyes glaze over and their hearing become more selective" ? 
So yes, 2016 is just a number, 58 for me, 8 for In The Loop, 5 super knitting angels, 4 makes my Grumble, 2 'proud to be your momma' kids, and 1 loving, wild and crazy Mr. ITL. 

Hello 2016.
Please be kind to us all and yes I know you are only a number but I'd love for you to roll over and not rush out so quickly this year. 

from all of us at In The Loop.
Here's to filling some of those blank pages together. 

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Are You In The Loop?

I don't make New Year's resolutions but I am keeping a promise to myself that this January I would start keeping a journal of the yarn I purchase and for what project I put it aside for. Projects will be categorized and graded, * a single star is knit at some point, ** two stars and I really should consider getting this on the needles at some point, *** three stars and I am going to knit this this year, and **** four stars means what is on the needles will probably get kicked aside to cast this on. 
This leads me to the section of what is currently on the needles. This is more of a shaming of WIP's but it has to be done.
I have this odd ritual where I like to take my WIP's to almost completion, cast them aside for periods of time and then finish a group all at once. This high trumps the euphoria of casting on a new project. See, they are right, knitting is addicting!!


Bristol Ivy Weekend Workshops January 9th and 10th:

Blocking 101 on Saturday January 9th from 1:30 to 4:00 pm and we still have spots for a few more.

For those of you joining us please remember to bring any swatches you want for test blocking and if you call the shop with your email address I have the lace swatch pattern that we can email to you. 

Brioche I and II  on Sunday January 10th from 9:00 am to 12:00 and 1:00 to 4:00 are full
For those of you inquiring about the Songbird pattern, Bristol will be supplying you with copies. We do ask that you have the 800 yards of sport or DK weight with you to begin the stole and remember because of the time limitations, we will not be winding yarn, so please come prepared.

Please arrive on time with your required materials and hope that you understand that workshops are non-refundable and must be paid prior to attending. 


Saturday January 16th from 2-4
A few kits are still available and remember one kit will make two pairs.
As with all our KAL's we ask that your yarn is wound prior to the event and understand that this is a non-instructional gathering.


Starting on Monday, January 4th, we will choose one yarn which we have deemed a 'Misfit'. A Misfit is a misunderstood yarn which for some reason, is languishing on our shelves screaming for someone to take them home to become something special and loved. Our ITL team will choose a project suited to our Monday Misfit choice, which will be discounted for up to two weeks and found only on our Facebook page. Keep an eye out as our MMM's will randomly appear on any given Monday. 


We love sharing our table, our knowledge and our yarns but as Flu Season approaches, remember if your under the weather, we politely decline to share your germs. 

As we get deeper into the winter months there may be occasions when classes will be cancelled and the shop closed or closing and openings will change. Make sure to check our website or Facebook page for information. 

What's on our needles for 2016

MOUNTAINDALE , Pam Sluter's new design knit in Julie Asselin's Nurtured and adorned with the seasons second hottest must have, the tassel. 

FAIRY SNOW CAP  by Romi Hill in Lang Yak, ribbing and lace topped off with a pompom. 

BALLYMEADE BOOT TOPPERS by Robin Ulrich. Tracey worked these up in (1) skein of Queensland Kathmandu.

FARMHOUSE SHAWL by Cabin Four, Chris is doing hers in (2) skeins Cascade Eco+ and mine is in Juniper Moon Sabine (photos black but it's actually denim) and of course another "hot" adornment, fringe. 

CAMPING by Cabin Four (2) MC in Quince Chickadee and (1) CC in Quince Chickadee. Great sport weight sock for boots. 

In the New Year, I propose that we all strive for good knitting habits. 

Let's start by keeping healthy. This includes standing and moving at regular intervals. Experts recommend no more than 25 minutes of continuous sitting (WSJ June 2, 2015). 
So in the interest of living a long life filled with knitting and other passions... remember to stand every 20-25 minutes. 

If you would like to practice walking and knitting or just learn some basic techniques for walking and knitting, ask me!

Let's make S.A.B.L.E a thing of the past! (Stash Beyond Life Expectancy)

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