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March 2015

I am a snow lover, I admit it, but at this point, even I call "Uncle". Maybe not to the snow but this brutal cold that it brought along with it. Heck, it's March and I should be seeing crocuses popping their heads up from a winter's nap and tree branches swelling with forming buds, while I anxiously await the return of our beloved boys of summer. Oh wouldn't it be nice if Stitches South moved to Florida and coordinated with Spring Training. Just heard Cher's voice echoing in the back of my head, "Snap out of it" you are hearty New Englanders! Hearty my.....was Disney's Frozen fact or fiction and the only "Chuck" I want seeing shadows, are the ones on my feet. 

I thank each an everyone of you who have dragged yourself out into the elements to shop or attend class. It has taken every ounce of energy I have to leave the comforts of a soft over-sized chair, warm blanket and a roaring fire, not to mention digging out and scraping windshields. Let us commiserate together. There will not be cottons or linens making it to the needles any time soon. The snow mounds will still reign supreme in parking lots everywhere and melting snow and mud will make us want to wish for our own staff of downstairs Downtonians. 

"Mud Season", a term most commonly and unlovingly associated with New England, will soon be upon us. Like prepping for a winter blizzard, one must be well prepared to tackle potholes, melting ice, snow, mud and rain. 
Let us clue you in. 
                If you do not own a pair of these,  

now is the time! 
Not a fan of the flopping tops as you walk? Grab your needles and cast on a pair of boot toppers. Might we suggest a pair of Cozy Boot Cuffs from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, knit in a bright cheery spring color in Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted.

There will still be windshields that need scraping and snow piles that need moving and who knows what you are going to find buried under all that snow. The temps, lord we hope so, will be inching up and by now you may be down to one glove or mitt (do they go to the same place our socks go to???) Stores are stocked with flip flops and bathing suits, with not a glove or mitt to be found. A pair of Tin Can Knits Maize fingerless or mittens will do the trick. Heck, why not make a pair that matches your Wellie toppers. 

Finally, we may not be able to get you a flight out of Dodge or magically make this all go away overnight, but one thing that will take the sting out of all this cold and misery is a good laugh, spending time with friends, staying positive and treating yourself to some early spring blooms.

Winter Storm Closings and Cancellations: 

Please, please, please, since we do not think that Elsa is quite done with us yet, before heading out to the shop, check our Facebook page, website (hours and class pages) or phone us for class cancellations and shop closing.


 Tolt Folded Bag KAL

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Must know SS or Garter stitch and how to assemble using Mattress Stitch.
Materials: Quince & Co. Kestrel (304) yards
Katia Big Yarn (250) yards
Juniper Moon Zooey (held double stranded)
#8, 10 and 15's 

Pattern free on Ravelry
Saturday March 14th 
1:30 to 3:30 
Registration is required

 Weaving Workshop

A new class has been scheduled for an intro to weaving on Schacht 15" Cricket Looms. A four hour class will take the beginner through dressing the loom and then weaving your first piece. Please make sure your loom is assembled prior to class. 
The afternoon refresher class will address issues you may have forgotten about from your beginner class, techniques and glitches. 
Sunday March 29th
10-3 Beginners Class, Setting up the Loom *
Fee: $75.00

1-3 Refresher and Techniques
Fee: $40.00
*There will be a one hour break for lunch at noon. 
A few spots remain.

Saturday April 18th
1:00 to 3:00
Registration is required

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Must know how to read a chart. Pattern includes SSK, YO and K2TOG and provisional cast-on. 
Romney Ridge Farm Blend (will be in shop 2nd week of March) or Willow (in stock now)
Juniper Moon Zooey for a spring version. 
720 yards
Needles: #7 24" or longer
Pattern available on Ravelry for purchase

Kelly from Romney Ridge will be joining us for the KAL and will be bringing more of her Farm Blend and Willow.


Not time to change out those projects from winter to spring quite yet. The lion is still roaring!

 Cold Snap by Amy Miller 173-259 yards heavy worsted/aran.  I couldn't resist picking up a bright poppy color Cormo from Foxfire Fibers during Slater Mill's Knitting Weekend. Lots of cables and no decreases. Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry

Nith Mittens from Whole Earth Education. Had plenty of Lett Lopi left from my Nordic Wind (1) skein MC and (1) CC color. Changed the cast-on to a normal longtail in CC color and knit 1x1 twisted rib for 15 rounds. Have one skein of Quince Piper ready to cast-on a soft cuff insert but they are still plenty warm for our frigid temps. Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry.

Imp by Talitha Kuomi simple pair of cuff down socks knit in CE Mohawk, 375 yards on #1 and 2's, from the Artistic Differences book (available in shop).

 Cirilia Roses Heima Slipper Socks from Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads book. Found a great pair of Fair Isle socks at J Crew to wear with my Heima's knit with (1) skein of Fancy Tiger Heirloom Romney.
Quick, easy and make great gifts. 

 Bergson Socks by Pam Allen from her Home book, knit for our KAL in Quince and Co Puffin. Loved learning Japanese Short Rows ,also called Sundays, for the heel in these quick, bulky socks. 

by Thea Coleman. Thea snuck off with a skein of Julie Asselin's Ankara and two weeks later introduced this new design. One skein on #10's and about 2.5 hours makes for a quick project. Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry.

Are you carefully making marks or checks to track a series of decreases or increases?

Stop making yourself question if you "made a mark" and start hanging a locking stitch marker from each increase/decrease you create. Now you only have to count the rows since the stitch marker AND the number of hanging markers will tell you if you have inc/dec in total.

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