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Summer, 2014
PIMC is based upon the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha. Its purpose is to improve the lives of participants, their families and the greater community through meditative practice and a lifestyle that supports liberation from suffering, the awakening of wisdom, and the manifestation of compassion.  
Why Retreat?  
by Christine Howard Gieben


The way to do is to be.  ~ Lao Tzu

I sat my first retreat (3 days long) 11 years ago and I remember the reactions my friends and colleagues had when I returned to work the next week: "Let me get this straight...you went off to Breitenbush, where there are lovely pools and beautiful hikes, and you voluntarily choose to sit still in a meditation hall? For 3 days? You even ATE in silence? What made you want to do this? Didn't you go completely nuts not being able to talk?"


Well, to be honest, it took an act of faith to get me to this first retreat. I really wanted to learn meditation. And yes, the pools were the draw that got me to look at the website where I found Robert's January meditation retreat. I did encounter doubts about being there...doubts are an inevitable part of retreats for most of us. I wondered if there wasn't something "more important" I should be doing back home. I thought about all the other things I could be doing. In the moments where sitting was emotionally and physically painful, I wondered what the purpose of it was. What was I going to get out of it? Was the mind going to make me crazy by the end? But when I left that retreat, I knew why people did them. And I knew I would be back. 


Historically, the tradition of going on retreat dates back to the Buddha's time. ... Read More. 

Re-Treat Yourself 

Poppy Levin Interviews Eight Community Members    


Sunset Hollyhock
Sunset at Hollyhock
Why might you go on retreat? Is it worth the time investment of being away from family, work, and responsibilities? What are the benefits, and how might it change your mindfulness practice?


Below, eight dharma members answer these questions in detail, based on their experiences while on retreat. To preserve privacy, these members remain anonymous.




Overall, most individuals reported similar benefits after hours of meditating and listening to dharma. These benefits included separation from unsatisfactory thoughts, heightened insight and awareness, and deeper clarity in their lives. Many also noted that the benefits of their retreat were long-lasting... Read More.  

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