April 2015 

Alongside our EvalNotes, our team created the EVALCORP blog - providing useful tips, data visualization techniques and tools, and much more! 

To celebrate our first year of blogging, we've compiled our top 3 most popluar blogs to share with our loyal EvalNotes readers. 

EVALCORP's Top 3 Evaluation Posts

  1. Don't Be Spooked by Evaluation: Our most popular post! In it, we bust several myths about evaluation and discuss how evaluators can help -- instead of haunt -- your organization.
  2. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Pages: In our fast-paced world, images and graphs often communicate more effectively than a report. In this post we outline tips for effective data visualization.
  3. Using Multiple Measurement Tools: Here we show you which tools are best for data collection. Spoiler alert: all of them! Read the post for why. 

...and these are just a few of the posts we've written this past year. We welcome you to read through our blog to find evaluation tools and tips, new ways to think about measuring your success, and the latest EVALCORP updates. We're looking forward to your thoughts and posts!



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