In reading so many Chapter, District and Regional newsletters this month, I was struck by the continual number of events that our Officers and Staff provide to our Members. Everything from rides, in areas that are still fit to ride, to trainings (everything from Rider Education programs to Leadership Training to Couple of the Year, etc.), bowling, fundraising functions, to FUN events like Winter Get-Aways. We have Chapters that plan life changing events, like FL-1L2, Wings of Wesley Chapel, who are planning the following; (An email their Members received)


Good afternoon,

Several Members of The Wings of Wesley Chapel, FL-1L2 have signed up to go on a cruise in November of 2014.

Unfortunately, a few of us have  let our physical health condition slide into an unhealthy condition.


As the Newsletter editor and one who fits into the unfit category,  I needed to do something.

With the support of the Chapter Directors, Paul and Sharon Matz, I challenged our Chapter Members to get healthy with me.


So far, 11 Members have signed onto the challenge.  I look forward to a few more to joining by the end of the month.

The weight loss program is completely on the honor system and is being judged by how much % of present body weight one loses before the first week of November.


I am provided a start weight and the finish weight, drop the numbers into a spreadsheet, and the highest percentage wins


See page 10, right column of our January newsletter


Keep the Shinny side up

Ken Kloc

FL-1L2 Newsletter editor 


You can contact Ken at I think this is an awesome program and would love to see every Chapter do something along these lines. Congratulations Ken!  


Ken is one example of the hundreds of Volunteers and Officers who are providing incredible service to our Members. GWRRA is so proud of all those Officers, Staff Members and Volunteers who spend countless hours planning events, providing programs, helping to save our lives, and teaching us how to live better lives by sharing their skills and expertise through GWRRA service. THANK YOU ALL!


In other Member feedback, I received a note from Abdul Rasheed, #323930, who suggests GWRRA needs a theme song. He suggests "On the Wings Of Love" by Jeffrey Osborn. Abdul says, " I know he didn't have Gold Wings  on his mind when he wrote the song but if you listen to the words they sure fit riding on our Wings of love. I know many of our Members probably have many different suggestions." So, given Abdul's suggestion, what do you think? Send me your suggestion here.  


I also received this letter from a new Member.


Dear Ed Price,  I almost never write a response to a general e-mail and especially since I don't own a Gold Wing.  However, you have claimed my birthday as yours also and I have beat you to 65 by one year.  I do however, own and love riding a Burgman 400 which I am enjoying and have joined the Gold Wing group in order to have a very friendly and lovely group to ride with locally.  I am very new at this group and I am learning a lot.  At their encouragement I have taken a riding course and learned several helpful tips.  I have ridden a motorcycle since I was 30 with time away from riding for about 22 years.  Thanks for your interesting and informative newsletter. 
I liked reading the Members comments.  I really enjoyed the one about being prepared.  

Sincerely, Colleen    
It is wonderful to receive such complimentary letters from new Members about GWRRA. Again, it is a testament to our Officers and Members who are amazing people and love to serve and assist others. That is why GWRRA has been around over 36 years now as the world's largest single marque motorcycle association.

We have also received some more feedback about the "Night Wing" and some more feedback on how to make the Gold Wing better. Read the Member Feedback section below. If you have more comments about these ideas or any of the above feedback, please write me here.

Coming this month to the Home Office will be all the riders of the 40-To-Phoenix 5th Annual Ride! We are so excited to welcome everyone visiting our offices, taking tours, visiting with all the staff and then having dinner together the night of March 13th. A huge shout out to Russ Schaeffer, who has organized and is leading this ride from Wrightville, NC across the country to include many stops along the way, as well as GWRRA's Home Office and then on to California.  You can check out their website at   Stay tunes for pics and more coverage here next month.

Speaking of GWRRA's event schedule for 2014, please add to your calendar, GWRRA's Weekend at the Opry in Nashville, TN. This  awesome, social event with our GWRRA family and friends at the world famous Opryland Hotel and Resort will be held August 29-31, 2014. There will be tours, seminars, a dinner/dance, social time, and much more. Remember, preregistration for this event is only $15 per Member and includes a t-shirt and a pin. And rooms at the phenomenal property start at only $110, including the resort fee. Rooms are almost 60% sold out, so get registered NOW! Check out all the details and register here or call 800-843-9460 to speak to one of GWRRA's friendly Member Services agents.

GWRRA is also very excited about Wing Ding 36 in Madison, July 2-5, 2014. There are many new events being planned and as always, the city of Madison loves our Members! So, make sure you get registered for Wing Ding early  and save on preregistration. Check out the Wing Ding 36 site here and get registered now or call one of our friendly Member Services agents at 800-843-9460! 2014 is going to be a great year full of activities for all our Members.      


We want to appreciate and acknowledge the contributors to the March issue of Wingin' It. Kudos go out to Ray and Sandi Garris for their articles. We want to thank Joe & Gracie Mazza for their Rider Education articles, Tom Hendricks for his continued contributions of stories and jokes, Gene Hanselman for his wonderful stories, and Terry Dare for your continued supply of great jokes. There is an Officer appointment from our Deputy Overseas Director, Dan Sanderovich, a very informative article about our Event Team at Wing Ding written by our Senior Event Manager, Roger Losornio and a great Member Ride Story from William (Sandy) Morrison. We also have news about Ham Radio at Wing Ding from Robert & Joan Partigianoni and the announcement of the "Best Newsletter for 2013" from Bob & Karla Greer, GWRRA's Membership Enhancement Program Directors. Also, don't forget to read the coupon at the bottom of the Wingin' It to save 33% off GWRRA's NEW Stainless Steel Travel Mug!

We really hope you become a contributor to your newsletter, the Wingin' It. It is great to receive your articles, Chapter activities, jokes and stories! Please keep sending us your travelogues, rides, Chapter stories, Gold Book stories and favorite rides or winter adventures. Remember, don't worry if you think you are not a great writer, we have awesome editors here who will make your story sound terrific. Send your contribution to us here or to my email at the bottom of this article. 


Remember to check out GWRRA's website for all the latest news, benefits, updates and information. One more request, please forward this copy of Wingin' It to all your friends who ride! THANKS!!

Thanks for all your continued support! Ride safe and FIND-A-FRIEND!


Ed Price

GWRRA Events Manager | Wingin' It Editor 


Gold Wing Road Riders Association | 



"Friends for FUN, Safety & Knowledge"

800-843-9460 | 623-581-2500 (in Phoenix) | Fax 877-348-9416

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 Theater Seats For Seniors

 An old man lay sprawled across three entire seats  in the movie theater.

When the usher came by and noticed this, he whispered to the old man,


"Sorry sir, but you're only allowed one seat."

The old man didn't budge.

The usher became more impatient.

"Sir, if you don't get up from there I'm going to have to call the manager."

Once again, the old man just muttered and did nothing.

The usher marched briskly back up the aisle, and in a moment he  returned with the manager.

Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move the old disheveled man, but with no success.

Finally they summoned the police.

The officer surveyed the situation briefly then asked, "All right buddy what's your name?"

"Fred," the old man moaned.

"Where ya from, Fred?" asked the police officer.

With a terrible grunt in his voice, and without moving,  Fred replied...

... "The balcony."  



Sent in by
Terry Dare
Award Winning Newsletter

submitted by:  

Bob and Karla Greer

Membership Enhancement Program Directors


Ray & Sandi Garris, GWRRA Directors, Dave & Gwen Carter, Directors of Divisions/Programs, and Bob and Karla Greer, Membership Enhancement Directors, are pleased to announce that Georgia Chapter D (Region A), Cumming, GA, "Mountain Roadrunners", has won the 2013 International/GWRRA Chapter Newsletter Award contest. Their Newsletter Editor is Nancy Lynberg and the Chapter Directors are Phillip & Terri Kozlowski.  If you want to take a look at one of their award winning newsletters, click on their Chapter link at 


We would also like to announce that Virginia Chapter B (Region N), Virginia Beach, VA, "Wings By The Sea", was the First Runner Up.  Newsletter Editor is Glenn Mizner and the Chapter Directors are Bob & Ann Lutton. If you want to take a look at one of their award winning newsletters, click on their Chapter link at 


Each Region can submit one newsletter each year to be judged in the
international/GWRRA Chapter Newsletter Award contest. For more information on the International/GWRRA Chapter Newsletter Award contest go to GWRRA, MEP, Newsletter Award




 "Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude." 


-Dale Carnegie    


"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

-Harold Whitman



Looking for Articles


Remember, we are looking for articles for YOUR e-Newsletter! 


Travelogues, Member and Officer profiles, Chapter activities, your stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life, etc.


And don't forget those great Gold Book stories.


Please send your stories to me here.

Have questions or privacy concerns about becoming Socially Connected with your GWRRA Facebook friends... 
Click Here: Facebook 101
Submitted by:
Tom Hendricks



[1] Regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving.


[2] Having one child makes you a parent; having two you are a referee.


[3] Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!


[4] I believe we should all pay our tax with a smile. I tried - but they wanted cash.


[5] A child's greatest period of growth is the month after you've purchased new school uniforms.








A diet is a weigh of life.


It's not the minutes spent at the table that put on weight, it's the seconds.


It's something most of us do religiously: We eat what we want and pray we don't gain weight.


The problem with curbing our appetites is that most of us do it at the drive in window of McDonalds.


The most fattening thing you can put in an ice cream sundae is a spoon.


The biggest drawback to fasting for seven days is that it makes one weak.


Sweets are the destiny that shapes our ends.


Diets are for people who are thick and tired of it.


Sent in by Tom Hendricks 


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* Yes. Occasionally - 30% - 109 total

* No. - 42% - 154 total

* Don't even know what that is! - 13%
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Total Votes: 365   


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Director's Article
submitted by:
Ray & Sandi Garris


Who is "Rider Ed"?


Many think he is an angel who watches over us and keeps us safe. He helps us when we go on a trip, starting with a T-CLOCS Inspection of our bike or trike. He can also help us pack for our trip with a list of suggested things to bring. He helps us pick the right route for the weather conditions and our riding ability. He teaches us all about wearing All The Gear, All The Time.

"Rider Ed" has taught us how to ride our machine and how to really enjoy this experience, knowing that we have learned many riding skills and practice them often. We can truly ride with Pride and Confidence, thanks to "Rider Ed".


We always rely on his experience and expertise. He will never "Steer Us Wrong". "Rider Ed" is always invited to join us on every ride we take, alone or with a group. He will join you whether you drive 2, 3, or 4 wheels.


He can also help you learn about CPR and First Aid. This training can be used both among GWRRA friends and for your own family. Those that learn it are a true asset, showing by action that they care to help others. "Rider Ed" was a Boy Scout and his motto, "Be Prepared" can make any ride more enjoyable. He always carries his First Aid kit while on the road.


How do we know who is a friend of Rider Ed? They proudly wear his or her Level patches with pride so you know they have made the commitment to ride as safely as possible, constantly improving or refreshing their riding or co-riding skills, always remaining current in their training, and helping others to see how they can "Share the Road" with everybody.


"Rider Ed" is one of the greatest benefits included with your Membership in GWRRA. He is also a "saver." He might be able to "save" you some money on your insurance with an ARC or ERC Course Completion Card. For sure, he can "save" your bacon.


Please introduce "Rider Ed" to all of your friends in GWRRA. Get them enrolled in the Levels Program. Help set their sights on becoming a Master Tour Rider (Lever IV).


Also, become a name dropper. Mention "Rider Ed" often in your conversations with other motorcyclists. "Rider Ed" is a big part of the 'gift of GWRRA". We can share with others. "Rider Ed" doesn't let Friends learn "by accident!" He truly can save our lives or theirs.


But, please don't confuse him with "Mr. Ed" - he's a horse of course!!


Please enjoy your next ride.

Ray and Sandi Garris

Your Directors of GWRRA


Life Grand Masters # 18 & #176


Rider Education Article
by Joe & Gracie Mazza

Motorcycle Accidents and the Military


Exactly one year ago I wrote an article for the Insight E-Newsletter entitled "Motorcycle Safety Remains Top Priority for Defense Leaders". In it I discussed statements made by Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr. of the American Forces Press Service and DOD'S  Director of Operational Readiness and Safety, Joseph Angello.  Their emphasis was directed toward motorcycle safety for those still serving. Through their efforts they were hoping to see a decrease in the number of fatalities associated with this enjoyable yet dangerous hobby. As stated by a recent Armed Forces Surveillance Center study, "between 1999 and 2012, military service members were increasingly dying in motorcycle accidents, and the rate is going up".


Outside of war, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death among military service members, and motorcycle accidents make up a large proportion of those fatalities. Just as with civilians, the number of motor-vehicle-accident deaths as a whole has declined substantially among service members since about 2005. Unfortunately, motorcycle-related-fatalities have been skyrocketing.

 Read More

It is Finally Here... And It's FREE! 
Download Your Copy Today On iTunes!
Officer Announcement
Submitted by--
Dan Sanderovich,
Deputy Overseas Director,

A new assistant to GWRRA Deputy Director (Overseas)


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Berry as GWRRA
Assistant Deputy Director Overseas. Bob brings a unique set of skills to this position that will be of great benefit to our Overseas Members.

His success with bringing elements of the Rider Education Program to Israel Chapter A, was a first step in his current task of assisting me in dramatically expanding the opportunities of Overseas Members to take advantage of GWRRA programs and events.


"The technology available to us today removes the geographic barriers that may have previously existed," he says. "There is no reason for Overseas Members to have any less access to the rich banquet of rider education products than any North American Member. We just have to figure out how to do it."


I am confident that Bob's experience as a GWRRA Master Instructor Trainer, Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor, and certified Arizona (U.S.) Driving School Instructor will be an immeasurable help to me in creating a dynamic and inclusive experience for Overseas Members. 


Please join me in welcoming Bob to the Overseas team. 


Wing Ding Information
submitted by:
Roger Losornio,
Senior Event Team Manager

Wing Ding Event Team


Many people want to know who makes up the Event Team with the blue shirts we see working at the Wing Ding every year.  We are GWRRA Volunteer Members that take time away from our jobs and family every year to work at the Wing Ding. Our Event Team arrives four-days before Wing Ding and we come from AR, AZ, KS, MO, OH, OK, TN, VA, and WI. A normal work day during the Wing Ding is from 7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. in all types of weather.


Here is a list of our Team Members;

Roger Losornio, Ernie & Linda Black, Renee Thomas, Jack & Teresa Kistler, Earl & Joyce Fulcer, Mike & Debbie Maynor, Jerry & Becky Hodges, John Bennefield, Mike Mitchell and Roger & Penny Hurley.


Day one:  Our Event Team arrives and has a meeting in the evening with KKT the Wing Ding coordinator for GWRRA to go over the setup of the trade show, security, and the logistics of where everything is located and where we are to store all of the supplies.


Day two:  We start unloading the 53' tractor trailer truck that has arrived from Phoenix with all of the supplies for the Wing Ding. We move the Official Product booth items to the vendor area, rider education equipment to the vendor area, ticket barrels to registration, setup the on-site registration, setup the pre-site registration area, setup the poker run area, setup the GWRRA recruiting booth, setup ticketing & the sales areas, move top gun material to show office for pickup, count preregistration rally shirts, move raffle items to raffle vendor  area, hang all of the vendors banners, move bike show equipment and plaques to show office for pick up and all the other items that are needed for the Wing Ding.


Day three:  We start setting up the trade show area. All vendors have to check in before they can move into vendor area. We start letting the big semi-rigs into the trade show area from 8:00 a.m. to noon. They know ahead of time who they are.  After that, we start letting in the rest of the vendors into the vendor area for setup.


Day four:  We continue checking in the vendors and let them move in the vendor area to set up. Our role is continual and we are there to serve our Members and vendors to make sure Wing Ding is a great experience for everyone.                               


We ask for the Members to stay out of the vendor area for safety and insurance reasons during setup.


Our vendors hand out service passes after the trade show opens in order to schedule times for having their motorcycle/trike/trailer, etc. worked on. Our vendors schedule their own appointments. As with any other appointments, the vendor may get behind because of problems with other motorcycles/trike/trailers, etc. or others times they may have overbooked. We can only allow the allotted number of motorcycles/trike/trailers, etc. into their area. This is due to Fire Marshal regulations and facility insurance issues, as well as the general safety of our Members and vendors. We hope knowing this will help our Members understand why we can't let them in until the vendor area until they have room for another job.The local fire marshal prohibits having anything parked in the aisles.


On the last day of the event we go around and pick up all of the items that we unloaded from the truck, pack them and load back on the truck. We all leave on the next day and head home.     


(Ed. Note: Please try and thank each Member of the Event Team(blue shirts) while you are at Wing Ding to appreciate all they do for our Members, Vendors and guests who always have a great time at GWRRA's biggest party of the year!)

Member Ride Story
submitted by:
William (Sandy) Morrison


My motorcycle trip during early July, 2013


Hi all, I thought I would write this article for the GWRRA e-newsletter about myself, and my quick, long trip during early, July, 2013.


I'm deaf myself & have been riding motorcycles the last four years.  I have logged close to 50,000 kms now.  The1998 Gold Wing 1500 is my 4th motorcycle that I really enjoy the most  of all, of the last 3 bikes.  Last year, I had the 1985 Gold Wing 1200 LTD which I sold last spring.   It was a very nice looking bike, but too many problems which I would not trust for long trips.


Friday, June 28th was the last day of school where I work as a teacher for the deaf.  I left right away for Minneapolis.  It was a hot day down to Medicine Hat, where I saw some of the floods there which happened the same as Calgary.  I rode south through the Cypress Hills National Park, crossed the US border and stopped at Malta, Montana for the night at a motel.


The next day, June 29th, I rode all day to Minneapolis.  It was a long day at 1322 kms. I arrived there by the late afternoon and visited with my brother & family.  We all went out for ice cream and then I gave my niece a short ride around her neighborhood to the gas station to fill up for the next day to Michigan.

I left Minneapolis the next morning and rode through Wisconsin and Chicago.  There was a traffic jam in Chicago.  How can that be as it's only Sunday?  I continued on through Chicago to Flint, Michigan.  There were lots of buildings that were sadly run down, bankrupted or abandoned.  Two motels,  according to my newly purchased GPS, showed their names on the list, so I rode around the area, but there wasn't a motel at that location - nothing. This happened twice, so I tried the 3rd one and thankfully, there was another motel.  It was so-so, but still better than nothing.  Most important for me is to have a bed for  the night.
The next day, Monday, I was at Port Huron and the long bridge for the Canadian border to Ontario.  A bird unexpectedly flew into my way and hit my windshield.  Poor bird!  I arrived at Toronto where my son Jeremy lives.  We motorbiked around Toronto and Oakville and watched the Toronto Blue Jays play the Detroit Tigers - We saw Cecil Fields, one of their top hitters for Detroit.   We then celebrated Canada's birthday on July 1st by the fireworks at Oakville.  On July 2nd,  Jeremy and  I left Oakville for Washington, DC.  We stopped at Niagara Falls to witness the fast flowing river heading towards the big falls.  We then crossed the bridge for the USA, towards DC and arrived by dark to my friend Ward's house in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Ward, Jeremy & myself visited Gallaudet University, the only one university for the deaf in the world.  This is where I graduated.  We visited many museums - all for free.  The Air Museum, the Smithsonian Museum, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Franklin Roosevelt Memorial were some of the highlights we visited.  We watched the fireworks during July 4th for America's birthday.   


By July 6th, Jeremy flew back to Toronto and I left for the west.  I motorbiked through the Shenandoah National Park and a little while later, there were angry looking black clouds ahead.  The downpour started all of a sudden, so I quickly stopped on the shoulder, got my rain gear out and on, and about 15 minutes later, I stopped at a convenience store for a meal.  The rain became less, so it's back on the road to Lexington, Kentucky where I stopped at a motel.   


On July 7th, I continued on to St. Louis where I saw the big hump (Arch) for the first time  just beside the  highway.  I  continued on to Kansas City and stopped for the night.  The next day was a long one to Denver, where I visited my ex-student of 25 years ago, as well as a classmate from Gallaudet University.  We all went for a walk up north of Denver in Golden, Colorado, then we said our farewells.  I rode up north to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was a long climb up the mountain at 14,000 ft.  I could feel the bike laboring to move as the air was getting thinner as I climbed higher.  It managed well anyway all the way to the top and down and I stopped at Laramie, Wyoming.  I was riding along the way prior to Laramie and the back road was not what I had wanted, but I had no choice except to keep on and to keep my mind vigilant and slow at no more than 55 mph for any possible wildlife to cross the road. There was a mother moose about to cross in front of me, but she changed her mind and went back as there was a calf moose back at the pond, looking up at  me  as I went along.   Whew - such a good thing of my decision to go slowly!   


Next day, July 10th, I went on to Boise, Idaho where it  got so hot at 104 F.  Overnight at the Comfort Inn and on to Washington state to Port Angeles.  It got so cold along my crossing of the Cascades mountains.  I arrived at Port Angeles and waited for the Coho ferry for Victoria, BC. I almost had an accident at their parking lot.  There was a chain hanging across to stop cars from  entering to park there.  The chain has a small yellow flag in the middle of the entrance which I didn't see until the last moment. Wow - what if a motorcycle hits it and worse of all, cause injury?  I told the office that the chain needs to be more visible with more flags across instead of just one small flag.

I got on the Coho ferry for Victoria by the evening.  Victoria is one of my two places where I live during the summer breaks from teaching at Calgary.  By mid-August it was time to leave for Calgary, I motorbiked across the Rockies.  All in all, it was a fun trip from Calgary to Toronto, Washington, DC, Denver, the Cascade mountains at Washington state and Victoria of 9600 kms in 2 weeks.

Another Member Story:
submitted by: Gene A Hanselman
Member #135067, Chapter OH-D3


When I first started riding motorcycles, accessories meant you had a windshield and two rear view mirrors on the handlebars. Maybe you went all the way and had crash bars and saddle bags or if you rode a Harley, you may have 56 bullet lights on the chrome guards that protected your chrome license plate guard. Back in those days accessories were not very popular.


I never really got into accessories until my 2nd Gold Wing, a 1984 Aspencade. It had an AM/FM Radio/ Cassette, tinted windshield w/vent, driver backrest, passenger armrest and optional saddlebag and trunk lights. That seemed like a lot for that era, but in the late '80s and early '90s things really started to get crazy in the world of motorcycle accessories.


The 1500 Gold Wings offered reverse on most models, a truly needed advancement if your bike is triked or you have short legs. Add to that AM/FM/Stereo/Cassette, CB, Integrated Headsets, Air Shock and a host of other factory options for rider and passenger. The GL 1500 lead the way for the 1800s which were produced in 2001 with even more factory options available and all electronics were plug and play. These enhancements included heated grips, seat and passenger backrest (Comfort Package), GPS w/XM Radio and Integrated Sound, (Navigation Package) and six premium speakers w/external power amp pushing 80 watts per channel (Premium Audio Package). Add Air Bags and the list goes on and on and on. Read More

Wing Ding Information for Ham Radio Operators
Robert & Joan Partigianoni Submitted by:
Robert & Joan Partigianoni  


GWRRA Ham Radio SIG Representative

Ham Radio News for Madison, WI & Wing Ding 36


I have contacted the Ham Radio Clubs in Madison, Wisc. MARA The Madison Area Repeater Association, for our Radio Frequencies we should use.


The club asked that if you are going to use a repeater use 147.150MHz +600 PL Tone 123.0 There is a 3 minute timer for the timeout function.


This repeater has a height of 750 feet above the ground so it is a wide coverage repeater which will go to the state line to the south and places like Milwaukee, Wisc. It is hittable with an HT from the Convention Center.  There is a net on Wednesday night at 8PM. Feel free to check in at the appropriate time when they call for visitors. Make sure to mention you are with the GWRRA Motorcycle group. If you have an HT you should program that frequency with PL Tone before you leave.


Also program 146.520, 146.550 and 146.580MHz simplex frequencies in there also. We will use these 3 frequencies inside the Convention Center rather than tie up the repeater.  Start on 52 simplex and if it is busy move up to 55 then 58 if it is also busy.


There is also two Echo-Links in the area at 443.775 and 443.600 MHz  which you can also use if you are interested in Echolink to talk back to home.


There is one D-Star Repeater on 145.305MHz -600 no PL Tone, which is W9HSY. We have permission to use that D-Star Repeater.  Don't wear it out, but you should be able to talk back home on D-Star.


There is APRS in Madison Area, I cannot find any repeaters in Madison, but within about 10 miles there is one, so listen on 144.390MHz simplex for that APRS Signal. It seems they are all over the state so as you are traveling you should hit many digipeaters.


This information and permission was obtained from the MARA Club President N9VWH Paul Goussaing.  We thank him for getting with the club for the above permissions.


I am hoping to get a classroom and hold a Ham Radio Forum at Wing Ding 36 also.  Please check the WD36 Seminar Schedule when it is published.

Here are some Members' comments we received from last months Wingin' It
on the subject of the "Night Wing" concept bike and your suggestions for improvements to the Gold Wing.

Please respond to me here with your thoughts on this idea.

>It's a very good looking machine, one I can't wait to possess.  I am saving my money for it as I write.

>About the new Gold Wing bike, It looks good and it is a look at the future. Very sharp. But, there is still a problem. The foot pegs are the same as they were in the 70's. That being dull and they do not match the bike. With the bike being built for the future, tell Honda to do something with the foot pegs. This is a Gold Wing built for the future. It is not a sport bike and it certainly is not a racing bike. Thanks, Donald


Members also sent in their comments on what they would like to see on a new Gold Wing.  

Here are their suggestions: Write me here if you would like to add your comments. 


>Many of the riders that I've spoken with were generally disappointed by the 2014 Honda Gold Wing, myself included.  With the announcement of Harley's Project Rushmore and the advancements of Harley's touring lineup, we honestly thought that Honda would at least "Keep Up" or set the bar even higher as the premiere tourer. 

A lot of us fully expected to see the 2014 Gold Wing gain a 6th gear, larger gas tank (the BMW K1600 has a 7 gal tank), increased load, perhaps a slightly larger engine, and electronically adjustable windscreen!!!  Instead the 2014 is another minor "Tweaking", and what we as tourers have been asking for seems to be largely ignored by Honda.  I suppose until Honda really makes some improvements to its premium tourer...I'll stay with my 2010 Gold Wing!!
Thanks, Dave R.


>Chris from Aurora CO has it right. I'm a six-footer too and I'd like to see adjustable handlebars and adjustable footrests/controls. White interior for the trunk also good. 

Might even add an adjustable or replaceable or thinner back part for driver's seat to give taller riders another inch.

Electric windshield of course, but also an option to change the angle or something to get the air up and over a taller rider without the need to get an aftermarket replacement. Or sell the darn bike with the windshield as an option and let the dealer install whatever the customer wants.

They could also pre-wire some standard jacks for heated clothing and maybe a trickle charger.

Some side lighting to improve visibility.

A gear indicator. C'mon, don't tell me it's difficult or expensive.

Make the CD equipment fully optional.

Make it easier to update the GPS.

Try to make the air filter easier to get at! 



>I just finished reading the E-newsletter and thought I send you my thoughts on a new and improved Wing. I believe the Wing has plenty of power but truly needs another gear, leave the ratios as they are and add a 6th gear as a true overdrive to drop the RPM about 400 - 500 at highway speeds so that when cruising on the superslabs at 70 mph the revs should be down around 2600 and not the current 3100. The only other thing would be for egronomics, adjustable seat and handlebars.

Cheers, Cal

>After owning two new Valkyries and four new 1800 Gold Wings, I have suggested the following 1800 changes to Honda in the past.
1: More side illumination from headlight to taillight is a must.  Go back to an adjustable height headlight switch that will work while riding. The 2012 Gold Wing was a huge step backwards when it comes to safe night riding.

2: Stronger steering bearings that require fewer adjustments are needed. Loose steering bearing become a real big safety liability when there is a cross wind at Interstate highway speeds.

3: Access to the air filter must be made easier. Critters love to store their goodies around the bike during the off season.

4: The tires and air pressure reading equipment should be upgraded to at least what the public is buying for replacements. The standard D250 tires have been of very little value to this biker. 

5: There should always be at least one high visual color available, such as yellow, white and the 2003 orange.

6: A paddle shift automatic transmission with option manual switch should be standard. The present transmission can't take the stresses from a heel toe shifter. High torque situations cause a very violent unwanted downshift. Many riders are tired of the manual shifting that messes up the tips of shoes and boots.

7: The bike should be offered with two seat options. One for riders with a short inseam and the other long inseam.

8: The rear suspension oil line needs to be more durable.

Thank you, Don

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