2013 is half over and it's July already...Wing Ding is here! For those there, or on their way, be safe and have FUN! GWRRA's Wing Ding is our Association's International Convention, but in reality, it is our Family's Reunion. If this is your first time, you will see the world's biggest and best Gold Wing trade show, the most choices in Rider Education, seminars, entertainment, etc. and in a great city...Greenville, SC. If you have been to more than one or two Wing Dings, you will know it is a great place to see old friends from all over the world. And don't forget it is your place to possibly win a NEW Gold Wing! This year will be your choice of a GL1800 or F6B. If you have not signed up yet, it is too late for preregistration, but you can always go on day passes. Call our Member Services folks for all the details at 800-843-9460.

I also want to note that everyone at the Home Office worked extremely hard the last few months to make sure your Wing Ding experience is exceptional. Not only all the planning that goes into the years of finding a location, but all the coordination with vendors, hotels, the CVB, our partners and all government entities that work to make your experience a great one. AND, we also need to THANK our Officers and Volunteers who work tirelessly during the event, as well as the Event Management Team, who make all the functions, that you attend, go smoothly. All these people volunteer their time and energy to help you have an awesome vacation. Give them a big thank you and hug when you see them!  

For all of our American Members, Happy Independence Day! It has been 237 years since 1776, when the 13 colonies declared their independence from England. Let's all celebrate our freedom and remember all those who have fought and died for those freedoms. Thank you to all our Veterans, past and present.

Last month I asked for your feedback about technology. I really appreciate you writing and sharing your thoughts with me. I have placed some of your feedback below in the "Member Feedback" section. Please continue to write me and share your stories, thoughts, and feedback with me here. As always, we need your best rides, Chapter activities, Gold Book stories and testimonials. I also received a comment that some folks do not have the capability to see the link with my email address to write me, so I added it at the end of my column.

Our Members shared some great stories, including some travel adventures, their own writings (Tom and Gene, our contributors), and a great article from Terri, our Chapter Director form GA-D. There is also a CAMPING UPDATE for WING DING--see the first article below. Your e-newsletter, Wingin' It, keeps coming free each month because of your contributions.

As GWRRA starts its 36th year, we want to thank you, all our Members who have supported us all these years, especially our Life Members. You are the reason that GWRRA is one of the oldest motorcycle associations around. Thanks must be given to Paul Hildebrand, our Founder and Shirley-Stephens Garcia, our co-Founder, for starting the Gold Wing Road Riders Association back in 1977. Appreciation is also shared with all the Officers, Volunteers and Board Members who assisted GWRRA since that time. Many people have contributed to starting Chapters, managing Districts and Regions and serving on National staffs. All in the name of serving you, our Members. THANK YOU!

To remind you of some of the lesser known Member benefits, I wanted to point out a few. Did you know there is a place on the Member Benefits page of the GWRRA website where you can see and Officers can post GWRRA events. It is located at Another site you may not know about is our Motorcycle Shops site, where you can see Repair Shops our Members have recommended. It is located at And another is where to find your nearest Chapter. That page can be found here,

Remember to check out GWRRA's website for all the latest news, benefits, updates and information. One more request, please forward this copy of Wingin' It to all your friends who ride! THANKS!!


Thanks for all your continued support! Ride safe and FIND-A-FRIEND!


Ed Price

GWRRA Events Manager | Wingin' It Editor 


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A curious child asked his mother: "Mommy, why are some of your hairs turning grey?"


The mother tried to use this occasion to teach her child: "It is because of you, dear. Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs grey!"


The child replied innocently: "Now I know why grandmother has only grey hairs on her head!" 

Sent in by
Tom Hendricks, TX-U 
Thanks, Tom!
SBL Moto

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A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn. 


- Author Unknown

Too many people confine their exercise to jumping to conclusions, running up bills, stretching the truth, bending over backward, lying down on the job, sidestepping responsibility and pushing their luck.

Author Unknown

Sent in by Tom Hendricks, TX-U
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My husband and I have only been riding since September and in GWRRA since December of this past year.  


At one of our first monthly Chapter AL-N meetings, we met two couples who "took us right in". They invited us out for a "get-to-know-you-better" dinner. The next day we all went on an all-day ride together, during which Mr. Nairmore taught my husband a few things about how to ride with a group, etc.


We rode to each others homes so that we would know where each lived for future reference. We have kept up with each other, been to Chapter meetings, and tried to get together to ride (without much success due to weather, jobs,

family commitments, etc.).  


HOWEVER, this past week, my father-in-law passed away. I shot out a text to our new "friends" just to let them know. Guess what?

They drove from the nearby city in which they live and showed up at the visitation and stood in the long line just to show their support and say, "We love you guys" as though we'd known them all our lives.  


So, when folks sign

up to join the GWRRA, you should post a disclaimer:  




Thanks John & Charlotte

Nairmore and Don & Angie Mims!


Glenda & Tiger Kilpatrick


I know I'm not going to understand women. 
I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax...
pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root...
and still be afraid of a spider.




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    Wing Ding 35 Update: Wing Ding 35 logo
    submitted by Jorge and Julia Perez

    RV SIG & Camping Coordinators, 


                                     WING DING Camping & RV SIG Event

    This year we are planning an Outdoor Movie Night on Friday, 6/5 at 9:00 PM at Rainbow RV Park for Wing Ding. The feature presentation will be "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz. Some of our camping Members will be bringing equipment to show the movie and the campground will work together to accommodate us. We did promise Sue Pinell popcorn for their help. We hope to be able to have a campfire going to add flavor to the event. Don't forget your munchies & lawn chairs. It's going to be a lot of FUN.

    Before Wing Ding 35, if you have any questions give us a call at 732-968-7833 or cell, 732-648-3542.  Once you arrive at Wing Ding 35, contact Dan and Mary Costello at the campground or Mary's cell at 732-261-2883.


    Here is the campground contact information:

    Rainbow RV Park
    Attn: Sue Pinell
    3553 Rutherford Rd Taylors, SC 29687
    Phone Numbers:
    (864) 244-1271 - Office
    (864) 908-5209 - Cell



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    Member Travel Story-- (3rd of 4 part travelogue)

    San Francisco or Bust!

    submitted by: Leonard/Marilyn Woelfel
    Chapter MN-C


    July 8: Fresno to Bishop.  By the time we got to their motel, they already had Delman's muffler secured - talk about early risers! Highlight for today was Yosemite National Park.  We stopped at a gas station prior to the Park and the attendant said to watch for bear cubs.  Wanda was excited and hoping to see at least one, but once we entered the Park and drove a while looking at the vast acreage of woods, we decided it would be highly unlikely that we would see one, but we did see one deer.  We stopped at the scenic Bridal Falls - 9,600 feet elevation, the mist that it creates does give you the sense of a delicate bridal veil. When leaving Yosemite the temp increased 3 degrees for every 1,000 ft decline.  We ended at our destination, Bishop, 100 degrees. Relaxing, but a short day. We had set up the tent and it was so windy we had to tie it onto posts to make sure it would be there upon our return from the Pizza Factory.

    July 9: Bishop to Henderson/Needles, NV.  Started out the day at 66 degrees and climbed rapidly to 77 in 30 minutes. Leonard and I separated from the group today. Their destination was Needles and ours was Henderson to visit relatives by way of Death Valley.  They were concerned in anticipation of the heat that we may have, but our temperature was 113 and at Needles it was 120.  Going through Death Valley are small villages with names Stovepipe Wells and Furnace Creek - thought those were very appropriate. We did keep cool by drinking water every 15 minutes and sprinkled our long sleeve shirts with water to keep cool.  We made it to Henderson and had a fantastic homemade meal - our fellow co-riders were jealous. We found out that the Delman's trailer hitch broke at a gas station--it could have happened on the road! He had it welded by a very interesting character. READ MORE
    21. The roundest knight at king Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
     22. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.
    23. She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.
    24. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
    25. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.
    26. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.
    27 Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
    28. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.
    29. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
    30. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
    Sent in by--Tom Hendricks, TX-U
    OFFICER STORY: Tom Hendricks
    Submitted by: Tom Hendricks
    Chapter TX-U 



    According to the definition of the word
    hooky is "unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc.", and the word retired is defined as "withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one's business or profession."


    Some would wonder what could possibly tie these two definitions together.  Many of us are fortunate enough to be retired from singular or multiple professions, and are basking in the glory of finally being able to do what we want, when we want.  If we have managed our lives and finances well, we achieve the maximum enjoyment along with the time to do whatever our hearts desire.  So, we enjoy activities such as playing golf, cards, going to movies and the ballet, eating out more than we should and, still try to keep up a valid physical fitness regimen.  Some of us ride motorcycles, and while still trying to do the aforementioned activities, we try to ride our bikes on a somewhat scheduled basis, and occasionally want to do something spontaneous. READ MORE 

    Gone mobile GWRRA
    Member Feedback: (Here is some feedback from last months article about "Technology.")
    It's kind of funny how life changes as you get older.  It's not because you want it to--it just happens.  Aches and pains appear out of nowhere.  And it seems there is a pill for each new ache.  That is just the physical side of things.  One of the hardest things you have to do is keep up with technology.  That's right, "keeping your mind sharp" seems  easy when you are young, but just wait till you get into those "Golden Years."  This is all leading to what Deb and I did the other day.  It seems our cell service with US Cellular was bought out by Sprint, so we had to get new cell phones.  Having had "Dumb" phones for all these years did not present any challenge.  We decided to test our "Mental Skills" by migrating to "Smart" phones.  If nothing else, we thought by having one, we would at least look a little smarter.  And the reason for this article is to let you know that if or when you call us, give us a lot of time to answer the phone...we have figured out how to turn them on, but still have to figure out how to answer the call....................

    Happy Trails

    Allen & Debby Biddlingmeier
    Missouri Newsletter Editor/Webmaster 


    You asked, where are we personally on technology?  Well, that bus is passing me right on by and I don't regret it in the least.  In fact I will go in the opposite direction away from technology as fast as I can.  No pods or pads, GPS, computers at home, beepers or telephones that are smarter than me (but my wife has one of those smart phones)!  I don't carry no stinkin' cell phone, never have and never will (if I can get away with it).  In fact I don't even wear a wrist watch. There's a clock on my Wing and that's all I need because I'm on it most of the time anyway!   Don't need any of those gizmos or gadgets, just a full tank of gas and a map and I'm a happy camper!

    As I heard a very wise man once say (Phil Robertson from the TV show Duck Dynasty), "I'm a low tech man in a high tech world" and that describes me to a tee.  Believe me Ed when I say that life in the dark ages is WONDERFUL!!!  Hopefully I've gotten my point across here but if you have any questions on the matter, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks Ed!   You take care & ride safe.        

    JB - GWRRA # 1800 (Life Member)

    I enjoy technology to a certain extent.  I do not believe the latest and greatest is necessary - nor the price of being that up to date.
    I was programming IBM computers from the 4K 1401 to the 80K 1410  and 100K 7070 ( a fixed word machine) and up to the 360's before the departments became so insular we did not have a need to know what machine we were on. I managed a 300 baud CRT for input so I can adapt to most anything.
    However,   I live out in the hills of Oregon.   There is no cell tower with access.    Just like there is rarely access to a tower where ever I tend to ride.  I gave up and got a tracphone a couple of years ago, but it only works when I go to town (Salem, OR).  No smart phone is necessary for me.
    I am not anti - technology,  I just enjoy my privacy (physical and internet) and 47 acres of hillside.   
    Please remember that some of us are NOT in the big city and that technology is NOT our friend.   
    Thank goodness my hills are only on the west, north and east sides ---  Satellite give us fairly up-to-date Internet and Television coverage.
    June #57031


    Another Member Story:
    submitted by: Gene A Hanselman
    Member #135067, Chapter OH-D3
    "TIN CUP..."

    When my Grandpa, Fredrick, and his brother Horace, stepped onto U.S. Soil in 1898 they had few prized possessions from Germany. Dressed in one change of ragged clothes, no other family members and unable to speak English, they had finally reached the land of opportunity. After customs, the two brothers worked many jobs of long, tiring hours until they were able to save enough money to head west to Illinois and work the occupation they knew from their Homeland, Farming. Before embarking on the trek to the Midwest they bought a few incidentals they figured would come in handy on  

    their journey. One of those small, but very significant items was a Tin Cup, shared by both men for many years in their new community and throughout my Grandpa's entire life. 


    The Cup was made sturdy, in one piece with the handle forged onto the bowl. It was coated with a substance like porcelain and had a cream colored main bowl with a black seamed handle and lip around the top. There were no markings or company name that made it, but at that time in history, who cared. Many different individuals drank from that Cup and not one got sick or died from sharing it. 


    In the twenties, my Grandpa married, started a family and moved to Virginia to "Share Farm". He took the Cup with him and it was used every day by family members, friends, neighbors and anyone wishing to quench their thirst at the old well pump. After years of working that farm and saving his money, he purchased a large farm in central Ohio and moved his wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters and all their possessions, including the Cup, to the Buckeye State.

    The old Tin Cup would hang from a wire on the hand pump by the stone sidewalk leading to the house until the late fifties. At that time, the pump was updated with a spigot, as the house, barn and all out buildings were updated with running water and bathroom facilities. Concrete replaced the stone sidewalk and a 4 step stoop was added. Around that same era, my uncle erected a beautiful metal Gazebo around the hydrant and well platform. Flower boxes garnished the Gazebo and my two aunts nurtured the flowers, planted shrubs around the base and kept artifacts and antiques situated on the platform. The Tin Cup, in all it's radiant glory, hung by the pump on the Gazebo by a wire, as if to say "Come, Quench Your Thirst". Many stories and tall tails were told while relaxing there, Cup in hand. READ MORE 


    Officer Article
    submitted by: Terri Kozlowski   
    Chapter Director, GA-D
    All-Around Leaders 

    "Leadership isn't about position. Leadership is about using your influence exactly where you are.  For teams to develop at every level, they need leaders at every level." John Maxwell.

    All TEAMS at all levels of any organization need an All-Around Leader. These are the type of leaders who lead up-to the top levels of the organization; who lead across among their peers; and who lead down to their TEAM members as well as others in the organization. An All-Around Leader leads through influence, not through the position they hold, nor through any power they may or may not have.  Some people believe that a person can't lead unless that person is at the "top" of the totem pole...they fail to recognize that true leaders lead even if they are at the bottom.  We can all choose to better our organization and help fulfill a better vision by serving as an All-Around Leader.

    Let's review the principles of "leading down"-to your TEAM and others in the organization.

    1. Spend time with the people. This is how you build relationships with your TEAM. Be sure to focus less on "task" and more on the "people" of the organization.  These relationships that are built help you though tough times and give you great joy during the celebrations.


    2. See everyone's potential.  An All-Around Leaders gets more out of their TEAM members because they expect more of their people and they truly believe that their people can do whatever they have been asked to accomplish.  All-Around Leaders respect and value each TEAM member as individuals though the relationship they built with them, and as a result, their people want to follow them. Encouragement for and recognition of the team reminds them all that you believe in their abilities. When you see the best in someone, they will want to rise to the expectations set of them - not out of obligation, but out of motivation and excitement.

    3. Build up each TEAM member as an individual.  As leaders, our ultimate goal is to help others develop as human beings. Developing means the qualities an individual achieves will benefit them in numerous areas of life, not just their current position or role within the TEAM. Their growth will ultimately prepare them for future leadership positions.

    4. Place people within their strengths. Discovering the right person for the right situation can be difficult; but taking the time to get the right people in the right places results in greater success.  To do this you need to have a relationship with them to determine their strengths.


    5. Model the behavior your desire. What kind of TEAM members do you want? Leaders show the TEAM what to do by setting the example. If you desire a culture of excellence, model excellence; if you don't like what your TEAM members are doing, first take a look at yourself and then take action. READ MORE



    submitted by: Sharon & Jim Scofield

    Chapter A - MA


    When the opportunity came along a few years ago to join a local group making plans to view the November, 2012 solar eclipse in Cairns, Australia, we signed up, joining with friends and acquaintances we had done similar travels with in the past.  We knew it was unlikely we would get another chance to make the long journey from Massachusetts to Australia, so we made plans to extend our time there and see more of the country, with even a side trip to New Zealand. 


    We've done some touring throughout the Northeast, eastern Canada, and a bit of the Midwest on our 2005 Gold Wing, so we were excited to see the advertisement in Wing World for Chapel Australian Bike Tours, based in New South Wales. Subsequent articles in the magazine about a month-long Australian outback tour led by Mick McHenry of Chapel Australian convinced us to explore this further. A few emails later and after viewing their promotional CD, we took the plunge and committed to a five-day tour of South Wales.


    Both Mick and Marg McHenry were our guides, leading us through their beautiful countryside.  The welcome and attention we received were amazing.  After a 20 hour or so series of flights to Sydney, they were waiting at the airport to take us to their home for a meal and a good night's rest.  Kangaroos in the front yard and hopping down their street made for a special touch, as did the neighbors who stopped by to say hello.


    The next morning we headed out on our two Gold Wings, the McHenrys in the lead.  Beginning at Jervis Bay, and then on to Bateman's Bay, followed by a ride to and around Australia's capital city of Canberra and a visit to the lookout tower for a stunning view of this man-made city.  Then, into the Snowy Mountains to a local "pub" for a meal and a good night's sleep.  Driving on the left side of the road, including entering and exiting left through the numerous "round abouts", was not the challenge we anticipated; it quickly became routine.  We traveled through small towns and the city, past meadows, seaside and beaches, farms, and forests, and up and down steep mountain switchbacks  and sweepers - all on Day One of our ride!


    No motorcycle tour is complete without a day of rain, and we were not disappointed!  We headed out the next morning into fog and heavy rains at time, completing our time in the Snowy Mountains.  Even in the rain, the scenery was breathtaking.  And even the signage was fun - kangaroo, wombat, and emu "crossings", notices of where "overtaking" was permissible or banned, and passing through towns with names such as Bungadore, Dalgetty, Jindabyne, and Gundagai.  We arrived to our warm and comfy trailer at a campground in Young to more rain, but also to a delicious meal next to an open fire at a nearby restaurant. READ MORE 


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