Since 1979 (at Wing Ding I), when I was first exposed to GWRRA and its Members, I have been amazed at the friendliness, generosity and unbounded caring for each other. As many of you know, I volunteered for Wing Ding I to help out before ever knowing anything about GWRRA or the Gold Wing motorcycle. After being enthralled by the people and the machine, I quickly came to understand the motto, "Friends for FUN, Safety and Knowledge!"  


After my appeal for more assistance, articles and Chapter newsletters last month, you have responded excellently. Thank you. Since, 1980 when I joined GWRRA and became a Member, then Officer, it has been my experience that when asked, Members have always come through with their generosity of time, resources, money and knowledge. And many times, before they were asked. Hence, all of our Officers and Volunteers!  


One prime example of this incredible process has been Arizona's Pioneer Chapter A. AZ-Chapter "A" is the first Charter Chapter of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. It was founded in January of 1978 and has been going strong ever since. I want to take this time to congratulate all the former and current Members and Officers of GWRRA's longest standing Chapter!


In reading many of these newsletters sent to me, our Chapters are still busy, even though some areas of the country and world are not experiencing the best of weather conditions...i.e. the bikes are parked! That does not mean our Members are! They are busy with plenty of FUN events, safety seminars and knowledgeable meetings. There are some Chapters doing "Bucket List" events/rides, charity rides/events, even New Years Day rides (even if there is snow..right OHIO?) Bowling, Chapter visits, family events, and community events are being planned. If your Chapter is not so active, I might suggest requesting other Chapter newsletters to get some fresh would be fun to try some new things!


For general information about GWRRA, please check out our website at and spend some time looking around. There are many new features, links and products for you there. As mentioned in previous issues, you can even chat live with one of our incredible Member Service Agents (during normal business hours).      


GWRRA offers discount programs for travel and vacations, hotels, car rentals, insurance, identity protection, motorcycle parts, financial services and even pet insurance! Just go to and check out all of the benefits that GWRRA offers our Members. For other links, you may want to visit our Special Interest Group website. Click here for more information about Classic Wings, RV, Camping, Cyber Wings, Lady Riders and Ham Radio Operators.


Below you will see a great article from Fritz & Jonette Beter, a Former Senior Chapter Director from LA-K, about their Mardi Gras fund raising event. Thanks to Gene Hanselmann for his latest article, Joe & Gracie Mazza for their Rider Education article about "Visibility", and Terri Koslowski, for her great article about "Optimism." Finally, don't miss "As the Wheel Turns" by Gary Yoder, the latest survey results and the latest Featured GWRRA Benefits!

Thanks for all your continued support! 


Ride safe and FIND-A-FRIEND!




Ed Price



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Joke of the Month


submitted by:

Tom Hendricks
Newsletter Editor,



Ole is the pastor of  

the local Norwegian Lutheran

  Church and Pastor Sven is the minister of the Swedish Covenant

Church across  

the road.

One day they are seen pounding a sign into the ground,

which said:




As a car sped past them, the driver leans out his window

and yells, "Leave people alone, you Skandihoovian religious nuts!"


From the curve, they hear screeching tires and a big splash.


Shaking his head, Rev. Ole says, "Dat's da terd one dis mornin'."

"Yaa," Pastor Sven agrees, then asks,

"Do ya tink maybe da sign should yust say, 'Bridge Out?'"


Thanks Tom! 

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"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"


Walter Gagehot 



"Winners expect to win in advance.


Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy!"





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submitted by 

Fritz & Johnette Beter
Former Senior Chapter Directors LA-K




"Friendship, Fun, Safety, and Knowledge": that's the motto of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. This international organization of Honda touring motorcycle riders includes Chapters throughout the United States, including Louisiana-among them, LA-K, in and around New Orleans.  


The state Chapters were named alphabetically, but it seems possible that fate had a hand in New Orleans's coming up "K." What could that letter stand for? Kickball? No. Knockwurst? Probably not. How about Krewe? Read More


Submitted by:

Joe and Gracie Mazza

Assistant International Director Rider Education

Motorist Awareness Director 


Visibility, Visibility, Visibility



In a recent discussion with my friend Larry Penepent, Region H Motorist Awareness Coordinator, we decided that when it comes to statistics relating to motorcycle accidents, you can get contradictory reporting depending on your source. In the past I have relied on The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


One recent report by the NHTSA stated that when motorcycles are involved in accidents with another vehicle, 77% are struck in the front and only 7% are struck from behind and approximately 47% of these accidents are fatal to the motorcyclist. More than half of these fatal accidents are caused by the other vehicle turning left, and 75% of all accidents involving another vehicle are caused by the driver's failure to see the motorcycle before the collision. Read More

Officer Article:
submitted by:

Terri M. Kozlowski

Georgia Chapter D Director


Optimism: the Most Important Quality for Success & Happiness!


In a twenty-two year study at the University of Pennsylvania, Martin Seligman summarized in his book Learned Optimism, that he was able to determine that optimism is the most important quality you can develop for personal and professional success and happiness. Optimistic people are more effective in almost every area of life. Why you ask...because optimists approach the world with gratitude and hope rather than fear and regret.


Optimists have four special behaviors, which can all be learned through a conscious practicing them. Let's look at these behaviors:


First, optimists always look for the good in every set of circumstances. Is the cup half full or half empty? By focusing on the positive instead of the negative a person can be more joyous and people will want to be around you. How often do you like spending time with someone who is always negative? An optimistic person will always find the blessing in any situation for which to be grateful.


Second, optimists always search for the important lesson in each setback. They're thankful even for hardships, interpreting difficulty as instruction rather than obstruction. When they have a difficult time they are not thinking "why me" they are you looking for the lesson they are supposed to learn. Life is a school in which each day we are given opportunities to learn. Sometimes we can learn a lesson easily but sometimes we need to be hit hard to learn a lesson. The choice is yours but all lessons are repeated until learned so it is better to start looking for the lesson you are to learn at each stumbling block before it becomes a mountain we have to climb.


Third, optimists constantly look for the solution to all difficult circumstances. Instead of blaming others or complaining about the situation (which accomplishes nothing but adding to the negativity in the world) when things don't go the way they want, they take action in the hopes of improving their situation. Optimists are solution oriented. They ask questions like, "What's the answer? What can we do now to make this better? What's the next step?" They take lemons and make lemonade. Are you doing okay "under" the circumstances? Optimists are the ones getting dirty and climbing to the top to overcome the circumstances.


Fourth, optimists think and talk continually about their objectives and aspirations. They are hopeful and expect that tomorrow will be better than today, they are future-oriented rather than backward-looking. They have high expectations. They are focused on what they are going to do, where they are going and how they are going to get there. They constantly want to learn and improve themselves, the current situation, and the organizations they are associated. They are always moving forward.

Are you facing the world with fear and regret... or are you finding the blessings and the lessons while overcoming your circumstances as you improve your perspective and are moving forward? Face the world with gratitude and hope...the choice is yours.


submitted by 
Gene Hanselman
Member #135067, Chapter OH-D3

I feel as though my life would not have been complete without knowing "Wilmer Shaw". He was a motorcycle dealer from way back in the Harley days and a very unique individual. I met him when I needed some work done on my BSA in 1967. This article starts then and goes through the time he entered a nursing home some 30 years later. We did some riding together and he taught me a lot about motorcycles. Read More
written by Walter F Fern
(Article from FL1-L2 Newsletter)
How To Ride A Motorcycle Trike

Learning to ride a motorcycle trike is not as easy as it looks.
Here's How to Ride a Motorcycle Trike:

1. The motorcycle trike controls are exactly the same as on a motorcycle, however, the steering is different and you need to get used to it.
2. Start out driving the trike in a parking lot with your right hand in your back pocket. Leave the trike in first gear, steer it around the lot and do some figure-8s. Get used to the long pushes to turn corners.
3. You steer a trike much like a car. You will find it easiest to use the push-pull steering technique. That is, when you want to turn right, pull the right grip toward you while pushing the left grip away from you. Similar, for a left turn, pull the left grip toward you while pushing the right away from you. This technique is especially useful making turns on twisties. You will find it much easier to pull the grip on a hard turn than trying to only push the grip.
4. You need to spend some time getting familiar with the steering and evasive maneuvers. Your mind will keep telling you that you are on a bike. Train yourself to steer, not counter steer.
5. Don't try to put your foot down when you stop. The rear wheel will run over it.
6. Remember that the trike is wide and you have to compensate when you pull in next to a gasoline island or a toll plaza.
7. Drive the trike in a traffic lane positioned much like a car.
8. Turning long sweepers will be easy. Doing twisties will take some technique and a certain amount of muscle.
9. Trikes can be altered to have more rake. This makes steering easier but judgment mistakes are easier to make, too.
10. Tight turns or decreasing radius turns on entrance and exit ramps are noticeably more difficult and require steady pressure.

Do not assume that since you've been riding motorcycles for 30 years, that you already know how to ride a trike. You may find yourself in a ditch.
As The  Wheel Turns!
Submitted by:  Gary Yoder


PA-T  Chapter Educator

As I sit here and write my newsletter article for this month, I must consider all that the previous months have brought me. It seems that the riding season months just fly by and we keep busy keeping with all that goes on at work, at home and with our Chapter family.  


As your Chapter Educator, my job is to pass along important safety information that will help you avoid accidents and keep you and your co-rider safe out there. Each of us can share stories of near misses or perhaps close encounters with others, who don't seem to acknowledge us or see us while they are busy driving, texting or talking on the ever

important cell phone.  


I have over the past months tried to keep you informed on classes and topics that will keep you safe for years to come and that brings me to my thoughts for this month.  


If I had to sum up what my motives have been for all those articles and presentations, I guess I would describe it as longevity. We read in the newspapers every so often about a motorcycle accident where the operator wasn't wearing a helmet and wonder why? Haven't they ever considered their head bouncing off the pavement at 60mph? Even at a slow speed, accidents can happen with head injuries.  


OK. How about the ones wearing helmets, do we ponder, I wonder what happened there. Could they have avoided the accident some how?? Well, the answer to that is education, training, practice and determination. If we determine to be a safer driver, then we need to practice that safer maneuver, or that safer practice of always wearing a helmet, slowing down when needed, paying attention to our surroundings, and ALWAYS watching out for those whose only excuse after the accident is, "Oh I didn't see you."  


Riding safely is all about being prepared for the unexpected, anticipating the worst and knowing how to handle that situation when it happens. We as a Chapter family have a vast knowledge of learning from experiences

we encounter. As a family we need to share those experiences with each other to ensure our family bonds of love for each other.  


 Earlier I mentioned longevity, I would in closing like to mention why I used that term. Each of us can relate to a lost Member of our Chapter family and those memories that they shared with us in riding and being a close Member of our family.   I'm sure each of you could relate something different with each one who have passed. It's those memories, stories and bonds that should define what safety means to you, for safety means longevity and longevity means our family Members will be around to make memories for years to come. As your Chapter Educator I challenge you to not only make safety a priority for yourself, but for your Chapter family as well.

2012 GWred 

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