This month I have enjoyed reading many electronic newsletters sent to me by some Chapter Directors and Chapter Newsletter Editors. It has been fun reading about all the activities from all over the country, especially the variety of activities from the areas of the country that can still ride versus the areas that are snowed in! Believe it or not, I am writing this article while watching the Phoenix temperature of 28 degrees at 7:30 am. It has been this way for three days in a row. We are not used to these temperatures and I can tell you...we don't like it and when the high gets to 48, when it is supposed to be 70 or 80, we get cranky :) Seriously, it is not that bad and we will appreciate the warmer weather when it returns and then we will go back to teasing everyone! And I don't feel so bad when I read in the Arkansas newsletter that they are dealing with blizzards, WOW! 


Now, back to the subject at hand, some of the activities I have read about have been wonderful things like Toy Runs for childrens' charities, MED activities, like Couple of the Year Selection Programs, are on the calendars for many Chapters, and many Chapters and still doing Rider Education functions like Motorists Awareness events, classroom trainings, etc. In these beginning months of the new year many Chapters, Districts and Regions set their calendars for their operational meetings, training sessions to set their goals and intentions for the year. This is their effort and intent to better serve you, our Members, as they are all Volunteers of GWRRA and these amazing folks deserve to be appreciated and congratulated!!    


I want to thank all the folks who have sent their e-newsletters to me. If you would like to send me your Chapter's e-newsletter, please do so here or just add my email address to your distribution list. It will be greatly appreciated!


Speaking of appreciation, I also want to thank all the folks who have contributed to Wingin' It. This e-newsletter has been a Member contribution product ever since its inception. Without you, our Members sending us your articles, stories, and feedback, Wingin' It would not come to your email each month. Every month I ask for your contributions, but it seems this time of year we get fewer and fewer submissions - I need your help in keeping Wingin' It coming to you each month. Please consider sending me a story about your Chapter and its last activity or how it has positively effected your life. Or, maybe an interesting ride you took this past riding season. Or, tell us how you enjoy being a staff Member for GWRRA, what you do and why? I'd love to start a Staff Profile each month, so make sure you send me a nice picture too. And don't forget those great Gold Book stories or those safety or packing tips. Anything you think would be interesting to our Members. Just write me here and thank you in advance!    


Last month, as well as the prior month, I wrote about the new Wing, the F6B. I asked for your opinions and requested some positive remarks, because the previous month we only received less than shiny ones. My email box was filled with over 40 positive comments about the F6B. Below you will read a few of the positive responses I received. Thanks to all the Members who wrote in to the let us know their thoughts!    


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Below you will see a great article from Dan Scott, a Chapter Director from Oklahoma, about a new event his Chapter tried with great success this Christmas for his community. Thanks to Gene Hanselmann for his "Pet Peeve's" article, John Papson for his Gold Book article, and you can read a few of our Members New Year's Resolutions. Finally, don't miss the latest survey below and 35 FUN facts!

Thanks for all your continued support! 


Ride safe and FIND-A-FRIEND!




Ed Price



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Take Two Aspirins

A doctor had a problem with a leak in his bathroom plumbing that became bigger and bigger. Even though it was 2 a.m., the doctor decided to phone his plumber.

"For Pete's sake, Doc," he wailed,
"this is some time to wake a guy."
 "Well," the doctor answered testily, "you've never hesitated to call me in the middle of the night with a medical problem. Now it just happens I've got a plumbing emergency."


There was a moment's silence. Then the plumber spoke up, "Right you are Doc," He agreed. "Tell me what's wrong."


The doctor explained about the leak in the bathroom.


"Tell you what to do," the plumber offered.


"Take two aspirins every fours hours and drop them down the pipe. If the leak hasn't cleared up by morning,  

phone me at the office." 

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Oliver Wendall Holmes 



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Katherine Graham 


Greetings from a new Member!


My husband and I just discovered the joy of cycle-riding when we purchased

a Gold Wing trike towards the end of summer 2012.



We just joined GWRRA this past month and our resolution for 2013

therefore is to;  




Tiger & Glenda Kilpatrick

Boaz, Alabama





My New Years Resolution is to spend more time with the local GWRRA. I have been splitting my time between The Blue Knights and GWRRA.  The BK have been doing less and less. 


Ken Harris
Chapter (R) Phoenix AZ  



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submitted by 

Dan Scott  
Chapter OK-I Director


On December 15th Oklahoma's newest Chapter, OK-I had our first Toy Run and Food Drive for needy families in the Bixby community. We had motorcycles of every make and model that you can imagine from Harleys to Suzukis to Indians. Yes, we had several Gold Wings, as well. Each bike, regardless of the make, all came to Bixby, Oklahoma carrying toys and food for the local families in need. The stories we heard from the Outreach Center were heartwarming, even with the help we might provide, there was still a great deal more help needed for families, especially the kids. When Mattie Jones first approached Dan Scott, Director of Chapter I and asked what I thought about doing this, the first thing I said was how do we get started? Who do we contact? After making a few phone calls, the Chapter I food & toy drive was underway. With the help of several people, we all got together, wrapped boxes with Christmas paper and started putting them in locations where we thought we would get donations. Places like local banks, food stores, beauty shop and of course, a motorcycle shop. READ MORE

Gold Book Story ~Thank You, Bill & Linda~
by John Papson 

Chapter "O" Nebraska


For our anniversary this year I decided to surprise my wife with a small 1,513 mile road trip on our GL1800 2005 Gold Wing from Omaha to Dallas-Fort Worth Texas (Metroplex area). In September of this year, we wanted some much needed "alone time" and to round out the trip, believe it or not, we had wanted to go see the "in-laws". We started our trip on a beautiful Friday afternoon heading south and stayed the weekend at Bonner Springs just outside of Kansas City, Kansas.

On Sunday morning, we headed south again to Texas. I wish I could say our whole trip was uneventful... It was in Oklahoma, on I35 south just past Tonkawa, when I noticed the bike was beginning to have a slight vibration in the handlebars. After about a mile or so, I see a rest area just ahead, so I tell my co-rider I'm pulling over to check things out. I kick off the cruise control and my slight vibration turns into a shimmy. My shimmy starts to shake, then our shake begins to rattle, and by the time I'm ready to completely stop, I think we're going to roll. READ MORE

Regional Couples of the Year 
submitted by:
Ed & Linda Johnson
International Membership Enhancement Directors
Region A=Dana & Jo Voight
(Top row, left)
Region B=Eileen & Tim Guile
Region D=Mike & Penny Kadinger
Region E=Mitchell & Susan Bence
(Top row, right)
Region F=Mike & Ruth Burke
(Second row, left)
Region H=Dale & Carleen Garrett
Region I=Mike & Janet Turner
Region N=Tommy & Gayle Wilson
(Second row, right)


submitted by 
Gene Hanselman
Member #135067, Chapter OH-B

In my life, I have had many "Pet Peeves" about motorcycle riders. This months article has to do with my biggest pet peeves. Most of which have to do with V-Twin Riders.

I enjoy participating in light parades and I have a few LEDs to accent my bike. I've attended and ridden in over 50 different light parades including Wing Ding, numerous State and Region Rallies, other independent Light Parades and all but three Honda Homecomings. Most of them have a few different brands of bikes, but mostly Gold Wings.

The last two rallies I attended had more Harleys and V-Twins than Gold Wings and a few of them were very obnoxious.
I have always enjoyed riding all brands of motorcycles and have never judged anyone for the make or model of bike they own or ride. I will, however, complain and ridicule anyone that puts a damper on my riding time and spoils my enjoyment when riding. That is exactly what happened at the last light parade I participated in. READ MORE
35 FUN Facts

1. 1977, GWRRA was created with 7 Members at the first meeting.
2. 1977, the cost of a new Gold Wing was $2,938.
3. 1977, the cost of a gallon of gas was $.65 cents.
4. 1977, the average cost of a gallon of milk was $1.50.
5. 1977. The cost of a loaf of bread was $.36 cents.
6. 1977, the average cost of a new home was $49K.
7. 1977, the average yearly income was $15K.
8. 1977, "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett was one of the billboard #1
9. 1977, "Star Wars" opens
10. 1977, Snow falls in Miami, FL for the only time in history.
11. 1977, Jimmy Carter becomes 39th President of USA.
12. 1977, the Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XI.
13. 1977, the Portland Trailblazers won the NBA championship.
14. 1977, the New York Yankees won the World Series.
15. 1977, the Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup.
16. 1977, Tom Watson won the Master's golf tournament.
17. 1977, Rock 'n Roll legend Elvis Presley passed away.
18. 1977, Apple Computers was incorporated.
19. 1977, "The Fonz" jumped a motorcycle over a shark on TV's "Happy Days"
20. 1977, The World Trade Center is completed in New York.
21. 2011, 35th Anniversary of GWRRA, currently with over 70,000 Members.
22. 2011, the average cost of a new Gold Wing is $26K.
23. 2011, the average cost of a gallon of gas is $3.42.
24. 2011, the average cost of a gallon of milk is $3.
25. 2011, the cost of a loaf of bread is $2.50.
26. 2011, the average cost of a new home is $200K.
27. 2011, the average yearly income is 47K.
28. 2011, "If I Die Young" by Perry is one of the Billboard most played songs.
29. 2011, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" tops the film box office.
30. 2011, terrorist Osama Bin Laden is killed.
31. 2011, co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Jobs passed away.
32. 2011, Scotty McCreery wins TV's American Idol.
33. 2011, the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series.
34. 2011, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup.
35. In its 35 years as an Association, GWRRA has grown from 7 Members meeting at a Denny's restaurant to over 68,000 Members, with 700 Chapters in over 52 countries. Here's to another great 35 years with GWRRA!

Friends for FUN, Safety & Knowledge!
Member Feedback

Here is some feedback I have received on the New Gold Wing, F6B, that I wrote about in last months Wingin' It.

Kevin says: 
I wanted to add my 2 cents to the feedback to the negative opinions about the new Wing. The F6B is ONLY one variety of Wing, just as the legendary Valkyrie was, what part of that don't the dissenters get? The final comment about taking away storage and comfort was utterly ridiculous! There's still the standard touring model with all the bells and whistles they've ever had. Sure the bike looks a little different, time doesn't stand still but apparently people do, and this is coming from a 63 year old rider. 
Mike saysI was surprised to see in your email that you didn't get a mixture of responses on the F6B. I like its looks and think it should appeal to a good-sized group of people. The Naked Gold Wing club is full of people who don't want windshields, bags, fairings & trunks - all of which are important to ME!

It seems to me that a lot of folks thought it was the new Gold Wing, instead of an addition to the line, which might account for a large part of the issue. I think I'd have problems with a short windshield in windy or wet weather, but I imagine there will be options there! Regardless, the 1800 is so fun to ride it should do well if the target audience likes it, too. 
Tom says:

I just read the comments from GWRRA Members on the new "bagger" wing.  What a bigoted bunch.  You would think that Honda had discontinued the full touring Gold Wing completely.  The new option is not meant for current wing riders, it is meant to offer a choice, giving customers the ability to have the comfort and reliability of the Gold Wing in a slightly different format.  The bagger wing may attract a younger rider just on its looks and being slightly cheaper will certainly help.


Harley Davidson has capitalized on this successfully for years.  Offering different versions of a basic platform.  It's about time Honda woke up.  Yamaha started this several years ago.


Personally I think it is a beautiful machine even though it doesn't fit my needs.  I hope it is successful.


Perry says;
I like the looks of the new model. Didn't much care for the '12 simply because it made accessorizing more difficult for not much gain otherwise. The F6B on the other hand, makes a more sporty version of the 'wing which should help attract younger riders. Also there are many who ride a lot but never get out of their home state. They might like it also. On the downside, leaving off the creature comforts, I feel, was a mistake. The Cruise Control is what pushed me over the edge from my FJ to a 'wing because we do travel.

No doubt Honda will find a happy middle ground with time. I don't want to discourage them from trying new things by being too critical. I like the sporty look of the whole thing.  

I like any further development from Honda on the Gold Wing. Extending the "family" with a more sportive variant and addressing a new younger generation of riders is good news. Unfortunately there seems to be always a "but". With the F6B and the newest model of Gold Wings there is a new back end of the bike which is looking very special. In my view, possibly true for many European's, the bikes are looking too fat and by far not elegant. Maybe a good Italian or English designer could further improve the design and make it more attractive for Non-American people.

With regards from Switzerland

Bruce says;
I think that some people in the GWRRA are looking at the new F6B as a redesign which it is not, it is just another model which may appeal to a younger crowd. One of the big topics of the GWRRA is the fact that the organization is getting older and how do we attract younger riders. I think that Honda has given us (GWRRA) a helping hand by stripping the Wing down to a Bagger that may appeal to that younger crowd. Once a rider gets on this new model they will experience the full advantages of riding a Wing (power, comfort, and handling) and like the rest of us know no other bike comes close as a full package. Honda did make some big mistakes in the 2012 Gold Wing that I agree with, but the new F6B model I see from a GWRRA perspective as a positive for our Association.

Alex says;
After reading some of the responses from fellow GW members, I have to be different. I have only ridden a Gold Wing for 14 years. Everything has to change, even the design of the Gold Wing. Since 2001, the 1800 series has not changed that much, except for the tail end of the Wing. I'll bet you that the 1800 series came about because the 1500 series was in decline. Sales were down. Honda had to come up with something different. Thus the 1800. Now after 12 years, Honda needed to peak the interest of the younger generation. Thus the F6B. From the side, it looks sharp. Low windshield, no trunk. I wonder if, with the missing trunk, will the gas milage increase. Less drag on the bike. I don't believe that Honda should have made the "Electric Reverse and the Center Stand" as optional. Back Rest as an option, that is "OK".

In ending, when I first saw the F6B, I said "WOW", "SHARP" looking new Gold Wing.

Bill says;
I like the new design as an alternative. The tourer with passenger comfort will still be an option. I like change as long as the quality is not compromised. The lines look good. I am an older rider and my co-rider has retired from riding. I would not hesitate in buying the new design F6B.

Rick says;
Greetings from sunny St. Petersburg, Florida!!


I'm writing in response to your question about the F6B and thought I would give you a few reasons why I like the look. The sporty, elegant appearance is what first caught my eye. It's sleek, non-cumbersome design has an air of cool unlike any other wing. Traditional Wingers need to look at the F6B for what it is...a new bike. Not a Gold Wing. Yes, it has the same engine, frame, and suspension as a wing, but that's about it. The F6B gets a favorable nod from this Florida Winger.


Hank says:
My observation as Gold Wing owner with 113K  on my 01 GL1800 is that so not like what we have not chosen to ride.  I like the new Wing.  I think they did a good job of using the new design to attract a lot of potential buyers.  Many people I talk to appreciate the engineering and performance of the Gold Wing but do not see themselves on the big two-up touring bike.  The F6B will be very attractive to these riders that do not presently own a Wing and I think also to a lot of Wing owners that are not into touring or those like myself that hardly ever have a co-rider.  I think Honda did a great job! 

2012 GWred 

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