Can you believe it is the end of 2012 already? For me, it has been one of the most memorable and quickest years I have had in a long, long time! It has been my first year of retirement, with lots of travel, sharing some incredibly great times with family and friends, as well as losing some lifetime friends (but never forgotten). Rose and I wish each of you a very happy and healthy Holiday Season, as well as an awesome NEW YEAR!   


As many of you have read, Honda has announced a new Gold Wing, the F6B. The comments are wide and varied as you can well imagine. It is different! My opinion...I believe Honda made a very smart decision from a design, color and price-point perspective for the demographic audience they are trying to reach. I am sure I will receive many comments and will gladly reprint the appropriate ones in the next Wingin' It! Make sure you read the full layout in the January issue of Wing World magazine. 


















Having just returned from the GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise, I am still trying to get my land legs! Not having been on many cruises, once you spend seven days at sea and then get back home, you spend a few days still feeling like you are at sea with your body having motion symptoms. Adding to that, when the folks from Phoenix arrived home, we came home to a temperature of 55 degrees! Not normal for us, since we left and it was 90! So some immediately got head colds and suffered other winter-like symptoms. Don't you feel bad for us?? Anyway, the cruise was awesome! We had close to 200 Members onboard from GWRRA and everyone enjoyed Norwegian Cruise Line's hospitality. The weather was perfect and the ports of call were all enjoyed to their fullest! You can check out the website shortly for all the latest pictures. There were two welcome parties onboard where everyone got a chance to meet and greet and enjoy chatting with our Founder, Paul Hildebrand and his wife Dottie, as well as our Co-Founder, Shirley Stephens-Garcia and her husband Benny, GWRRA's President, Abel Gallardo and his wife Sussy, and GWRRA's Director Jere Goodman, and his wife Linda.

I had the opportunity to meet many of you on the cruise and share some meals and even an excursion or two with some of you. It was a blast. Please write me here and share you stories with the rest of us about your experiences on this cruise and the ports of call we visited. I know my favorite was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where we climbed the water falls and visited Dolphin Cove. Another unique experience was driving a jeep in the Cayman Islands, which is owned by you drive on the "other" side...! Needless the say, we had a great time, put on a few pounds and are ready to try and get back to our normal schedule.


I also want to mention how much of a pleasure it was to work with Peter Russell over the years as our International Director of Global Affairs. He worked tirelessly and traveled extensively to bring countless Members to GWRRA. His knowledge of cultures and customs was invaluable in assisting GWRRA in paving the way for many Members to ease their way into our Association. It was great to see you on the cruise Peter and we really appreciate all your dedication to GWRRA and its Members over these many years...Thank You!  


Make sure you check out the ad below to see a sampling of some of the NEW GWRRA Official Products that are being featured for the holidays. And please check out the Official Products page for a complete listing of all the products GWRRA has to offer! (Click Here


The new Wing Ding 35 website is up and running, so check it out and get registered for Greenville, SC. It is one of my favorite cities and I will see you there! We are looking for articles about riding to Greenville or great rides in and around the Greenville area. Let's share your knowledge of the area!   

Below you will read a few stories from our Members who have written feedback from previous Wingin' It's. These Members and stories are really appreciated! Without these folks and our contributing authors like Joe Mazza and Gene Hanselman, your newsletter, Wingin It, would not continue. Thanks you for all your contributions and please continue to send in your stories, experiences, jokes, rides, Gold Book stories, Honda Dealer stories, Chapter activities, and any contributions you want to share with your fellow GWRRA Members! I am also looking for travel tips, packing tips, best road trips, best motorcycle routes, maintenance tips, couples travel tips, most useful products, innovative products, best websites, you name it!! Send me your articles or stories here! 


Thanks for all your continued support!



Ride safe and FIND-A-FRIEND!




Ed Price



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Winston Churchill 



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The "REAL Wingy?"

Let me introduce you to the REAL Wingy...  He is 5 year old, CJ of Wesley Chapel, Florida.  He is sitting atop my 2006 GL1800 Navi with 117,000+ miles.  In the background is my lovely wife of 10 years, Karen(238241-01) with her very own 2006 GL1800.  We bought this bike new at Wing Ding in Nashville, TN in 2006 from Cool Springs.  It has since been to five more Wing Dings.


Howie Taylor

Member #238241 (Hall of Fame Member)

Wesley Chapel, FL


Ron Knudtson, GWRRA Member 79122 from Mason City, Iowa is shown here with his neighbor lady, Dorothy TeKippe, on his Gold Wing trike for her 96th Birthday. Every year he has given Dorothy a ride on her Birthday. She says "The ride is awesome and I plan to have a ride on my 97th Birthday, too!" It is never too old to enjoy life and have a ride on a
Gold Wing!!!

Sent in by Ron's wife, Karen Knudtson, 79122-01
Quotable Quotes!
Here are some quotes sent in by our Members!

If you have some you'd like to send to me, send them here!

There are two types of people in this world;

people who ride motorcycles and people who wish they did.

~Author Unknown


Catching a yellow jacket in your shirt at 70 mph can double your vocabulary. 
 ~Author Unknown


You start the game of life with a full pot of luck and an empty pot of experience. The object is to fill the pot of experience before you empty the pot of luck.
 ~Author Unknown


These were sent in by  

Tom Hendricks 

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Rider Education Article
submitted by

Joe & Gracie Mazza

Assistant International Rider Education Director    

A Tragic Irony


July 3, 2011 Onondaga, New York


A motorcyclist who was participating in a protest ride against helmet laws died after he flipped over the bike's handlebars and hit his head on the road. Philip A. Contos, 55, from New York, was driving a 1983 Harley Davidson with a group of friends who were all protesting against helmet laws by not wearing helmets. The accident happened on Saturday afternoon in the town of Onondaga, in central New York, near Syracuse. READ MORE

Fond Memories 

submitted by

Peter Russell 

Former Director of Global Affairs 


Many years ago, (sounds like a fairy tale) I found myself riding a GL1100 after seeing the points on my drivers license building up! Wishing to save the license, I figured a Gold Wing would slow my riding down enough. WRONG. That bike was quick enough to cause comments from traffic officers, like "never knew they could handle that well".


I eventually graduated (matured!) enough to go for a 1500, in that gorgeous pearl white & mushroom paint finish. Many thousands of miles later, I traded up to another new one in silver finish. That was when I came to attend my first Wing Ding, in Billings, and met up with so many folks who I am now pleased to say are friends of long standing. READ MORE

question mark

Joke of the Month


Mr. Smith & The Doctor

One Thursday evening Mr. Smith was sitting in his favorite armchair, drinking a beer, and watching football, when he had this sudden urge to pass wind. This he duly did...phurpppHONDA!

'Weird' thought Mr. Smith, but thought nothing of it, until 5 minutes later, when  ...phurpppHONDA!

At this he got worried. He rushed to the local hospital, and managed to get an appointment with an intestinal specialist.

"What seems to be the problem Mr. Smith?" asked the doctor.

"Well, whenever I pass wind, it seems to make a noise like a motorbike." replied Mr Smith.

"Could you possibly show me?' asked the doctor. Mr Smith duly obliged. 

"Bend over please Mr Smith, I'd like to examine you... (muffled) ah yes, I see your problem," said the doctor "you have an abscess on your backside. That would explain the strange noise."

Mr. Smith was lost for words. "How," he asked "could an abscess on my backside make a noise like that!?" 

"Simple," replied the doctor..."Abscess makes the fart go Honda"

submitted by Michael Fitzpatrick at the Home Office... "I found this on the message board from Duane Ewell."

Remember, send me your best, clean jokes here


submitted by 
Gene Hanselman
Member #135067, Chapter OH-B

I simply love the holidays and all that goes with them. Turkey and all the fixings for Thanksgiving and ham and all the trimmings for Christmas. The smell throughout the house of holly and other greenery is memorizing and all the family coming home is a thrill. Nothing and I mean nothing, makes me happier than holidays in the fall.

However, there is one glitch, one fly in the ointment, one little grievous event that really sets me off and infuriates me beyond belief. My wife and her family and their annual baking of "Christmas Cookies". READ MORE
Gold Wing Road Riders Are The Same Everywhere!

submitted by 

Don & Lena DeCoursey 

Chapter M, Ontario, Canada


This year Lena and I went to Israel for our vacation and as we do when we travel without riding friends, try to make contact with a local Chapter of the G.W.R.R.A. Before leaving, Lena contacted Dan and Rachel Sanderovich, District Directors for the State of Israel. They welcomed us with open arms and made arrangements for us to join them and Chapter "A" at their meeting and ride which fell on one of the days that we would be in Tel-Aviv.  READ MORE

Living Abroad Feedback 
by Tom Sprague



I read your story in Wingin' It.  I see you have traveled abroad but have not had the pleasure of living abroad.  I fully understand your comments about having the comforts of your own home and your own country.  In Jan 1993 my family and I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, while working for Motorola.  It was quite an experience.  Both of my children graduated from Jakarta International School. After their graduation they moved back to the USA for college while my wife and I stayed in Asia for a couple of more years.  I can remember the first time I visited Jakarta to be the Project Manager for the implementation of a cellular system.  It was difficult to get use to - you are correct, do not drink water from the tap, it must be bottled.  One of the most interesting things was when I first arrived in Jakarta in January, 1991, you would pick up the phone to make a call and all you had was dead air (no dial tone).  The person next to me would tell me you have to wait for dial tone.  I was shocked to hear this, I always thought it was part of the phone.  Even though I was working in the cellular infrastructure market I never understood dial tone is generated by the local telephone switch office.  If there are a sufficient number of circuits then you get dial tone.  If not, you would have to wait until someone hangs up and you are in the queue to get the next dial tone.  In the USA, you may experience this if there is a disaster and everyone gets on the phone to make a call at the same time but it is very unusual. READ MORE
Member Feedback
submitted by
Larraine Best

Hi Ed,

I want to thank you for writing up my story in your July web letter. I am a disabled female trike rider and I want to tell you what I did this summer. 

On July 2nd, I left NYC heading for Fort Wayne, Indiana. I had a great time at the Wing Ding, met some very nice people and I thought GWRRA did a fantastic job!
After Wing Ding, I set off to Canada, touring around for a couple of weeks and coming back into the states through Glacier National Park Montana. From there, I went to Carson City, NV for the AMA Women's International Conference, that too, was very interesting. 
Heading south, I stopped in Las Vegas, Boulder Dam, Grand Canyon and of course being so close, I had to visit the Home Office in Phoenix! Everyone was very nice to me and I know you are retired, but I was kinda' hoping you would be there! 
After Phoenix, I started my long ride east back to NY. The heat everywhere was brutal. In Oklahoma, I got diverted because of the bush fires and I also got a flat tire! I got lucky though, as it happened near Stillwater, OK.  I found Honda of Stillwater in the phone book late Friday night, I called them first thing Saturday morning explained the situation, "not a problem just come in we will take care of you" said John Gough, the owner. I was flat bedded in by Cowboy Towing of Stillwater, a very nice guy, also a biker. Everyone was so good to me and they had me up and running  within 1 and 1/2 hours.

I would like to give both John Gough and Cowboy Towing of Stillwater, OK a shout out and if any Member should have any misfortune while in that area, I highly recommend Honda of Stillwater! 
I did about 7000 miles alone and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I am planning my next trip down to Florida to warmer weather, but first the trike goes in for service!  

Happy trails
Man's Best Friend!
submitted by
Wade Jenkins

Here is an article from Chapter D in Anniston, AL.

My Dog Harley rides with me on the Gold Wing almost everywhere I go.
Rides the Dragon, she loves it! She is a hit everywhere we go; she spends lots of time signing autographs and posing for pictures. ;-)

This little beauty's name is Harley. When you see Wade Jenkins out and about riding, you will always see Harley in "her" seat. She is Wade's co-rider. She enjoys being among the Gold Wingers, the rides and the wind in her face. This little miss goes just about everywhere and enjoys
every minute of it. She gets all the attention everywhere she goes. She never causes any trouble, is well mannered and looks forward to meeting you one day when they are out and about "Wingin Style"...

2012 GWred 

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