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Welcome to the Manhan Bridge Construction Newsletter.

January and most of February have come and gone, and construction continues around the weather. While most of the work is constrained to around the Manhan Bridge itself, there is some activity in the area of the other intersections.

In this edition you will see photos of the work, and short video of the Bridge and the Ferry Street intersection.

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Bridge Work 
Bridge from Mill St  
During the last few weeks there has been a lot of work around the bridge itself. This work has resulted in traffic delays, as the bridge is reduced to one lane. The morning commute for many has been slow; however, the police have done a great job in keeping traffic moving as quickly as possible.  

You will notice in the pictures and the video that there is work going on below the bridge to prepare for the project. Crews worked to remove the brush and trees to gain access to the underside of the bridge and install large sandbags to hold back the earth from the river.  

The moving of the utilities has been happening over the last few weeks. Some experienced a power outage on Feb. 25 for approximately a half an hour. This was not directly related to the bridge work but is part of the process to remove wires. WMECO has been working on Pleasant Street to reroute the feeds that cross the bridge. In order to move forward with the removal of the bridge and installation of a pedestrian bridge, Verizon, Charter and Fibertec will need to move their equipment from the poles on the bridge as well.This will be happening over the next few weeks. When all is said and done, it is our understanding that the poles will be moved opposite to the side they are now. 

With that completed, substructure work has started. Drilling and other work is going on below the bridge for concrete walls that tie into the foundation and the abutment. Below the bridge on the east side, you will see walls that will be backfilled with rock to hold back and reinforce it. On the west side near the DPW Yard entrance, the same will be happening. However, on the West Street side, this (as of this posting) is not needed because of the low grade.

It is anticipated that the pedestrian bridge will be installed around mid to late March. The process to install the bridge may cause longer delays and the possibility of a closure of the bridge for a few hours. This HAS NOT been established yet, and we will keep everyone posted as it gets closer to happening.  
Easthampton Manhan Bridge project Update 2-25-13
Easthampton Manhan Bridge project Update 2-25-13
West Street Intersection Work  
The arm that will hold the traffic light should be going in sometime in the next several weeks. This will cause delays on the corner of Northampton and West Streets. As we get notification of the installation we will keep everyone posted.

Many have had questions about the turn lane that will be on Northampton Street as you come across the bridge towards West Street. The bridge is staying the same width overall. As you cross the bridge going north, there will be two lanes, one 10' left turn only for West street and one 11' (typical) lane for traffic heading north on Rt.10. The southbound lane over the bridge will remain at 11'.

The section of wall that was shown in the last issue has been completed
New retaining wall West Street
Ferry Street & Pleasant Street Intersection 
As reported in the last issue, as of Jan. 16, the work on this intersection is complete. The temporary lights have been installed and they are just waiting to be tested. The lights have been flashing for a few weeks and will continue to do so until they are tested and the bridge is ready to be closed. We will advise everyone as soon as we know when the testing phase will start.  
Light at Ferry Street
Intersection of Pleasant & Ferry Street Temporary Lights

Northampton & O'Neil Streets

This intersection has not seen too much activity over the last month. Before the bridge closes, this intersection (along with West and Ferry) will need to be completed and the traffic lights will need to be operational. It is expected that in the next month, work will start again as the pole for the traffic light will be installed along with other street cuts.
O'neil and Northampton street
Wrap-up for This Month   
The process will continue, but from what we have gathered, it  
does not look like the bridge will close early March as originally had been planned. As we get more information and the process moves on, we will continue to keep you informed.

As MassDOT has indicated from the start, the intersection work and utility work need to be completed before any thought of closing the bridge to traffic. We are being kept up to date by MassDOT officials and are pleased so far with their effort to share with the community as much information as possible.
As was discussed in a forum back in Sept. 2012 on this project, the Chamber has asked for some additional signage regarding businesses along Northampton Street. The detour from the bridge up to O'Neil Street will lead to a loss of potential customers for those on Northampton Street. The MassDOT has agreed to install 3 additional signs before the detour routes to help remind people that those businesses are still open and ready to serve them. The sign you see below will be installed before the bridge closure. Bridge construction no arro
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 If you have any questions about the Manhan Bridge Project, please feel free to email us (info@easthamptonchamber.org) and we will work to get the answer for you. 


Patrick Brough
President, Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce
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