Promontory Point Capital is pleased to announce our most recent client success with & Martz Supply.


Established in 2003, is one of the nation’s largest e-Commerce plumbing fixtures e-tailers for the residential kitchen, bath, and fixtures market. Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin eImprovement serves a national retail audience through a variety of online internet stores augmented by a wholesale distribution arm, Martz Supply, serving the greater Denver, Colorado marketplace.

In 2009 eImprovement was seeking advice on growth and acquisition strategies and the Company's bank recommended that the owners have a conversation with Promontory Point Capital. Shortly thereafter, the Company hired PPC as their financial advisor. After completing a successful strategic merger with Martz Supply in 2012, eImprovement once again turned to PPC during 2014 to explore strategic alternatives for the combined business. It was important to the principals of eImprovement to identify a buyer that would not only understand the technology value of the organization, but also provide the resources and footprint to take the e-Commerce segment of the business to the next level. After PPC completed a targeted marketing process to assess the preliminary interest of various financial and strategic parties, the Hajoca Corp. was determined as the best fit with ownership’s growth objectives.

As eImprovement’s financial advisor, PPC managed the entire engagement process including the creation of an online deal room, audience research & selection, the negotiation of critical documentation and vendor agreements, management of due diligence, and assisting in finalizing closing documentation. eImprovement successfully closed on the sale of their business in December, 2014.

"I strongly recommend PPC as the right advisor to business owners seeking a firm that will not only lead a robust process from start to finish, but one that also proactively addresses and resolves transaction issues you might never think of. Through PPC's assistance, we were able to complete a transaction that exceeded our growth and strategic objectives."

Mike Fox
Chief Executive Officer

Promontory Point Capital
is a Milwaukee-based investment banking boutique focused on the needs of Midwestern privately-held businesses. Since being formed in 2004, our firm has led over 100 client engagements including the arrangement of debt and equity financing, the evaluation of business sale and recapitalization options, and the planning and execution of growth strategies involving acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures.

Situations where Promontory Point Capital has been helpful include:
  • Business owners and management teams wishing to better understand their options for exploring a full or partial sale of their business, a shareholder recapitalization, or the acquisition of another entity.
  • Financing needs encompassing bank and non-bank financing, subordinated debt, and/or equity capital ranging from $5MM to $100MM to fund activities such as internal growth, expansion, shareholder redemptions, some level of senior debt repayment, and/or acquisitions.
  • Companies facing operational challenges or those that are financially over-extended, where our firm's profit improvement skills and sources of non-bank financing can both stabilize and better capitalize our client's business.

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