Dear Friends and Colleagues;

On behalf of our Chair, Jeff Cohen, and the Board of Directors, we were so pleased to have such a great turn out at our White House Briefing on AJAS Innovation and Technology on October 1st. We were fortunate enough to hear six presentations each dealing with an innovation. Some innovations were technical in nature and some were a result of old fashioned intuition and common sense. The Administration and government representatives were duly impressed with what they heard. Not only is it important to share our best practices with each other and continue to breed the collegiality that is inherent within the Association, but it is also critical for the Administration to know we are here and we represent the finest in elder care services this nation has to offer. While the Torah does not specifically spell out what the right and good things are to do, it does recognize the need for us to practice our profession with integrity, sensitivity and generosity. Those three values were present in the presentations of your colleagues at the Briefing.

Thanks again to our presenters for their time and expertise.

Warm regards,