"Read it and Reap"
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"Cry if You Can"

A true story written by Debbie Winn-Horvitzs' father. A very moving story about the Holocaust. The book represents a diary and a recounting of the story and human experiences during this horrific period. Almost 10 years in the making, the story reveals a representation not always found or told by historians or in text books. A spiritual and poignant read.



Village Shalom: "Feelie Hearts"  



Programs Coordinator Zenette Kearney (center) helped to distribute hearts to Village Shalom residents. Gerry Salvay (left) and Hortense Haith took a moment to read the message attached to their "feelie hearts."

Pinned to every palm-size heart was a note expressing JCHE's thoughts and prayers for the recipient.

Residents, staff and volunteers at Boston's Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly hand stitched more than 400 "feelie hearts" for Village Shalom - enough for every resident and staff member.


Upon learning of the tragic shootings in Overland Park on April 13 that resulted in three deaths, JCHE reached out to Village Shalom with a tangible demonstration of love and support: "feelie hearts." JCHE residents, staff members and volunteers stitched the palm-size, heart-shaped pillows of red fabric by hand, producing enough of them for every resident and staff member of Village Shalom - more than 400 in all. 


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Jewish Home and Care Center  

Music takes center stage at the Sarah Chudnow Community

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 Hebrew Home at Riverdale
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention



An Act of Kindness 



AJAS received a letter from the CEO of Christian Health Care Center thanking us for helping them through hurricane Sandy. This letter follows the story of one woman whose life was changed thanks to the help of our AJAS members.


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Village Shalom: Opening of "Beverly's"


 From left, Michael, Herb and Scott Fishman cut the ribbon to officially open Beverly's to the public


"Beverly's," an inviting new hospitality suite in Village Shalom's main lobby area, is now open to residents, family members and visitors. Located in the space formerly occupied by Village Shalom's gift shop, Beverly's provides a welcoming spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and quiet conversation any time of day or night.


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Molly Forrest Receives Honorary Doctorate from American Jewish University!




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