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 August 2013
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It's so hard to believe it is already August! It seems like yesterday we were in West Palm Beach for the FAFLSE conference.   It was so great to see many of you and I would like to extend congratulations again to our Educator of the Year, Latoya Carbonell with the Broward Sheriff/ Fire Rescue Department in Ft. Lauderdale. We are so very proud of you and all the hard work you do for your communities.


I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer break and vacations.   With the start of a new school year quickly approaching, this becomes a very busy time for many, especially for parents, public educators, and students.   Good luck to you all. Business also picks up a good bit for the association this time of year. Our staff is already working very hard making preparations for the annual conference and business meeting.   Yes, that means Key West is just a few months away! With Chuck, Juanita, and the conference committee already working diligently behind the scenes in planning another fantastic conference, Jon, along with our Secretary/ Treasurer and the Finance Committee, is busy crunching numbers preparing the budget for the next year. As always, their hard work is greatly appreciated.


Also as we get closer to the conference, your Regional Director's will begin soliciting for members willing to serve on various committees, such as the Of the Year Awards. We are constantly seeking new individuals to get involved and this would be a great opportunity to do so. If you are interested in serving, please do not hesitate to contact your director now and express your interest. They will appreciate knowing your interest in advance, especially when trying to meet time sensitive deadlines.


This year is the election cycle for the executive officers and I have been and continue to prepare for my transition into the First Vice-President position. This past year has been a great learning experience for me. In addition to regular business, conference calls and discussions, I had the privilege of shadowing on conference calls during the legislative session and participating on a committee involving the 633 rewrite. I was able to take away a great deal of knowledge and understanding of both the legislative process and our organization's role. I've also gained a greater understanding of the business perspective through discussions and advice given by our new accountant and legal counsel. But most importantly, Ed Riley and I communicate regularly and I feel very confident that he has prepared me for the move. Nevertheless, I realize I have some very large shoes to fill and I hope I do so accordingly.


As always, it is a pleasure serving this organization and its membership. I enjoy networking with each and every one you in person, but that usually only happens once a year. But if you are on Facebook, please be sure to "like" our page so that we can network a little more often. And if you would like us to share news or pictures for events in your area, please email it to  socialmedia@ffmia.org and we will get it posted for you.

I hope to see some of you very soon!




Article provided by:


Tambre L. Lee

2nd Vice-President, FFMIA




Greetings From the Business Office
FFMIA logo

 Wow how time flies! August brings some significant milestones with the summer heat in full swing, kids getting ready to go back to school, football season ready to begin and of course budget negotiations for continued funding of the great work you all do. Good luck with that last one and stand hard on your good work for justifications. Utilize the chat group as a resource if you need any information to justify your existence. I would just about bet that someone has already been through what you are experiencing.

 August also serves as a reminder that we are just around the corner from our annual conference in Key West. If you have not already done so, make plans to join us November 12-15th. Visit the FFMIA web site at www.ffmia.org for more information.


Speaking of our conference, one of the greatest events of the year takes place at our annual conference. This is when we recognize our Of the Year Award recipients. We are currently accepting nominations for the Fire Marshal, Fire Inspector and Fire Investigator of the year. Nomination forms are located on the home page of our web site. Please take a few minutes to recognize that peer who has stepped out and excelled.

 Finally I would encourage all of you to pay attention to the information coming from the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training related to changes to Florida Statute 633 and how these changes impact your various certifications. There are also changes occurring to the Fire Officer series. Rule Hearings are being planned for September in West Palm Beach and Tallahassee. Watch the Florida Administrative Weekly and the chat group for announcements on these hearings.


As always, sincerely yours in a fire safe State of Florida,


Jon W. Pasqualone, CFCA

Business Manager/ C.O.O.



Membership Dues Increase Reminder


Please remember when preparing your 2014 budget that FFMIA dues will increase to $65.00 per individual membership effective January 1, 2014. This increase was approved by the Board of Directors and introduced at the Annual Membership Meeting in Cocoa Beach in November, 2012. Our goal is to continue giving you the best membership value at the best rate possible. While we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we understand the need to plan ahead. Membership dues have not been increased since 2004 despite the escalating costs of the services provided. Please understand that this increase is necessary to allow us to continue to deliver the best membership experience possible.


Sincerely yours in a fire safe State of Florida,


Jon W. Pasqualone, Business Manager C.O.O. 


NFPA 101:7



Recent editions of NFPA 101:7 require that all egress and fire doors be inspected annually.


NFPA 101:

Where required by Chapters 11 through 43, door assemblies for which the door leaf is required to swing in the direction of egress travel shall be inspected and tested not less than annually in accordance with throughout


NFPA 101:

Fire-rated door assemblies shall be inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives.


As the AHJ your responsibility is, not to conduct the egress and fire door inspection, but to ensure that it has been conducted and all deficiencies corrected.

NFPA 80:5.2.41 clearly states that fire doors must be inspected annually. Some occupancy types require more frequent inspections (NFPA 409 requires monthly visual inspections, for example). Although there are several fire door inspection agencies, organizations, and certification courses around, NFPA 80 does not require a special certification, it merely states a person "with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of assembly being subject to testing". As the AHJ you should request to see documentation of these inspections as it is the responsibility of the building owner to have the inspections conducted and a documentation available for the AHJ. The website, www.idighardware.com, provides excellent forms and information.


Whatever documentation that you receive from the facility, NFPA 80 requires that it contains the following information for each door:


(1) Date of inspection

(2) Name of facility

(3) Address of facility

(4) Name of person(s) performing inspections and testing

(5) Company name and address of inspecting company

(6) Signature of inspector of record

(7) Individual record of each inspected and tested fire door assembly

(8) Opening identifier and location of each inspected and tested fire door assembly

(9) Type and description of each inspected and tested fire door assembly

(10) Verification of visual inspection and functional operation

(11) Listing of deficiencies (compliance requirements are listed in NFPA 80:


Some common deficiencies could include, no door or frame labeling, door is in need of general repair (holes, rust, etc.), self-closing devices are not in place or functional, hold open devices (dogging) are present.


NFPA 80 requires that inspection records be kept for 3 years.


Article provided by:

Aaron Johnson

Martin County Fire Rescue               

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