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Colorful Annuals


Comes in white, blue and pink. Can handle a frost. Spills over the side of containers. Great early spring bloomer. Needs at least 5 hours of sun.




Enjoys cool weather. Can handle a frost. Comes in shades of pink, white, purple and red. Perfect for the center of container gardens. Will bloom for most of the summer. Gets from 12" to 16" tall. Keep deadheaded for continuous blooms.




An Easter time favorite. Small cluster of low growing white, purple or pink blooms. Very fragrant. Loves the cool temps.




Petunias come in any color you could ever want. Loves the cool temps and can also handle the hot weather soon to come. Trailing habit makes wonderful hanging baskets.



Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Another trailer, performs well in the cool weather. Great as a spiller in container gardens. Also makes great hanging baskets. Comes in a large variety of colors. 


Need Your Lawnmower Fixed?
It happens every year.

 Saturday comes around and you pull out your lawn equipment for what is expected to be a productive day. 

It doesn't work! 

Call our friend Zach Anderson. 

He has recently opened The Lawn Mower Shop

371 Summit Bld

Birmingham, Al 35243 (located at the back entrance of the Summit)



Zach services all makes and models of lawnmowers, weedeaters, blowers, generators, pressure washers, and more. 


You can contact Zach by email at 


March 2014

The nursery is filling up with early spring flowering plants and shrubs. Quince, Spirea, Vines, Herbs, your favorite annuals and perennials, pottery, and garden accessories are here. 

Our last average frost date is April 15th, so be sure to seek advice before putting your selections in the ground. 

We are looking forward to a great spring and hope we can help you with your cabin fever this year. 

See you soon. Jon 

Herbs are In!

Tricia, from Homewood's Tricia's Treasures, lent us these antiques to use for our herbs. How fabulous would this look in your kitchen? Looks really good in mine! Of course, now I am having trouble giving them back to Tricia. 

Helpful hints when planting your herb garden:
  • Most herbs can handle a frost so they are the perfect cure for Spring Fever
  • All herbs need at least four hours of sun and well drained soil
  • Herbs make interesting accent plants when mixed with your flowers for texture and fragrance
  • Many are perennials and can be enjoyed from year to year
  • Bees love herbs so do them a favor this year and put a few in your yard
Did You Know?


The Greeks associated Thyme with vigor and recognized that it helped elderly people think better. It has been used medicinally for centuries as an antibiotic, to cure indigestion, encourage deep breathing, ensure recuperative sleep, and enhance psychic powers by calming the nervous system. Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, mentions thyme in his writings. 



Mint has been used in healing potions and teas for thousands of years. It is used in stomach tonics, and leaves of mint were once put in milk to keep it from curdling. Mint is also said to protect travelers and attract money. According to folklore, Peppermint transforms negative energies into healthy influences.



Sage was used as a powerful protector and healing agent by Zeus and Jupiter. Today, its healing energy is said to originate from the Virgin Mary. Toads love sage and are said to be attracted to the plant's primal power. Medicinally, Sage has been used to kill bacteria, prevent spoilage, aid digestion, and reduce high blood sugar. It is also a remedy for angina, edema, and night sweats.

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Jon's Favorite Early Blooming Perennials 

Helleborus (Lenten rose)

Early blooming, evergreen perennial for filtered sun areas. Slow growing at first but when established this plant fills in fairly quick. Comes in white, pink and rose colors. A southern favorite.


Woodland phlox

Early blooming perennial for filtered sun. Low growing, fast spreading. Colors come in white, pink or blue. Usually locally grown and well acclimated for this area.



Early blooming white evergreen ground cover. Fast spreading in full sun to part shade. One of my personal favorites.


Forget Me Nots

An old fashion perennial with tiny blue flowers in early spring with a low growing mounding habit. Works great as a border plant or used as a ground cover.


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