Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives tips on how to live in the present moment and dramatically increase the joy in your day to day life.
How to Live in the Present Moment...
Living in the Present Moment
Living in the Present Moment
Jim Morningstar. PhD, gives incisive tips on how to live in the present moment and dramatically increase the joy in your day to day life. This is an excerpt from his Life InWellness series #11: Finding Meaning, one of a series of 12 video classes on health and wellbeing available to all interested in taking primary responsibility for their happiness and fulfillment. For the complete Finding Meaning class (48 minutes                                                              for $9) or the 12 Class Life                                                                          InWellness Series click on buttons. 

Turning on Your Brilliance and Joy...
Intro to Therapeutic Breathwork
Intro to Therapeutic Breathwork
Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces a comprehensive form of breathwork that integrates both fast and slow breathing techniques to balance the nervous system, sustain emotional equilibrium and mental clarity. It blends ancient techniques with modern research to deliver simple diverse tools for healing and growth - turning on your brilliance and joy!

A Love & Wisdom Breath Intensive: 
August 21, 2016 - August 26, 2016
Immerse Yourself in the Energies of Master Breathwork Teachers

  Jessica Dibb      Jim Morningstar     Leonard Orr        Sondra Ray        Markus Ray
Experience the profound transformational impact, power, and wisdom of breathwork practices with four of today's top practitioners and visionaries: Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr, Liberation Breathwork® with Sondra Ray and Markus Ray, TherapeuticBreathwork™ Jim Morningstar,and Integrative Breathwork with Jessica Dibb. 
Leonard Orr with Jim Morningstar
Leonard Orr with 
 Jim Morningstar
Sondra Ray
Sondra Ray
 During the week you are guided on at least four significant breathwork journeys, and through individual talks and a panel discussion you learn how breathing practices can be used to relax, heal, regulate hormones and emotions, maximize human potential, access deep parts of your psyche and soul, and connect with the divine.
With more than 150 years of collective practice, these master teachers also share their insights on relationships, presence, intuition, body types, longevity, spiritual mastery, and more.


The site of our Intensive is Omega Institute, the nation's foremost educational retreat center. As a visitor to our Hudson Valley home, you join a long tradition of people who have made their way to this spectacular region known for its natural beauty, art, and cultural innovation.