Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives a 14 minute primer on the brain heart connection and how improving it can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your daily life. He leads you through a four minute coherent breathing exercise to bring your emotional and mental energies into harmony.
How Breath Mastery Can Turn On Your Brilliance And Joy...
Therapeutic Breathwork Introduction
Turn on Your Brilliance and Joy Therapeutic Breathwork Introduction
Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces a comprehensive form of breathwork that integrates both fast and slow breathing techniques to balance the nervous system, sustain emotional equilibrium and improve mental clarity. It blends ancient techniques with modern research to deliver simple diverse tools for healing and growth. Training is now available.
July 12-14 Renewal in Nature with Return to the Elements at Gorgeous Devils Lake in Central Wisconsin
Return to the Elements: Renewal in Nature
Return to the Elements: Renewal in Nature
Dear Lovers of Nature and Breath,

Immersing myself in the nurturing and healing qualities of Nature always resets my body, mind and spirit back to on time and in tune with me. 

 I so look forward to this retreat for the soul that Jeremy and I have created which reawakens and answers our deepest callings from Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Every day we incorporate rituals, ceremonies and experiential play for each Element which bring us back to our roots as humans on this planet.

I would love to share and co-create this phenomenal experience with you this summer. We plan a year ahead to get the best location for our group at Devils Lake in Central Wisconsin. Sleeping in tents, swimming and breathing in the lake, cooking and eating outdoors, soaking in the gorgeous terrain and summoning the spirits of Nature that surround us bonds us on a cellular level . Every retreat has graced us with spontaneous blessings from Father Sky and Mother Earth.
Please contact me soon, (414) 530 4649, to reserve your place or let me know how I can help bring this vision into reality for you.
Yours in
Heaven on Earth, 

PS Please note there is a reduced tuition for reviewers.

July 12-14, 2016
A life affirming adventure to rediscover your roots and spread your branches with Jim Morningstar and Jeremy Youst.

 Is it time for you to take a break and reconnect with the deep 
healing elements of nature?
Jim and tree
Jeremy Youst
Northshore Devils Lake
Join us as we return to our essential nature, camping as a group for two nights on the earth.  Fire, water, earth and air will become our friends; we shall engage in ceremony with teachings and purification rituals that will assist us in blending the joy of being in nature with the paths of our spiritual growth.  
The high energy of coming home to the safety of Mother Earth and the freedom of Father Sky is indescribable. We will expand our senses and nurture ourselves with grace, ease and pleasure - a total vacation for the body, mind and spirit.
No outdoor expertise is required.
July 12-14, 2016, Tuesday afternoon 5 pm through Thursday afternoon 2 pm
Devil's Lake State Park (north of Madison, WI)
$325; Reviewer: $275 ($100 non refundable deposit required to hold your place)
Lunches and dinners provided.  Tent and sleeping equipment required.
For more information or to reserve a place: [email protected]