Leonard Orr, founder of the modern rebooting breathwork movement, demonstrates "four shorts and one big one."
Breathing into Your True Self introduced by Sondra Ray
Breathing into Your True Self introduction by Sondra Ray
Breathing into Your True Self 
 introduction by Sondra Ray
Sondra Ray announces a momentous event in the world of Breathwork - an historic reunion of the founders of the modern breathwork movement, August 21-26 at the the Omega Institute in upstate New York: Breathing into Your True Self. This is an unprecedented opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing and transformative energies of today's master teachers. Sondra is author of 17 books and has trained thousands of people all over the world in the conscious connected breathing process, and is considered one of the foremost experts on how the birth trauma affects one's body,                                                                            relationships, career and life.

Leonard Orr demonstrates a simple breathing technique
Leonard Orr on Breathwork and Physical Immortality
Leonard Orr on Breathwork 
 and Physical Immortality
Leonard Orr, founder of the modern rebirthing breathwork movement is interviewed on the topics of Breathwork and Physical Immortality (6 min/32 sec). Leonard has been playing with ways to heal, energize and elevate consciousness with the breath since the early 1970's. He has taught on six continents and circled the globe dozens of times. He has authored over 20 books in more than a dozen languages. He brings his wealth of experience to share during Breathing into Your True Self at the Omega Institute August 21-26, 2016

A Love & Wisdom Breath Intensive: 
August 21, 2016 - August 26, 2016
Immerse Yourself in the Energies of Master Breathwork Teachers

Sondra and Markus Ray
ard Orr
Jessica Dibb
Jim Morningstar
Experience the profound transformational impact, power, and wisdom of breathwork practices with four of today's top practitioners and visionaries: Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr, Liberation Breathwork® with Sondra Ray and Markus Ray, Therapeutic Breathwork™ with Jim Morningstar, and Integrative Breathwork with Jessica Dibb.
During the week you are guided on at least four significant breathwork journeys, and through individual talks and a panel discussion you learn how breathing practices can be used to relax, heal, regulate hormones and emotions, maximize human potential, access deep parts of your psyche and soul, and connect with the divine.
With more than 150 years of collective practice, these master teachers also share their insights on relationships, presence, intuition, body types, longevity, spiritual mastery, and more.


The site of our Intensive is Omega Institute, the nation's foremost educational retreat center. As a visitor to our Hudson Valley home, you join a long tradition of people who have made their way to this spectacular region known for its natural beauty, art, and cultural innovation.