Two types of breathing that can change your life...the first allows you to calm and nurture yourself throughout the day in dealing with the challenges of everyday existence.

Jeremy Youst shares the qualities of a great practitioner...
Qualities of a great practitioner
Qualities of a great practitioner
Jeremy Youst, Director of the Power of the Breath Institute, shares about the qualities of a great practitioner in breathwork or any of the healing arts. These are the traits which characterize one who stands out as a caregiver that effectively empowers others to embody their highest selves while continuing to evolve and discover themselves. Enjoy Jeremy's 3:40 minute presentation and join him and Jim Morningstar in the Return to the Elements this July 12-14.
Introduction to Therapeutic Breathwork for Caregivers
12 CE credit hours Distance Course $97
Take Module 1 online and complete your certification 
with onsite Modules this summer.
This distance training introduces breathwork and applications of therapeutic breathwork
skills not taught in other trainings.
 Distance students will learn to: 
*Identify ineffective breathing patterns,
*Teach healthy breathing skills, 
*Use breathwork to address issues of depression, anxiety and addictions, 
*Integrate breathwork into a professional practice,
*Monitor and release personal holding patterns that interfere with clarity as a practitioner in the healing arts.

Participants completing Modules 1, 2, 3 and two other Modules receive Level 1 Breathworker in Training Certification or Level ll Certification if already certified at Level l.

Summer Breathwork Certification Training Modules
Modules #2 - #5
Energy Release and Body Themes in Breathwork
Breathworker Certification Training - Module 5  
Reading body energy and releasing for six major 
holding patterns including your own................August 11 

The Anatomy of Breathwork 
Breathworker Certification Training - Module 4    
Experience of breathwork through ancient traditions 
to contemporary breakthroughs and its effects, 
physiological to spiritual......................................August 12

Breathwork in Water 
Breathwork Certification Training - Module 2  
Practice in use of water breathing in healing issues 
from before, during and after birth.......................August 13

Group Breathwork 
Breathworker Certification Training - Module 3 
Confidence in constructing, leading and facilitating
challenges in group breathwork..........................August 14

For more information on: Breathwork Training Modules or contact: Jim Morningstar 

Therapeutic breathwork has assisted professionals in a wide variety of the healing arts to facilitate their clients to:
  • Resolve chronic holding patterns in mind, body and spirit, 
  • Release emotional material stored within the cellular memory, 
  • Unravel relationship patterns that interfere with a sense of personal well-being, 
  • Experience self love in their bodies. 
These are all nonresidential day trainings held right at Transformations. Call or send in the registration to reserve a place in the training circle.  Open the doors to continued learning and growing with one of the most incisive healing modalities available today.
Breathworker--two ladies 
Training Venue and Accommodations
Transformations is located on a tree lined property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Hotels and motels are nearby and provide a range of lodging choices.  A list of these are provided including contact information with registration or before hand upon request.  

September 2016 Modules include Touch and Movement in Breathwork (16), Shamanism in Breathwork (17), Healing Trauma and Breathwork (18) and Ethics in Breathwork (19).