Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives a 14 minute primer on the brain heart connection and how improving it can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your daily life. He leads you through a four minute coherent breathing exercise to bring your emotional and mental energies into harmony.
Groundbreaking New eVideoBook
Therapeutic Breathwork: 
Breathing in Counseling and the Healing Arts
By Jim Morningstar, Phd
Introduction to Therapeutic Breathwork
Introduction to Therapeutic Breathwork
Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives an introduction to Therapeutic Breathwork, the topic of his groundbreaking new eVideoBook:
Therapeutic Breathwork
is a first of its kind roadmap to understanding the history, dynamics, tools and challenges for applying breathwork in counseling and the healing arts (180 pages, plus video):
  • a primer for the use of breath awareness in the healing process
  • an evolutionary history of counseling with the growth of
    human consciousness and neurology
  • a guidebook of research and techniques for trauma healing in counseling and how breathwork augments the process
  • 82 minutes of training videos detailing clinical application and approaches to healing with six major body themes
  • 33 accounts of breathwork in personal and professional applications

Chapter 1:  Woman on swing:computer Breath in the consulting room
Chapter 2: Principles of Therapeutic Breathwork Facilitation in Counseling and  Community
Chapter 3: The Evolution of Therapy and Breathwork
Chapter 4: Therapeutic Breathwork and the Healing of Trauma
Chapter 5: Therapeutic Breathwork and Body Themes: Six Major Breathing Patterns
Chapter 6: Therapeutic Breathwork's Application in Life Challenges, Professional Practice and Conscious Growth

Jim Introduces Body Themes presented in Ch 5
Jim Introduces Body Themes videoed in Ch 5
Jim Morningstar, PhD, is the originator of Therapeutic Breathwork (tm), director of one of the longest standing breathwork training centers in the world, and co-director and founder of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, setting ethical and training standards for the field of dyadic breathwork.
He has pioneered in the integration of psychotherapy with such mind/body techniques as breathwork and bio-spiritual energetics. He founded the School of Integrative Psychology in 1980 and the Transformations Breathworker Training Program in 1990 and has authored four books in the field of Psychology and Breathwork.
Jim's life long quest has been to discover and teach the highest quality tools for human transformation. He has done this as a clinical psychologist, spiritual student/teacher, trainer and lecturer, author and personal growth and business coach since 1970.

Words of Endorsement for Jim's work
Jack Kornfield

" Jim Morningstar is a wise and visionary healer, who knows the ways of the body and the heart. His work opens from trauma to well being, from past to radiant present." 
- Jack Kornfield, PhD, author and international workshop presenter


Belisa Vranich
"A pioneer in breathwork and energetics, Jim Morningstar inspires the respect and admiration of practitioners in the field. His work with integrative techniques and his insights have encouraged my personal and professional growth. I was inspired by his exposition of body reading techniques in his training videos. He lucidly explains the classification of the six adaptive body themes and clearly illustrates the specific release techniques that a practitioner can utilize to help clients unlock their full potential." - Dr. Belisa Vranich, clinical psychologist, author & media personality

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