With the Analysis Game you can discover the contents of your subconscious that interfere with achieving your goals. With the 4 "P's" of Affirmations you can change these programs to support your total success. 
Two Tools to Change your Mind and Your Life
With the Analysis Game you can discover the contents of your
Two Tools to Change Your Mind and Your Life
Two Tools to Change Your Mind and Your Life
subconscious that interfere with achieving your goals. With the 4 "P's" of Affirmations you can change these programs to support your total success. Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of InWellness and Transformations offers these tools for change in this excerpt from LIWS Class #7: Thinking. For the full class or the 12 class Life InWellness Series, see below.
A Single Act of Kindness...
...not only nurtures the one with whom it is shared, but also the one sharing it. Give yourself the joy of making this a habit and watch your investment grow. Our simple acts have a more profound effect on our community and our planet than our mind can comprehend, but our heart knows. Jim Morningstar
July 12-14, 2016
A life affirming adventure to rediscover your roots and spread your branches with Jim Morningstar and Jeremy Youst.

 Is it time for you to take a break and reconnect with the deep 
healing elements of nature?
Jim and tree
Jeremy Youst
Northshore Devils Lake
Join us as we return to our essential nature, camping as a group for two nights on the earth.  Fire, water, earth and air will become our friends; we shall engage in ceremony with teachings and purification rituals that will assist us in blending the joy of being in nature with the paths of our spiritual growth.  
The high energy of coming home to the safety of Mother Earth and the freedom of Father Sky is indescribable. We will expand our senses and nurture ourselves with grace, ease and pleasure - a total vacation for the body, mind and spirit.
No outdoor expertise is required.
July 12-16, 2016, Tuesday afternoon 5 pm through Thursday afternoon 2 pm
Devil's Lake State Park (north of Madison, WI)
Lunches and dinners provided.  Tent and sleeping equipment required.
For more information or to reserve a place: info@transformationsusa.com