Jim Morningstar, PhD, introduces sexuality and ethics in non-rdinary states during Breathwork Training.
Introduction to Ethics and Sexuality in Non-Ordinary States of Breathwork.
Intro to Sexuality and Ethics in Breathwork
Intro to Sexuality and Ethics in Breathwork
Jim Morningstar, PhD, Introduces Ethics and Sexuality in Non-Ordinary States during Breathwork Training. The ethics of professional breathwork involves knowing and embodying the principles of safe and effective practice. This includes an ability to navigate and guide clients in a non-ordinary states of consciousness. In the full online Breathworker Training Module #8: Ethics in Breathwork, exercises and practice are provided to heighten awareness of one's own issues and challenges and options for responsibly handling them from an integrative perspective. 
Breathe It All In...Love It All Out...
Breathing seems easy when it is all going your way. But when challenges arise, your breath can feel labored. It takes practice to maintain calm breathing and an open heart when under stress. But the benefit is that knowing how to manage the breath can actually reduce the stress, keep your love flowing and make you more resourceful in transforming any life challenge. Breath and love are an unstoppable combination... and teachers of this mastery could be right in your own back yard. - jm 

A Love & Wisdom Breath Intensive: 
August 21, 2016 - August 26, 2016
Immerse Yourself in Inspirational Energies 
of Modern Breathwork's Founders

Sondra and Markus Ray
ard Orr
Jessica Dibb
Jim Morningstar
Experience the profound transformational impact, power, and wisdom of breathwork practices with four of today's top practitioners and visionaries: Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr, Liberation Breathwork� with Sondra Ray and Markus Ray, Therapeutic Breathwork™ with Jim Morningstar, and Integrative Breathwork with Jessica Dibb.
During the week you are guided on at least four significant breathwork journeys, and through individual talks and a panel discussion you learn how breathing practices can be used to relax, heal, regulate hormones and emotions, maximize human potential, access deep parts of your psyche and soul, and connect with the divine.
With more than 150 years of collective practice, these master teachers also share their insights on relationships, presence, intuition, body types, longevity, spiritual mastery, and more.


The site of our Intensive is Omega Institute, the nation's foremost educational retreat center. As a visitor to our Hudson Valley home, you join a long tradition of people who have made their way to this spectacular region known for its natural beauty, art, and cultural innovation.